15/03/2011 - 19:16 Lego news
character encyclopedia jacketThe publishing company DK Publishing has just updated its 2011 catalog and there is a little more information about THE book fans have been waiting for: LEGO® Star Wars® Character Encyclopedia.
First of all, we discover two new double pages with Mace Windu and a Captain of the Republic, or even Boba Fett and Bossk.
This 208-page book scheduled for October 2011 should contain no less than 200 minifigures and 400 photos in total.
An exclusive minifigure will of course be there, and you will notice the words "JACKET NOT FINAL" in gray below the visual of the book cover, thus cutting short all speculation as to the shadow of the possible minifigure represented. on the visuals circulating.

I therefore suggest that you download the two pages concerned in a pdf document:

dk sw 2011
In addition, DK Publishing also presents in its catalog new visuals from the LEGO® Ideas Book scheduled for September 2011 (200 pages) that you can download below:
dk ideas 2011
15/03/2011 - 16:27 Lego news
gold c3poYou've all more or less heard of the various limited editions of the C-3PO minifigure released to date, but there is some confusion as to which versions are released and what quantities are released.

3K Solid Gold C-24PO Minifig (Solid Gold C-3PO)

To date, there are only 5 examples of this solid gold minifigure, not one more. 
It was produced in 2007 and was distributed as a prize for a competition organized by the LEGO company. It is broken down into 3 parts, head, torso and legs, not articulated. The torso has benefited from a specific engraving.
Different versions circulate as to the material used in the design of this minifigure: The use of pure gold would have been impossible, the material being too "soft", and this minifigure would in reality be gold plated. However, no one could really verify this statement .....

The lucky winners (Andrew Hoffman, Christopher Giancola, Elizabeth Jacome, Jason Masey and Chris Melchin from the list published by LEGO Magazine) were selected in December 2007, and this minifigure did not appear on the resale market of LEGO Star Wars products since.

gold c3poMinifigure C-3PO Gold Chrome
This minifigure has been produced in 10.000 copies. This is a plastic minifigure covered with gold colored chrome and delivered in a white bag mentioning the limited nature of this edition and celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Wars. 
This minifigure was inserted randomly in sets marketed in the United States in 2007 (except for battle packs). this minifigure is in all points similar to a classic C-3PO minifig, it is articulated in the same way. His torso is screen printed.
This minifig can be found for sale on bricklink, Amazon ou eBay at exorbitant prices depending on the presence or not of the bag (sealed or not).
chrome gold c3poMinifigure C-3PO Bronze
This unique minifig was created for Comic Con in San Diego (USA) in 2007 and was offered through a raffle.
c3po bronzeMinifigure C-3PO Sterling Silver

A single silver minifigure of this type has been produced and was offered as a raffle at Celebration IV in Los Angeles (USA) in 2007.
silver c3po

14/03/2011 - 20:42 Lego news

BrickMaster magazine offers two new models to build with parts from existing sets of the Star Wars range: The XG-3 Star Wing and the Stealth Recon Ship.

xg 3

The XG-3 Star Wing model can be built using the set 20016 Imperial Shuttle released in 2010. Nothing very original on arrival, but you can be satisfied to have assembled an imperial shuttle whose project remained top secret, equipped with Hyperdrive technology and many weapons. 
This powerful shuttle will join your army and will justify getting you as soon as possible a new BrickMaster 20016 set, if you only have one .....
stealth recon
The Stealth Recon Ship model can be built using the parts in the set. 8095 General Grievous' Starfighter Also released in 2010. This Republic reconnaissance vehicle is intended to move discreetly and not to be detected by spearatist sensors. This Stealth Recon Ship will be very useful to Jedi as Nahdar Vebb in their hunt for General Grievous.

Following the publication by KimT of Eurobricks on his flickr page of these instructions, I have compiled them neatly in two pdf files that I suggest you download here:

10/03/2011 - 15:06 Lego news
t 11 jedi strikerThe LEGO Club offers you to build an alternative model, the T-11 Jedi Striker using the parts of the set 7931 T-6 Jedi Shuttle.

For the background of the story, it is a machine designed by the jedi Saesee Tiin with parts of a damaged T-6 Jedi Shuttle.

For the occasion, this alternative model is much more interesting and more aesthetic than that of the original set. 
This explains, with all the bad faith that I can show on the subject (I do not particularly like the 7931 set) probably the eagerness of LEGO to offer it to all those who, disappointed by the set 7931, the had already stored at the bottom of a cupboard or in their bulk bin for MOCs ....
Note that the LEGO Club offers many models to build with parts from various sets on this dedicated page.

To download the manual in pdf format of this alternative model click on the link below:

- T-11 Jedi Striker manual (3.63 MB)

08/03/2011 - 09:58 Lego news
30054I told you in a previous news the release of the mini set 30054: AT-ST and I mentioned the similarities between this set and the one released in 2003 under the reference 4486-1: AT-ST & Snowspeeder.

Here is a close-up photo comparing these two AT-STs on which we can better visualize the relationship between these two minis.

Besides the difference in colors of the parts used and the absence of serigraphy on the set 30054, we will note some differences on the parts used at the level of the legs of the machine.
Only die-hard collectors will go out of their way to find this cheaply on eBay or Bricklink.
Click on the image for a larger view.