24/05/2011 - 19:48 Lego news
lucas custom
Well, I fell in love ... I searched for a long time for the face that could suit my "made in Bricklink" minifigure by Georges Lucas and no way to find an acceptable head.
Indeed, I was looking for the one that would resemble as much as possible that of the official minifig.
While surfing eBay, I came across a South African seller who sometimes sells custom minifigs from our favorite director. I ordered one for $ 18 and $ 5.50 shipping. It arrived that day well packed in a plastic box and I must say that the result is fine with me.
The finish is excellent, and even if the face is a bit coarser than on the official minfig (See this article), I am very happy with this acquisition.
I put you a picture of this minifigure, you can compare it with that of the article of April 26, 2011.
23/05/2011 - 22:40 Lego news
minifigures 2011
If you are not yet aware, you probably live on another planet (Tatooine?): The new sets for June bring their share of new minifigs.

They are also often a meager compensation for resigning ourselves to spending a few tickets in sets that are too little innovative and which (too) happily surf on a successful license without really convincing.

It's certain Steine ​​Imperium (What would we do without them ...) thatAlbums has split a gallery of new minifigs with correct photos.

So if you have not yet decided to break your PEL to offer you the last sets, take a closer look at these minifigs to convince yourself ... This is where it happens: Minifig gallery - New in 2011.
23/05/2011 - 22:00 Lego news
We continue in the release of the first photos taken by the happy owners of the novelties that are currently out. 
It's certain kockice.org forum which SMEH, forumer based in Sarajevo in Bosnia Herzegovina posted two photos of the set 7965 Millennium Falcon.
We will pass on the photo of the box, to linger on that of the assembled machine.
As expected and dreaded, we are entitled to stickers, and the scale of the ship has something weird.
The debate fizzles out the Eurobricks forum on this subject, and I would gladly join those who question the cockpit scale in relation to the rest.
Despite everything, let's not sulk, the Millennium Falcon remains an emblematic machine of the Star Wars range and this umpteenth interpretation (See here for sets 4504,7190, 7778, 10179), if it is not the best in my opinion, will delight fans, young and old.
21/05/2011 - 23:20 Lego news
5743055499 a6265dba30 z
We continue with the first reviews of Star Wars novelties, and it's tomo from the Imperium der Steine ​​forum which dissects the set 7964 Republic Frigate.
Concerning the frigate itself, few surprises, we still find many similarities with the Republic Cruiser from set 7665 released in 2007.
In view of the first photos, this Republic Frigate is even a little "too much": Too many different colors, details in spades but it is difficult to distinguish the dozens of cannons, turrets, radars scattered here and there and finally the he machine lacks a bit of homogeneity for my taste.
The good surprise of this set: The 5 minifigs namely Yoda, Quinlan Vos, Eeth Koth, Commander Wolffe and a Wolf Pack Clone Trooper. The two "Indians" are quite successful and will appeal to fans of the Clone Wars series. For the others, they will find their place in a diorama on the Wild West without problem ....
Commander Wolffe is THE minifigure of this set, with a very worked face.
We will also note the presence of a Trans Light Blue brick with a hologram of the Emperor (a priori but this poses a problem of chronology) and a lightsaber of a new green.
In short, I'll let you make up your own mind by going to this page: Review 7964 Republic Frigate.
21/05/2011 - 18:24 Lego news
The saga continues about this set 7879 Hoth Echo Base, arguably the most mysterious of this year.
It's certain the Eurobricks forum which andrewqwy book a few more details after having had the opportunity to take a look at this set.
The 8 minifigs delivered should be:
2 x Snowtroopers, 1 x Han Solo in Hoth outfit with his Tauntaun, 1 x Chewbacca, 1 x Princess Leia in Hoth outfit, 1 x Red Protocol Droid (Red R-3PO), 1 x Medical Droid (2-1B), 1 x Luke Skywalker (in a Bacta Tank).
The vehicles provided: 1 x SnowSpeeder Bike, 1 x E-web Heavy Repeating Blaster.
Regarding the structure of the set, it should be modular or foldable, with a side dedicated to defense weapons, and a section dedicated to the command center with medical space.

estimated the number of pieces in the set to be 700 to 800.
In the end, no rebel troops, nor Major Bren Derlin, nor SnowSpeeder T-47.
If this information turns out to be correct, we are therefore moving towards a set which should be combined with the 7666 Hoth Rebel Base to form a coherent whole.