bricklink designer program 2021 mountain observatory

Those who pre-ordered a copy of the set 910027 Mountain View Observatory as part of the third crowdfunding phase of the Bricklink Designer Program had inevitably found that the product was initially announced at 269.99 € but that it actually went to 209.99 € in the basket when ordering via the official online store. Others paid for the product at the expected rate as soon as the error was corrected.

bricklink react today by the voice of one of its managers to reassure all those who took advantage of this error but who fear a possible subsequent cancellation of their order:

Dear all,

Just a brief update to let you know that during BDP Round 3, a technical error caused Mountain View Observatory to sell at a lower than intended price for some customers and full price for others.

The initial amount charged was a temporary hold which will be returned. When we are ready to ship in Spring 2023, all customers will be charged the lower of the two prices displayed.

In short, the amount collected during the pre-order will be refunded when shipping is imminent, the actual invoicing will take place in the spring of 2023 and all purchasers of the product will then benefit from the lowest price offered on the official online store, i.e. 209.99 €.

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