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21/05/2011 - 18:24 Lego news
The saga continues about this set 7879 Hoth Echo Base, arguably the most mysterious of this year.
It's certain the Eurobricks forum which andrewqwy book a few more details after having had the opportunity to take a look at this set.
The 8 minifigs delivered should be:
2 x Snowtroopers, 1 x Han Solo in Hoth outfit with his Tauntaun, 1 x Chewbacca, 1 x Princess Leia in Hoth outfit, 1 x Red Protocol Droid (Red R-3PO), 1 x Medical Droid (2-1B), 1 x Luke Skywalker (in a Bacta Tank).
The vehicles provided: 1 x SnowSpeeder Bike, 1 x E-web Heavy Repeating Blaster.
Regarding the structure of the set, it should be modular or foldable, with a side dedicated to defense weapons, and a section dedicated to the command center with medical space.

estimated the number of pieces in the set to be 700 to 800.
In the end, no rebel troops, nor Major Bren Derlin, nor SnowSpeeder T-47.
If this information turns out to be correct, we are therefore moving towards a set which should be combined with the 7666 Hoth Rebel Base to form a coherent whole.
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