bricklink designer program phase3 pricing

We now know the theoretical public prices of the nine sets that will be in contention on the occasion of the third phase of crowdfunding of the Bricklink Designer Program. As with the two previous crowdfunding phases, only the first five of the nine proposed projects to reach 3000 pre-orders will go into the production phase with a quantity capped at 10.000 copies per reference.

We find in this selection the set Brickwest Studios (3928 pieces) which had been withdrawn from the second round of financing due to the theme of the product which could have been associated with the incident which occurred in the USA on the set of the western Rust. The set has therefore been ready to go into production for many months, it is only waiting to reach the required threshold of 3000 pre-orders.

No date for the opening of pre-orders that will go through the official online store, we have to wait for Bricklink to make an official announcement on this subject.

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