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Today we quickly make the rounds of two novelties expected from January 1, 2022 on the official online store: the LEGO Ninjago sets 71760 Jay's Thunder Dragon EVO (140 pieces - 19.99 €) and 71762 Kai's Fire Dragon EVO (204 pieces - 29.99 €). I offer you a grouped presentation of these two small boxes, I think that the comparison between the content of these two products positioned in different price brackets is more interesting than an individual pitch.

The subject is the same for both sets: a young ninja, his dragon and an opposition in the form of one or two villains possibly accompanied by some accessories. The result is final, you will obviously only get your money's worth and there is no question for LEGO to go cannibalize the upper price bracket.

The more expensive dragon of the two, the one in the set 71762 Kai's Fire Dragon EVO is logically the one who benefits from a higher level of finish. It's already the fair Ball Seals and the gray clips but the creature does quite well with a very correct overall look if we take into account the reduced inventory of the product.

The pretty plastic wings are lined to give the dragon wingspan, the legs are dressed in decorative elements that somewhat hide the very simplistic structure and we can conclude that for about thirty euros it is very honest. The angle of the legs is here provided by a new piece that will also delight the most simplistic mechs and products intended for very young audiences in 2022, it's a somewhat lazy shortcut but the piece in question should awaken the crowd. interest of MOCeurs who will undoubtedly find some use in it.

LEGO adds a flying platform which seems very inspired by the Monkie Kid range and which is equipped with a Stud Shooter a new generation serving the two villains delivered in the box, this product even has the luxury of offering a little playability right out of the box.

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lego ninjago 71760 jay thunder dragon 71762 kai fire dragon 19

The cheaper dragon of the two, the one in the set 71760 Jay's Thunder Dragon EVO is logically less detailed even if it also makes use of a few decorative elements which somewhat mask the aesthetic shortcuts imposed by the price positioning of the product. The mobility of the creature remains relatively correct thanks to the Ball Seals legs, but the general finish is not the best barrel with a glaring economy on the golden elements that could have given a little presence to the dragon.

The big, slender lizard has to be content with a single pair of molded wings that barely give it the look of a dragon, it's a shame. Two more wings and the overall aesthetic was almost acceptable. For about twenty euros, it is also necessary to be satisfied with two minifigs instead of three in the other set and the villain must here do without the Stud Shooter which would have allowed him to shoot the creature.

The head of the two dragons is made up of two molded parts linked together by simple double gray clips. mobility is maximum but the rendering is a bit messy. Coherence between the two creatures is however essential with matching pad prints and a similar format for the two heads. Young collectors will therefore be able to line up the dragons on a shelf and obtain a beautiful collection effect.

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lego ninjago 71760 jay thunder dragon 71762 kai fire dragon 25

The minifig endowment of each of these boxes is proportional to their public price: two for the set 71760 Jay's Thunder Dragon EVO and three for the set 71762 Kai's Fire Dragon EVO. Each of the two young ninjas comes with a collectible banner, there are eight in all to collect to sleep better at night. As I said before, I find these small aesthetic elements very attractive, they really deserve to be exhibited together, for example on the wall of a dojo.

We will appreciate or not the outfits of the ninjas offered in this "timeless" range which is not linked to any arc in the series, I find the outfits rather well done with a nicely executed kimono whose flaps go down to the legs of the characters. Each of the two young ninjas comes with his signature hair and an additional mask, this is appreciable and this is not the case with all the boxes, some of which are more expensive.

lego ninjago 71760 jay thunder dragon 71762 kai fire dragon 27

lego ninjago 71760 jay thunder dragon 71762 kai fire dragon 28

In short, there is no miracle, each of these two products is sized to remain wisely in its price box thanks to more or less acceptable compromises and not to devalue the more expensive sets. The general appearance of the two dragons is quite correct if we take into account the inventory and the price of each of these two boxes, it is necessary for all budgets and all piggy banks.

