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lego avatar way water new sets 2022

LEGO today unveiled the products derived from the second installment of the Avatar film saga, titled Avatar: The Way of Water, which will be available from January 1, 2023. On the menu, at least five boxes whose public prices range from 25 to 100 € with an underwater atmosphere, a few creatures and a few machines. The aquatic vegetation is just as symbolic there as it was in the terrestrial version in the various products already marketed.

As for the figurines provided, LEGO logically retains the formula already used in the sets we have talked about a lot with longer arms and legs than usual as well as molded heads with more or less successful pad printing depending on the characters.

All this is very well sold on the pretty packaging, it seems much poorer to me on the visuals which only show the actual contents of these boxes.

75574 lego avatar toruk makto tree souls 10

We close this series of reviews of the novelties of the new LEGO Avatar range with a quick overview of the contents of the set. 75574 Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls, a box of 1212 pieces available at the public price of €149.99 since October 1, 2022. This set is in principle the "flagship" of the range, it is therefore around it that the other boxes revolve, some of which cannot be summarized ultimately only more or less affordable extensions.

This box is therefore logically the one that allows us to obtain a little more vegetation than in the other sets. Pandora is represented here in a more credible way than in the other products of the range with three subsets which are accompanied by the Tree of Souls and the geography of the places is more or less respected with at least one of the rocky arches which surround this tree. However, it's still as poor in lush vegetation, the visual illustration of the packaging can suggest something more dense, and LEGO does not really make an effort to offer us something frankly dense in this box, however. sold for €150.

The tree does not demerit, it is relatively consistent and consumes parts from the inventory provided. The base is a stack of many elements, the trunk is relatively detailed and it will be necessary to go through the somewhat repetitive assembly of the many sub-assemblies which constitute the ends of the branches. Everyone will have an opinion on the result, I find the construction rather convincing.

75574 lego avatar toruk makto tree souls 11

75574 lego avatar toruk makto tree souls 8 2

The other big build on offer in this box is a Leonopteryx and LEGO is going all out on the creature's head with two nicely executed pieces. We find a very cartoon spirit as for the two Banshees of the set 75572 Jake & Neytiri's First Banshee Flight but this product is aimed at a very young audience and this colorful interpretation of the creature seeks to convince them to ask their parents to buy this box.

The wings of the Leonopteryx are here also covered with soft plastic elements covered with legal notices, I'm not really a fan of this solution which, in my opinion, is a little easy. The wings are colorful and detailed, but the combination of those large single-sided printed plastic inserts with classic pieces doesn't strike me as delivering the polished aesthetic we might have hoped for for a $150 box in which the creature in question is one of the flagship products.

Leonopteryx's wings and legs are movable enough to allow for some interesting poses and the build can be staged atop the provided rock arch. Even if the joints are a little too visible with parts whose color is not really fitting with that of the rest of the construction, it is well seen and it will be possible to display a pretty scene on the corner of a shelf between two play sessions. Speaking of having fun, we quickly realize that LEGO has designed this range as a set of essential products for each other: there is not much to do with the contents of this box without having a little opposition on hand.

75574 lego avatar toruk makto tree souls 12 1

Four minifigures are delivered in this set, Mo'at, Neytiri, Jake Sully in Toruk Makto and Tsu'tey mode, and we have the whole range of facial expressions and hairstyles imagined by LEGO to interpret these different characters. I won't go back on my perception of these figurines, it hasn't changed in a few weeks and I find them disappointing even if I gladly salute the effort in terms of the pad printing of faces and outfits. We also obtain here a copy of the Pa'li ​​(or Equidius) also available in the set 75573 Floating Mountains: Site 26 & RDA Samson, the molded figurine is sorely lacking in pad printing to really convince me.

As with some of the other sets in the range, I'm having a little trouble finding the equivalent of $150 worth of content in this set. The decor is certainly a little more dense, the Leonopteryx with a wingspan of 49 cm is imposing but it is still very quickly assembled and we are a little unsatisfied on arrival.

