07/02/2024 - 17:55 Lego news

bricklin k designer program series 1 finalists

Forward to the financing phase of the first series of sets from the reboot of the Bricklink Designer Program with five creations whose prices range from €44.99 to €339.99. The proposals which reach 3000 pre-orders will be manufactured and it is only possible to order two copies of each of these creations per customer. the definitively validated products will be manufactured in 30.000 copies and will be deliverable in the third quarter of 2024 as promised:

For those who are interested, I remind you that each creator receives a 5% commission on the amount of sales and receives five copies of the final product. If one or more of these proposals does not reach the 3000 units required to go into production, its creator recovers all the rights to it and he is free, for example, to sell the instructions himself.

Also note that these products do not benefit from a paper instruction booklet, you will have to make do with a digital document.

The order process takes you to the official LEGO online store, remember to use a bank card whose remaining validity period is sufficient to allow bank authorization during this financing phase and a subsequent debit when shipping your order.

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