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Artifex Creations & productions: The interview

Following the publication of the video reviews ofartist, many of you have written to me to ask me how this man proceeds to produce these high quality sequences which allow us in a few minutes to go around a set and discover all its secrets.

So I contacted Max alias artist to ask him a few questions which he kindly agreed to answer. I will transcribe my questions and answers below.

This first interview launches a new series of articles on Hoth Bricks which will allow us to have some answers to the questions we all ask ourselves from emblematic players in their field and in the vast universe of AFOLs.

 Hoth Bricks: How did you come up with the idea of ​​producing these reviews as stop-motion videos?

Artifex: The idea came to me while watching videos produced by other directors. I thought it would be more fun to add camera movements and special effects to these sequences to dress them up and make them even more enjoyable to watch.

HB: How long do you need to create a 2 or 3 minute video review, including filming, post-production, etc ...?

AT : This will vary depending on the size of the set, the number of parts and the time required to assemble it. The production of the review can then take from 6 hours to a full day.

HB: What equipment, hardware and software do you use to create these sequences and make them look really professional?

AT : I am using a Canon 5D digital camera and the editing is done with Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. But hardware and software equipment are not the only important parameters in the creation of these reviews. The different shooting techniques that I experiment with are also very important. If you watch my older videos you will see that they are of poor quality. Over time, you will notice that I try different new techniques. This way of working is very similar to the one that can be implemented in the creation of MOCs. If you try out different techniques and use a wide range of elements, your model design will be greatly improved.

HB: Your concept is really unique, do you think, like some of us, that these videos send the classic photo reviews back to the prehistoric stage in this area?

AT : Ideas and concepts are recycled: What is new sometimes becomes outdated and vice versa. With the evolution of technology, older concepts may be reborn in more modern and varied forms and styles. I think that reviews in the form of photos will remain relevant for a long time to come. It is always interesting to discover a set from all angles before deciding to buy it.

HB: Your website http://artifexcreation.com offers a new section called Comics. Can you tell us more about this project?

AT : This section is intended for my personal creations which I usually present in comic form. I plan to transfer the comics already made since my MOCpages space toward my website. This space is still under construction but will soon be operational.

HB: Will you continue to offer this type of video review in the future? Do you have any other plans to announce to Hoth Bricks readers?

AT :  I will continue to produce these reviews, no doubt about it! It's always great to share these videos of these sets, especially since it's impossible to acquire all the sets that LEGO produces. Thus, everyone can visualize the assembly of the set, see all its functionalities, learn the different new construction techniques implemented and discover the new parts produced. It is particularly exciting and informative for OMCs like me.

The next reviews will be carried out on themes from the LEGO range as varied as Superheroes, StarWars, Ninjago, City, Lord of the Rings & Monsters! I always try to get my videos online within a short period of time after the affected sets have actually been marketed.

Regarding upcoming projects, I am planning a series of stop-motion animations on the LEGO Batman theme which will be broadcast on our youtube channel. A series dedicated to LEGO Star Wars will also see the light of day. The LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Battle range will also be in the spotlight.

My MOCs planned for 2012 are: The Batwing from the movie The Dark Knight Rises, a new version of the Tumbler (current version visible here, editor's note) and the Batcave. If I have time, I would also go for a Star Wars-themed creation.

I would also continue to improve my videos by experimenting with different new techniques. Thanks to everyone who supports this project, I hope you will continue to enjoy watching my videos. Max.


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