This "juniorization" of the Avatar universe may disappoint some fans, but I think that sooner or later we will be entitled to a more detailed set aimed at the brand's adult clientele. The first film was released in 2009 and those who enjoyed it back then are now 13 years older and perhaps waiting for a more detailed spin-off to display as part of their collection. On the other hand, I have no illusions about the next wave of LEGO derivative products which will be inspired by the second part of the saga, we will find there the many molded parts created for this range and continuity will logically be in order.

75574 lego avatar toruk makto tree souls 13 1

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lego new sets october 2022

It is October 1, 2022 and LEGO is marketing a handful of new sets from today on its official online store with an assortment that covers several in-house or licensed ranges and offers some promotional offers in passing.

As usual, it's up to you to see whether to crack without waiting by paying the full price for these boxes or whether to show a little patience and wait for the inevitable reductions that will be offered in the boxes. weeks and months to come at Amazonon FNAC.com and at a few other retailers. We also know that an operation to double VIP points is planned very soon on the official online store and in LEGO Stores, it's up to you.


(All links to the shop redirect to the version of the official shop for your country of connection)

The promotional offer of the moment: the LEGO set 40566 Ray The Castaway which I told you about yesterday is free from 120 € of purchase without restriction of range. This very successful little promotional product is automatically added to the basket as soon as the minimum amount required is reached:

40566 lego ideas ray the castaway 3

If you are a member of the VIP program and don't forget to identify yourself before confirming your order, you can also get a copy of the polybag 40513 Spooky VIP Add-on Pack (119 pieces) from 50 € of purchase without restriction of range. The offer is valid until October 31:

40513 lego vip halloween addon pack

Finally, know that if you buy products from the LEGO Ninjago range for at least €40, the manufacturer is offering you a copy of the very friendly polybag until October 15. 30593 Lloyd Suit Mech (59 pieces):

30593 lego ninjago lloyd suit mech

75572 lego avatar jake neytiri first banshee flight 9 1

Today we take a quick look at the contents of the LEGO Avatar set 75572 Jake & Neytiri's First Banshee Flight, a box of 572 pieces which will be available at the public price of 54.99 € from October 1, 2022.

It is difficult to evoke the universe of Avatar without mentioning the Banshees (or Ikrans in Na'vi language), these large birds that the Na'vi tame and ride on Pandora. LEGO therefore goes there with its interpretation of these creatures with a box by offering two copies to stage on a support made up of a few rocks, a waterfall and a little vegetation.

We could actually summarize the content of this set by simply saying that it's Ninjavatar, as the two birds are similar in their design, with their qualities and their defects, to the creatures declined until more thirsty than the regulars of the Ninjago range know well.

Both Banshees have an identical structure, only the color of the parts changes. It's a bit logical, they are two creatures of the same species. Nothing rocket science during assembly, it is dispatched in a few minutes and it will be possible to build the contents of the set with several people with three separate instruction booklets: a booklet for each of the Banshees, a booklet for the presentation structure.

This is a children's toy and the two creatures are made more "friendly" by an assortment of bright colors that make them a little less stark and threatening than in the movie. They are properly articulated with movable wings via notched attachments, an adjustable neck from bottom to top and a head fixed on a ball joint which allows a wide range of movement. This is more than enough to vary the settings and find a dynamic presentation solution that will give color to your shelves.

Regarding the fenders, the manufacturer takes a shortcut here that may disappoint some fans by dressing them with large pieces of flexible plastic. These elements are nicely executed with very colorful prints and a nice transparency effect at the ends but they are only printed on one side and are covered with the usual legal notice reminding us that this is a LEGO product. They are as usual at LEGO fixed via black pins which remain clearly visible on the surface, the effect is not of an exceptional finish.

The heads of the two Banshees are stamped, it is successful even if LEGO could have pushed the effort to integrate teeth of another color. The body of the two birds has also been designed to make it easier for the youngest to handle them with a sufficiently large protrusion, it is well seen and we will thus avoid grabbing the Banshees from above or by the wings with the risk of damaging the four flexible plastic inserts.

