04/05/2018 - 00:04 May the 4th Contest

may the luck be with you

Because May the 4th Should not be just a commercial operation intended to empty the pockets of fans of the Star Wars universe, I suggest you celebrate it differently with an exceptional competition.

The principle of this competition which will take place from May 4 to 7, 2018 at 23:59 p.m. is simple: Every day, I ask you a different question around midnight and you must find the right answer among the different proposals. Only entries indicating the correct answer to each of the questions will be taken into account.

You can therefore participate every day (or not) and increase your chances of winning. No obligation to share on social networks and other tricks, I know that many of you don't like it. No participation via comments.

The endowment is generously provided by LEGO and the lots will be shipped by me.

This competition without obligation to purchase is open to all residents of metropolitan France, DOM & TOM, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. Pardon the Quebec readers, they cannot participate and they know why.

As usual, I advise sore losers, conspirators and complainers not to participate. Organizing such a competition takes me a lot of time in various and varied negotiations and setting up, do not spoil the party with reflections that do not have to be.

Attention cheaters: The participation system is able to detect even the most inventive cheat attempts. Don't waste your time creating dozens of emails for the occasion.

Good luck everyone, thanks to LEGO and May the Luck Be With You!

May the 4TH 2018 contest

May the 4th at LEGO: free Polybag, doubled VIP points and discounts

Let's go for four days of more or less interesting offers at LEGO with several promotions:

From € 65 purchase of a product from the LEGO Star Wars range, the polybag 40288BB-8 is offered.

The VIP points are doubled on the entire LEGO Star Wars range except the set 75181 UCS Y-Wing Starfighter whose launch takes place today.

Some sets benefit from a 20% discount, with for example the references 75144 Snowspeeder75179 Kylo Ren's Tie Fighter, 75190 First Order Star Destroyer or even 75191 Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive.

VIP members who have the black card can get a Y-Wing poster from set 75181 from € 30 purchase on the LEGO Shop. In the LEGO Stores, you must come with the VIP Black Card to obtain it.

If you want to celebrate May the 4th with your credit card, it is here that it happens depending on your country of residence:

France | Belgium | Germany | Switzerland | UK
03/05/2018 - 20:43 Lego news May the 4th Shopping

Chez King Jouet: 30% off LEGO Star Wars

The King Jouet brand invites itself to the party May the 4th with a 30% reduction on many references in the LEGO Star Wars range.

There appears to be some stock still available at the time of this writing. The offer is valid until May 6th.

A small clarification in passing, I was in contact with representatives of the sign following the many criticisms formulated by the readers of the blog about the problems of stock of the sign during the various promotional operations.
It has been confirmed to me that great efforts are currently being made to resolve these concerns which have resulted in large waves of order cancellations in the past.
Continue to share your feedback with us in the comments.

The list of products affected by the offer can be found at this address.

5005624 LEGO Star Wars 75181 UCS Y-Wing Starfighter Blueprint

If like me you bought the LEGO Star Wars set 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon before December 31, 2017, you have just received an email revealing the crazy offers that LEGO is offering on the occasion of the operation May the 4th.

I've been slandering, so it's not just the poster that is reserved for us with a unique code to enter when ordering, but it seems that we will still have to spend € 30 to get it:

"... The exclusive free offer featuring the LEGO® Star Wars ™ Y-Wing Poster (5005624) is valid for VIP purchases made in LEGO Stores and on orders placed online at shop.LEGO.com and through phone based on the LEGO catalog, from May 4 to 7, 2018 or while stocks last. Purchases must be equal to or greater than € 30 in LEGO Star Wars ™ merchandise only, and the purchaser holding a valid LEGO VIP Black Card..."

Where is the "privilege" in this offer with obligation to purchase to obtain a piece of paper which will be thrown at the bottom of the parcel and which has a good chance of arriving horny or crumpled. I wonder...

As a bonus, LEGO informs us that we are automatically entered into a competition that allows you to win un R2-D2 in 18 carat white gold accompanied by its certificate of authenticity.
If I believe what LEGO announces, this contest is without obligation to purchase and the simple fact of having the black VIP card is enough to be registered. But this is not clearly stated.

As far as I'm concerned, I wasn't asking for so much, a simple polybag offered without a minimum order amount would have been enough for my happiness, to the point where we are ...

vip contest may the 4th black vip card

Note: If you absolutely want to get the poster and print it at home, the high resolution version (4000x3000) is available on my flickr gallery at this address.

May the 4th at LEGO: Details of planned offers

Lego a put the planned offers online on the occasion of the annual (commercial) event May the 4th which this year will not last a week but will be spread over only 4 days.

From May 4 to 7, the LEGO Star Wars polybag 40288 BB-8 will be free from 65 € purchase a product from the LEGO Star Wars range, VIP points will be doubled (the and 75181 UCS Y-Wing Starfighter, launched on this occasion, is excluded from the offer) and you will be able to benefit from a 20% discount on "certain" sets from the LEGO Star Wars range.

The and 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon does not appear to be excluded from the VIP point doubling offer, but it will likely be out of stock during the period ...

Still no offer in sight for holders of the Black VIP card ...

For my part, I am in the process of finalizing a series of contests that will allow some of you to win some (very) beautiful boxes. It will always be taken.