Lloyd therefore remains the one who will be entitled to the most detailed dragon in 2022, with that of the set 71766 Lloyd's Legendary Dragon (747 pieces - 49.99 €), but these two less ambitious creatures at least have the merit of not using any sticker and being equipped with plastic wings. You can't have everything at the same time and in the same box at LEGO, it's well known.

Note: The lot of two sets presented here, provided by LEGO, is as usual involved. Deadline fixed at 27th December 2021 next at 23pm.

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lego harry potter 76396 76397 march 2022

There is at least one copy of the official LEGO catalog for the first half of 2022 in circulation in Germany, Stonewars got hold of it and scanned the pages that reveal the new features expected for the month of March 2022.

It is therefore an opportunity to obtain some visuals of these boxes planned for the end of the first quarter of 2022 in different ranges with in particular the three LEGO Harry Potter references. 76396 Hogwarts Moment: Divination Class (297 pieces), 76397 Hogwarts Moment: Defense Class (257 pieces) and 76398 Hospital Wing (510 pieces), two new products from the CITY range with references 60348 Moon Rover (275 pieces) and 60349 Moon Space Station (500 pieces) and some LEGO Technic references: 42133 Telescopic Loader (143 pieces), 42139 Off-Road Vehicle (764 pieces) and 42140 App-Controlled Vehicle (772 rooms).

For the rest, there will be Creator, Ninjago, DOTS, Friends or even a new reference in the Classic range and LEGO promises us products derived from the films. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness et Thor: Love and Thunder, as well as some new additions to the LEGO Jurassic World range for April 2022.

The public prices indicated on these pages are those foreseen for Germany, expect some variations for the French market.

lego harry potter 76398 march 2022

71766 lego ninjago lloyd legendary dragon 1 2

Today we quickly tour the contents of the LEGO Ninjago set 71766 Lloyd's Legendary Dragon, a box of 747 pieces that will be available from January 1, 2022 at the public price of € 59.99. Dragons are, along with the various and varied vehicles, regulars in the Ninjago range. Not all are successful, far from it, even if some of them sometimes manage to stand out and the one proposed in this box has some arguments to make.

With 747 pieces and almost nothing other than the dragon to build, we can legitimately hope that the creature of about fifty centimeters in length is detailed. This is generally the case, with a sufficiently large abdomen, well-dressed legs and Ball Seals or notched joints which often know how to remain discreet even if the gray kneecaps of the feet are a little too visible on arrival.

From the first sachet, we know that this dragon is not going to be yet another creature a little too rickety to convince and that's good news. The mixture of colors is a little surprising, we install the lever which will be used to vaguely move the wings of the dragon and we add in the process some very large pieces which give a little roundness to the abdomen of the dragon.

The four legs are articulated and they allow some fantasies when it comes to exhibiting this dragon on a shelf between two play sessions. The mobility offered does not, however, equal the complexity of the assemblies offered, but the level of detail of the paws is very satisfying. The designer has even integrated two car hoods on the top of the thighs of the front legs, it is well seen and the element is here really at the service of the roundness of the two members concerned.

71766 lego ninjago lloyd legendary dragon 11

71766 lego ninjago lloyd legendary dragon 7

The dragon's head is pad printed and the look of the creature seems really successful to me. I was a little dubious about choosing the dominant hues for this build, but I have to admit that blue and green work well together. Some stickers give the paws a little texture, it's always taken to get some scales here and there and these stickers are, once is not customary, about the right shade. The saddle installed on the back of the creature is removable, I find it very successful with its brown color and some golden pieces, it is favorably noticed.

The structure of the two wings is very well designed, it is designed to accommodate the two pieces of too soft fabric which should in principle transform the large lizard into a dragon while concealing a little in passing the few aesthetic approximations. I am not at all convinced by these two elements whose patterns are however successful: their texture is really too fine and this fabric sags softly on the frame of the wings. I would have preferred to get two pieces of plastic printed on one side or at a pinch more rigid elements such as those of the boats in the set 71748 Sea Battle Catamaran. The official product visuals let me imagine this last option. As it is, these two soft and too thin rags, delivered folded in eight in a small cardboard box, do not seem to me to be up to what we can expect in a product at € 60.