However, one could wonder if it's still LEGO with these pieces of soft plastic hanging on the wings, it's up to everyone to assess the relevance of the solution used here by LEGO when we know that the manufacturer is capable to produce wing elements in hard plastic as for example on the Ninjago dragon of the set 71762 Kai's Fire Dragon EVO

75572 lego avatar jake neytiri first banshee flight 7 1

75572 lego avatar jake neytiri first banshee flight 11

The small presentation base is embellished with a little vegetation but it is once again very far from what one would expect from a representation of the planet Pandora with its floating mountains embodied here by a few pieces placed in suspension . As for the other boxes, it will be necessary to combine the various pieces of rocks surrounded by some plants to begin to obtain something acceptable. LEGO adds a few phosphorescent elements in each of the boxes in the range, here five radioactive carrots are provided. You understood, there are no stickers in this box.

Under the rocks, there is a copy of the transparent element that also serves as a support for the helicopter in the set  75573 Floating Mountains: Site 26 & RDA Samson. This piece is here delivered in blue, it is perfect to embody a waterfall while having a discreet and stable support thanks to the embedding of its foot in the construction.

Two minifigs are delivered in this box, Jake Sully and Neytiri, and they are exclusive variants to this set. Complete collectors will therefore find it difficult to ignore, the others will probably be satisfied with a single copy of these two Na'vis.

I'm on the third set of the first wave of merchandise based on the 2009 movie and I still can't appreciate the facial expressions of these Na'vis: some look like Egyptian statues while others have in my opinion look a little silly with their mocking smile. The long thick legs and the big ears do not help but the hairstyles are on the other hand successful with their point of connection at the end of the hair. We will have to deal with it, LEGO has chosen its camp and the second wave of derivative products which will be based on the film expected in theaters in December 2022 will necessarily continue to provide us with Na'vis in the same format.

In short, the youngest will undoubtedly find something for them with creatures that may remind them of their Ninjago years and the beginning of a plant diorama that will have to be completed with other sets from the range. The connection clips are already provided at the foot of these mini-constructions and the argument to convince parents is therefore all found. Regarding the public price of this box, I have a little trouble seeing where the requested €55 is, but I'm not worried: these sets will inevitably end up being sold at a knockdown price one day or they will take advantage of an offer. promotion that will allow them to be acquired at a more reasonable and acceptable price.

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75573 lego avatar floating mountains site 26 rda samson 1

We continue the series of tests of the new features of the LEGO Avatar range and today we are quickly interested in the content of the LEGO Avatar set 75573 Floating Mountains: Site 26 & RDA Samson, a box of 887 pieces which will be available from October 1, 2022 at the retail price of €99.99. Don't be fooled by the product title, there aren't really any floating "mountains" in this set. I salute in passing the work of the graphic designers on the boxes of the range, it is sold with foliage everywhere and floating rocks in the background...

This product derived from the 2009 film therefore offers us to assemble an SA-2 Samson helicopter, a container embodying the Sector 26 mobile liaison unit and a small piece of vegetation. Everything is well accompanied by an honest handful of figurines but I still have a little trouble seeing where the 100 € requested by LEGO are.

Site 26 is actually two containers longer than the one proposed by LEGO and linked together in the movie, we only have one here. The latter is rather well done even if it is highly compressed as if the manufacturer had only had the means to offer us an economical version of this container. LEGO still manages to install the box that houses Jake Sully and a workstation for Dr. Grace Augustine while leaving a little space inside.

Everything is easily accessible by removing the roof associated with a section of wall, difficult to do better in terms of playability. The container cannot be transported by the SA2-Samson helicopter, nothing has been planned by LEGO to strap and hang the thing under the flying machine. The more adventurous will undoubtedly tinker with something in their spare time.

