bricklink designer program series 1 lego

It was predictable: LEGO decided that the invitational pilot initiative around the Bricklink Designer Program 2021 was convincing enough to perpetuate it and make it a sustainable business tool.

The manufacturer is therefore launching the 1st series of what must become a regular program on the Bricklink platform with a defined schedule as indicated below and some subtle modifications compared to the previous edition:

  • February 1 -> 28, 2023 : Project submission phase
  • March 7 -> 31, 2023 : Opening of the public voting phase
  • April - May 2023 : Review phase of selected projects
  • End of May 2023 : Announcement of the selected projects
  • February 2024 : Opening of the pre-order phase
  • Summer / Fall 2024 : Production and shipment of products

As you will have understood, it will be necessary to show a lot of patience before being able to have one or more of the projects proposed and validated delivered.

Also be aware that each set that will have to be assembled at least 3000 votes will be produced at 20.000 products and that it will only be possible to buy two copies maximum of the same product.

The presence of stickers will be limited to a maximum of 1 sticker per 250 elements for all sets that will be produced with a limitation of a maximum of 25 unique stickers per product.

Instruction booklets will still be provided digitally and creators will collect royalties of 5% of sales volume. The percentage has therefore halved but the quantity of sets produced per project has doubled.

This series of crowdfunding products, which is therefore set up in a sustainable way, is not intended to one day replace the LEGO Ideas initiative. The Bricklink Designer Program is also and above all a promotional tool for the Studio software, which serves both as a support for digital creation and as a tool for generating the essential assembly instructions.

A one-hour information session will be organized on December 14 at 17:00 p.m. so that all those who wish to embark on this long adventure can discover the rules and take into account the new requirements of the manufacturer concerning the quality of the projects. It is necessary to register in advance at this address but if you cannot attend this Webinar, a recap video will be posted afterwards.

lego bricklink designer program second wave boxes

If you have an iPhone or iPad, LEGO has updated its dedicated app to the assembly instructions of its products by adding the five boxes from the second crowdfunding phase of the Bricklink Designer Program 2021. We therefore discover the packaging of these different sets all stamped 18+ with their respective boxes:

Nothing to say, it's still visually very successful and those who participated in the financing of these different sets and who are waiting to receive their copy(s) should not be disappointed. For the others, it will eventually be necessary to go through the secondary market and the note may be very high.

lego bricklink designer program 910023 ventian houses

lego bricklink designer program 910009 modular lego store

bricklink designer program 2021 mountain observatory

Those who pre-ordered a copy of the set 910027 Mountain View Observatory as part of the third crowdfunding phase of the Bricklink Designer Program had inevitably found that the product was initially announced at 269.99 € but that it actually went to 209.99 € in the basket when ordering via the official online store. Others paid for the product at the expected rate as soon as the error was corrected.

bricklink react today by the voice of one of its managers to reassure all those who took advantage of this error but who fear a possible subsequent cancellation of their order:

Dear all,

Just a brief update to let you know that during BDP Round 3, a technical error caused Mountain View Observatory to sell at a lower than intended price for some customers and full price for others.

The initial amount charged was a temporary hold which will be returned. When we are ready to ship in Spring 2023, all customers will be charged the lower of the two prices displayed.

In short, the amount collected during the pre-order will be refunded when shipping is imminent, the actual invoicing will take place in the spring of 2023 and all purchasers of the product will then benefit from the lowest price offered on the official online store, i.e. 209.99 €.

bricklink designer program 2021 preorders opened

Let's go for the third wave of sets from the Bricklink Designer Program with nine references whose retail prices range between €109.99 and €339.99. As with the two previous funding phases, only the first five of the nine proposed projects to reach 3000 pre-orders will go into production with a quantity capped at 10.000 copies per reference.

Pre-orders go through the official online store, you accumulate VIP points but you do not take advantage of the current promotional offers and the links below allow you to add the chosen reference directly to your basket:

Update: the five validated products are those above, those that are crossed out are therefore thrown out.

bricklink designer program phase3 pricing

You have had plenty of time to discover the nine products that will be offered for pre-order during the third crowdfunding phase of the Bricklink Designer Program, you now have to prepare for the opening of hostilities which will take place May 17, 2022 at 19:00 p.m..

All proposed sets are now in phase "production ready", it's up to you to see if one or more of these products deserves a pre-order and the wait that will follow. Pre-orders will go through the official online store, we'll talk about it next May 17.