71766 lego ninjago lloyd legendary dragon 10

71766 lego ninjago lloyd legendary dragon 12

As I said above, the wings start to move when you manipulate the black lever placed on the creature's back. Don't expect a believable flapping of the wings, the two appendages simply move back and forth. Functionality at least has the merit of existing, it's the union minimum in a high-end construction toy. The presence of many joints also allows you to really enjoy the dragon, from the tail to the head including all four legs. As often, it is necessary to start again several times before obtaining the ideal position, and the notched joints of the hind legs lack a little ... notch. Nothing serious.

This product allows you to obtain four figurines: Lloyd, with his hair and his mask as it is also delivered in the set 71763 Lloyd's Race Car EVO, Nya with her mask but without her usual hair which is provided in the set 71767 Ninja Dojo Temple, Viper Flyer and Python Dynamite. Nothing noticeable concerning the quality of the pad printing, apart from perhaps the slightly pale blue area of ​​Nya's torso, the result is generally at the level of what one would expect in this type of toy. The two villains have a somewhat sketchy ballista, with two projectiles, which allows them to have fun aiming at the dragon. The accessory can be swiveled vertically, that's already it.

As in the other boxes of this wave of sets of the first half of 2022, LEGO provides here a nice pad printed banner to collect, it will be necessary to acquire eight different sets to obtain a complete collection, the challenge will be expensive but interesting and these elements that I find aesthetically very successful can for example be used to decorate the interior of a dojo.

71766 lego ninjago lloyd legendary dragon 15

To put it simply, I think this big dragon is without doubt one of the most successful of those marketed so far in the Ninjago range, thanks in particular to a sufficiently large abdomen and well-dressed paws. The built-in wing flapping feature will keep the little ones entertained, and the creature can easily take Lloyd and Nya on its back.

Too bad about the two soft fabric wings which spoil the creature's appearance a bit and which don't seem to me to be able to survive hectic play sessions for very long. The contrast between the very correct level of finish of the dragon's body and the somewhat "cheap" aspect of these two textile elements is not to the advantage of the product. We will wait until the set is sold with a significant reduction in its retail price to crack and not have the impression of paying too much for a product which is satisfied with a somewhat disappointing compromise.

Note: The set presented here, provided by LEGO, is as usual involved. Deadline fixed at 24th December 2021 next at 23pm.

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new lego polybags 2022

Polybags are products that are always loved by fans and children, especially when they are licensed and even more so if they contain something new or exclusive. Offered on the official online store for a promotional offer or offered for sale by a brand specializing in toys, these bags often delight the most complete collectors and children who are trying to optimize the use of their pocket money.

2022 will once again be a busy year in diverse and varied bags with many references, some of which are now known through LEGO and some specialist retailers. As for the usual licenses, we will note a Batmobile, inspired by that of the film The Batman scheduled for theatrical release in March 2022, which will also be available on a more consistent scale in the set 76181 Batmobile: The Penguin Chase from January 1st, an AT-ST in "Battle of Hoth" version which echoes the set 75322 Hoth AT-ST expected on the shelves from January 1, 2022, a Monkie Kid polybag with two skeletons, two Ninjago bags, one of which is even a 2-in-1 product with the possibility of assembling an alternative model in addition to the one planned, a polybag under Minecraft license with Alex accompanied by a turtle and the usual Creator, City, Friends DOTS or even DUPLO references which will always be good to take in exchange for a few euros or a reasonable minimum purchase.

To download the instructions in PDF format for some of these sachets:

30455 lego dc batman batmobile

30559 lego disney frozen elsa bruni forest camp polybag 2022

71763 lego ninjago lloyd race car evo 5

Today we are very quickly interested in the content of the LEGO Ninjago set 71763 Lloyd's Race Car EVO, a small box of 279 pieces which will be available at the public price of 29.99 € from January 1, 2022. The designers of the wave of Ninjago products which will be marketed at the beginning of next year have confirmed, this series of boxes does not is not directly based on a particular arc of the saga and it is therefore more or less timeless products that pay homage to old references by trying to bring them a touch of modernity and modularity under the name EVO.