The other big construction of the set is the SA-2 helicopter with its coaxial propellers. Trudy Chacon being here at the controls, it is therefore the Samson 16. Most adult fans were probably hoping for better than the somewhat simplified toy provided in this box, but the construction remains in my opinion generally very correct at this scale.

75573 lego avatar floating mountains site 26 rda samson 4

We recognize the Samson 16 at first glance and that is the essential thing. The machine is flanked by a few stickers but the canopy of the cockpit is stamped with a very successful pattern. I think that LEGO had to simply resolve (perhaps even reluctantly) to print this part so as not to impose on the youngest the ordeal of having to stick a sticker on the angular surface of this part.

If the helicopter is well equipped with skids which allow it to be displayed correctly on a shelf, LEGO innovates a little by including a transparent support which allows it to be presented in flight or placed on the floating "mountain". The presence of the two elements that make up this support is also justified by the desire to offer us a "floating" rock and to kill two birds with one stone by fixing the helicopter to the top of the construction. The support itself is rather well designed, it offers maximum stability, well helped by the base of the decorative section of the product and by two pins which secure the two uprights.

It is by assembling the meager portion of vegetation, to be connected to the various modules delivered in the other boxes via the clip provided, that we finally understand the title of the product. The rock floats, it's not a montage but the symbolism is there. Pandora's interpretation is therefore also very minimalist here, and that's an understatement... A few flowers and other plants, some of which are phosphorescent, simply hide the anchoring system of the support on its base.

75573 lego avatar floating mountains site 26 rda samson 7

75573 lego avatar floating mountains site 26 rda samson 10

This box allows us to obtain five characters: Jake Sully, his Na'vi alter ego, Dr Grace Augustine, pilot Trudy Chacon and Norm Spellman in Na'vi version. I won't repeat the verse on the Na'vi for you, it's up to everyone to judge the relevance of this LEGO-style interpretation of the creatures that inhabit Pandora. Of the two figurines provided here, the frankly cartoon side prevails with facial expressions that seem a little strange to me.

For the rest, Grace Augustine's minifig looks like Sigourney Weaver and it's easy to imagine Michelle Rodriguez looking at Trudy Chacon's minifig. Bravo to the graphic designer for the face with the colorful patterns around Trudy's eyes, it's faithful to the film. Jake Sully is a little more neutral, here he is installed on a new version of the wheelchair different from the one available since 2016 in many boxes.

The two rear wheels change in diameter and the armrests gain in height. Why not. Sully and Augustine both enjoy alternate faces with the mask that allows them to walk around Pandora without dying of asphyxiation. It's graphically very well executed with a simple but effective reflection effect.

The two Na'vis figurines in the set are accompanied by a Pa'li ​​(or Equidius), the local six-legged horse. We come close to the type toy My little Pony with this blue figure molded without joints and it might have needed to put a touch of beige and some additional patterns on the mane to stick to the creature of the film. It is possible to install a Na'vi on the Equidius by removing a few parts, even if the almost tone-on-tone rendering obtained is not really convincing in my opinion.

75573 lego avatar floating mountains site 26 rda samson 12

75573 lego avatar floating mountains site 26 rda samson 9

On arrival, if we take this product for what it is, a colorful toy for children, it is in my opinion generally successful and there is something to have fun with, especially by combining the contents of this box. with that of other products in the range. Those who have dreamed for many months following the leak of the titles of the various products in the LEGO Avatar range are on the other hand a little for their expense: we obtain a half-container which is itself half of Site 26, a minimalist helicopter even if it is rather faithful to the reference machine, a floating "mountain" which is not a mountain and a blue horse much too flashy for my taste.

It's all a bit skimpy for a discerning adult fan, so it'll take a bit of skill and a lot of imagination to improve the various builds a bit. The leads are there with the design of the container or the principle used for the rotors of the helicopter, all you have to do is get started.

We note the arrival of the transparent element which is delivered here in two copies to serve as a support for the "assembly" and the helicopter, this piece opens up new possibilities for displaying various and varied flying machines at the using "official" coins.

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