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06/10/2011 - 08:20 Lego news

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05/10/2011 - 22:38 Lego news

brickjournal promo

For those who don't know yet, BrickJournal is a magazine edited by Joe Meno that is considered the gold standard for LEGO-themed magazines.

It has always been complicated to get hold of these journals in France, some have tried bulk ordering, others buy online the electronic version in pdf format sold for a few dollars.

TwoMorrows Publishing announces a promotional operation with a 15 to 40% discount on these magazines depending on the age of the issue. The shipping costs are astronomical for France, and the discount is barely enough to compensate for these dissuasive shipping costs.

If despite everything you have always dreamed of paying yourself the full BrickJournal, it's time, when you love you don't count .... For the rest, there is Mastercard.


05/10/2011 - 19:18 Lego news

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I can not resist the urge to post here two achievements of Legoagogo, which I already told you about in this article. These visuals are exceptional both in the staging and in the lighting and we have the impression of attending a real movie scene. Do not hesitate to visit his flickr gallery, you will find many scenes recreated in the universe of Star Wars, but also in that of Star Trek or inspired by some cult films like Abyss.

To note that Legoagogo does not use Photoshop and that each photo is the result of a real reflection on the angle of the shot and on the lighting, the dynamics of movement etc .....

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05/10/2011 - 18:13 Lego news

cody promo

In the series "The promotions are only for Americans, English and not for us French ....", I just came across this offer dating from 2009 and for which all you had to do was fill out a coupon at Toys R Us to participate in a raffle to win one of the 32 limited-edition Commander Cody maxi-minifigures ( including 12 copies for Great Britain) ....

This 30cm high by 18cm wide minifigure built entirely from LEGO parts was numbered and offered with a certificate of authenticity. This operation was launched to celebrate the start of the animated series Clone Wars (which had yet been officially launched in 2008 ...).

In short, another promotion that we had not benefited from and it is high time that LEGO made a little case of AFOLs and other LEGO fans in France ...

Perhaps it would be time to coordinate the efforts of all the players a little more to remind LEGO that France is an active market, even if it is negligible on a global scale .... After all, I'm getting involved probably what does not concern me ...

05/10/2011 - 14:28 Lego news

10179 sticker error

In June 2011, we were delighted with the big mistake made by LEGO on the sticker of the set 10221 Super Star Destroyer (turbolaser became Turoblaser - See this article). The error had been corrected for the effective marketing of the set.

But this is not the first time that LEGO has made a blunder that still leaves a mess for a leading manufacturer in its field. Especially since the error on set 10221 had been present throughout the product promotion campaign by LEGO.

When the set is released 10179 Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon in 2007, an error of the same type had slipped on the presentation sticker. number of Quad Laser Cannons was 12 on the sticker produced initially and has been corrected to 2 thereafter.

It is difficult to know how many sets with the error are actually circulating, many owners of this set have never even opened it and probably never will, hoping instead for a resale with a good margin the day they feel that the price has skyrocketed sufficiently.

However, you can afford this collector sticker with 12 cannons for the modest sum of around 90 euros on bricklink, some vendors specifically offer this version.