The Lloyd vehicle in question here is probably not unknown to you, you have necessarily come across the sets somewhere 70641 Ninja Nightcrawler (2018) et 71700 Jungle Raider (2020). We therefore find here the green body dressed in golden elements characteristic of Lloyd's favorite car and LEGO promises us a "transformable" vehicle that would go from the state of a simple buggy to that of a "more powerful and faster" vehicle thanks to adding some decorative elements.

It is not in reality, we simply go from a vehicle that is not finished to a machine loaded with various and varied elements that give it an acceptable appearance. This nickname EVOutivity will perhaps amuse the youngest, but there is in my opinion not enough to make it a major feature of the product knowing that the passage from one stage to another is only identified by the change of bag and does not arise from a possible challenge.

71763 lego ninjago lloyd race car evo 4 1

71763 lego ninjago lloyd race car evo 6

The final vehicle is also rather convincing when it is equipped with all the elements presented as "modular" and covered with the half-dozen stickers provided. It has allure, it remains easy to handle without breaking everything and it will just be necessary to put up with the canopy which does not completely cover the cockpit. at 30 € per product, you shouldn't expect mechanical refinements like steering or suspensions.

To be able to play with two people with the contents of this box, LEGO provides something to assemble a mini-quad piloted by Cobra Mechanic. The machine is not very exciting and it is a bit painful to see alongside the big green car but it at least has the merit of being provided and offering playability to the product. Still in the gameplay area, we get three new Stud Shooters two of which are placed on the hood of Lloyd's vehicle, the third one being a version designed to be held in the hand by a minifigure.

The principle of this accessory remains the same but its design has evolved and this angular aspect allows an integration without doubt more discreet than usual. Those Stud Shooters are always delivered disassembled in two parts to be assembled, the firing pin being larger than in previous versions and therefore less likely to get lost during assembly. Nothing to say about their operation, it always works and LEGO will generalize their use in this range from the beginning of next year. The accessory will also be found in other ranges, for example in the LEGO DC set 76181 Batmobile: The Penguin Chase.

71763 lego ninjago lloyd race car evo 8

Another detail presented as a playful novelty: the presence of new flags in the various boxes which are planned for the semester 2022. It will obviously be a question of encouraging children to collect these pad-printed objects distributed in the different sets, other ranges are regularly entitled to this type of collectible coins to motivate the purchase of all the references available on the shelves, fans of the Harry Potter universe who are still chasing the Chocolate Frog cards know something about this. Eight different banners are currently available, so you will have to break the bank to bring them together. The graphic designer has done his homework correctly, the designs on these banners are attractive.

Three minifigs are delivered in this box: The owner of the vehicle, Lloyd, and two opponents: Cobra Mechanic and Python Dynamite. The pad prints are successful, LEGO provides a mask and hair for Lloyd, the three characters are well equipped with various accessories, everything is there. Lloyd's minifig is not exclusive to this box, it is only found with its mask in the sets 71757 Lloyd's Ninja Mech et 71767 Ninja Dojo Temple, and complete with her hair and her mask in the set 71766 Lloyd's Legendary Dragon .

In short, this product sold for 29.99 € offers plenty of fun without having to go back to the cash register and that's already a good thing. Car race, clash with shots Stud Shooters, the possibilities are there. The marketing argument of the evolutionary vehicle seems a little pretentious to me, the intermediate versions look more like assembly stages than separate vehicles and this very relative modularity only takes the object from a basic structure a little stripped down to an acceptable finish. In the end, this "generic" set still remains in my opinion a good product which should delight young fans who arrived late in the Ninjago universe and who are looking to build a collection.

Note: The set presented here, provided by LEGO, is as usual involved. Deadline fixed at 22th December 2021 next at 23pm.

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