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They are not necessarily the favorite superheroes of young and old, but they are still popular, especially thanks to to the film released in 2009 and which will have allowed many to discover this cohort of superheroes from a series of comics published in 1986 and 1987.

A series of rather well-made custom minifigs bringing together these six super heroes was on display at the BrickCon 2011.

If you haven't seen the movie, you can get it from Blu-ray and you can also find for just under 70 euros the complete comics that inspired the movie and the minifigs above.


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It's a good start. uubergeek offers a custom minifigure of Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff, agent of SHIELD whose role is played by Scarlett Johansson in the film IronMan 2 and who will also be present in the highly anticipated Avengers scheduled for 2012. the result is convincing as regards the costume, the main details are there and only the face would have deserved a little more attention.  Uubergeek explains on this subject having reused the face of his Supergirl custom while waiting to be able to produce a special version for this minifigure.

We hope to see custom Avengers-themed achievements more often in the future, as the cast of characters is large enough to offer plenty of possibilities.

To see this custom minifig from all angles, go to uubergeek's flickr gallery.


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I'm not used to relaying official LEGO promotions, but I'm doing it this time around for two good reasons. The first is that VIP points are doubled for any purchase from an official LEGO store (You won't say if you find one in France ....), on the LEGO online shop or by phone. You therefore get 2 points for each euro spent over this period and for 100 points you get 5 euros reduction to be used on your next purchase.

The second reason I am talking about this promotion is the VIP program itself. Registration is FREE, you pay nothing, you simply check the box that offers you to join the VIP program and you will receive a nice plastic card making you a privileged one. 

I bring this clarification because when the set is announced 10230 mini modulars, LEGO mentioned that this set would be reserved for VIP members. You can therefore become VIP without costs or tedious registration, and you will be entitled to order this set. To find out more about the VIP program, it's on this page.

I forgot, in a great outpouring of generosity, LEGO is also offering you free entry to the LEGOLAND park of your choice. To download on this page


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You have already seen them, on more or less interesting geekery sites, or on photo galleries around a forum, but nobody really knows where these lightsabers come from based on the LEGO model and reproduced on a human scale . Obviously, I am like you, I would like to add this saber to my collection .....

After some research, the owner of the sabers shown in this photo is a certain James Kenobi 1138. The latter collects lightsabers from the Star Wars universe and explains on various forums that he obtained them more than three years ago from a salesman named luuke which would have manufactured nearly 200 pieces, mainly on order. His (impressive) gallery presenting his collection of lightsabers is at this address.

The RebelScum forum seems to have been a rallying point at the time of the manufacture of these sabers and their sale. On this subject, if you are a keen collector of Star Wars merchandise and understand English, this forum is an incredible source of information on everything that comes out on the market in terms of merchandise, replicas made by fans, original accessories used in the films of the saga, etc .....

Swords presented by James Kenobi 1138 are made of polished aluminum, there is still evidence of discussions about the finish and maintenance of these fragile products. The original seller had a website on which he referenced and documented the lightsabers of the saga and offered life-size replicas. This site no longer exists today.

Another Star Wars merchandise collector by the name of black Jack, a member of the 501st Legion produced a visual indicating that he had one of these models in his collection.  

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Also on various forums, we can read that these sabers were also sold on eBay. No trace today of these sales, and it seems lost in advance to try to get one.

My research on the subject ends there for now, but you can imagine that if I get my hands on other information, I will share it with you. In addition, if you have useful information on these lightsabers, do not hesitate to comment on this article.

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Any good collector of self-respecting LEGO Star Wars sets or minifigs must have the documentation essential to their passion close at hand. Here is a non-exhaustive list of some books you need to have to learn, document and more simply feed your culture in terms of LEGO.

thelegobookThe book which will allow you to better understand the origins of brick and its evolutions over time is undoubtedly The LEGO® Book edited by Dorling Kindersley.
Released in 2009, this richly illustrated book retraces over 296 pages the history of LEGO from the creation of wooden bricks to the most recent video games drawn from the various licenses.
It is fueled by many anecdotes and will allow you to become unbeatable on the LEGO world. In addition, this work in English comes with a second booklet entitled "Standing small" entirely dedicated to minifigs. He is available for a little less than 30 euros on Amazon.

visualdictionaryThe one no longer presented is also edited by Dorling Kindersley. LEGO® Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary is undoubtedly the most popular book about the LEGO Star Wars universe.
Released in 2009 and with only 96 pages, it comes with an exclusive minifigure commonly called "Celebration Luke". It takes up most of the genesis and development of the LEGO Star Wars range with a lot of information and anecdotes essential to all fans of this universe. The photos are of high quality and the set is a real collector's item . It is still available for a little over 16 euros on Amazon.

characterEchoing the previous work, DK has just published in 2011 a new work of more than 200 pages entitled LEGO® Star Wars Character Encyclopedia which this time brings together the main minifigs of the LEGO Star War range and their different variants in the form of encyclopedic files.
The layout is neat, and the English text easy to read even if you are not bilingual. The book comes with an exclusive minifig coming to be associated with that of the previous book, this time representing Han Solo decorated with his medal as Luke in the Visual Dictionary. Available for a price ranging from 14 to 17 euros on Amazon depending on the source (US / UK).

brickmasterIt is not strictly speaking a book but it has the form and the presentation, the book LEGO® Star Wars Brickmaster released in 2010 is also a must-have for any good collector.
Delivered with 240 parts and two minifigs, this book is in fact a set allowing to assemble different vehicles (8 different models in total) and whose pages contain above all the assembly instructions. They are well illustrated and make this book a pleasant product to consult. Available for just over 22 euros on Amazon.

customization1Fans of custom minifigs or wishing to embark on this activity requiring precision and patience will turn to the ultimate 84-page book dedicated to customization. Richly documented, you will need to master English to make the most of the advice given through the pages.
This is the book  Minifigure Customization: Populate Your World! published by TwoMorrows Publishing and sold barely more than 7 euros on Amazon.

unofficialNow we come to a rather controversial book titled:  The Unofficial Lego Minifigure Catalog. Bringing together images of over 3600 minifigs released between the 1970s and 2010, this 390-page book is primarily intended as a visual catalog.
Each minifig is decked out with some information about its release date, the sets that contain it, etc ... Interesting for hardcore minifig collectors, but useless for the average AFOL who will find the same resources on the Internet via Bricklink, Brickset and a few others. This book is sold way too expensive for my taste: more than 60 euros at Amazon.

Finally, a book also acting as a "dictionary":  LEGO® Collector - 2. Edition is a repository that will appeal to all LEGO fans and edited by Fantasia Verlag. The book itself is nice, but it is neither a "bible", nor an encyclopedia as I have seen some people get carried away on this subject on various forums.

legocollectorThis is simply a compendium of all of LEGO production since 1949 illustrated with pretty photos, and some key information about each set (year of production, number of pieces and rating based on assumed rarity ( Not always very realistic)). We are far from the Universalis or the New Testament anyway….
A key ring without interest is offered with. Available for just over 25 euros on Amazon.

If you feel like it, you can also find out about other books on the LEGO theme, including the new LEGO® Ideas Book published by DK sold almost 20 euros on Amazon, as well as the slew of sticker books on the Star Wars theme: LEGO® Star Wars Villains Ultimate Sticker Book, LEGO® Star Wars Heroes Ultimate Sticker Book,  LEGO® Star Wars Minifigures Ultimate Sticker Collection, LEGO® Minifigure: Ultimate Sticker Collection, etc ....