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new lego disney brickheadz 2023

The LEGO BrickHeadz range will be expanded from March 1, 2023 with three new references under Disney license with two-character packs, the first visuals of which are now available via the service which allows download instructions in digital format:

While waiting for the release of these three boxes on the official store, which should not be long, we can predict without too much error that the reference 40619 EVE & WALL•E will be a hit even with those who don't usually buy these cubic figurines.

lego marvel spider man magazine february 2023 moral miles

The February 2023 issue of the Official LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Magazine is now available on newsstands and, as advertised, you can obtain the Miles Morales minifigure already seen in the sets 76171 Miles Morales Mech et 76178 Daily Bugle.

We discover in the pages of this new magazine sold 6.99 € the figurine which will be delivered with the next issue scheduled for April 27, 2023: it is Green Goblin, a minifig seen identically in the set 76219 Spider-Man & Green Goblin launched in April 2022 at a public price of €19.99 and already removed from the LEGO catalog. The character will be accompanied by his flying board and two explosive pumpkins.

lego marvel spider man magazine april 2023 green goblin

41809 lego dots hedwig pencil holder 1

The LEGO DOTS range is not completely buried and we discover today via the application which includes the digital instructions of the official products the reference 41809 Hedwig Pencil Holder. The box of 518 pieces which will be sold at the public price of 19.99 € will make it possible to assemble a pencil holder vaguely taking the shape of Hedwig.

At first glance, the product does not contain anything specific to the Harry Potter universe, apart from the logo on the box. We also know that two other references from the LEGO DOTS range under official Harry Potter license are in principle planned (41808 & 41811).

41809 lego dots hedwig pencil holder 2

lego ideas 21338 a frame cabin dedicace designer set grenoble nice

If you want to have your copy of the LEGO Ideas set autographed 21338 A-Frame Cabin (179.99 €), know that the fan designer Andrea Lattanzio (Norton74) will be present at the LEGO Certified Store in Grenoble on February 1, 2023 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. as well as at the LEGO Store in Nice on February 4, 2023 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. not take into account the schedule indicated above).

The two dates were not chosen by chance, February 1 being the date of the launch of the product in VIP preview and February 4 is the date of "global" availability of the set. We do not yet know if a promotional offer will make it easier to pass the pill of the public price of the product and if it will be valid in the Certified Stores, these franchised shops managed by the Italian company Percassi like that of Grenoble. No VIP program in Grenoble.

75350 lego starwars clone commander cody helmet 10

We continue today with a quick overview of the contents of the LEGO Star Wars set 75350 Clone Commander Cody Helmet, a box of 766 pieces which will be available from March 1, 2023 at the retail price of €69.99 and which is already available for pre-order on the official online store.

As for the helmet of the set 75349 Captain Rex Helmet which will be marketed at the same time as this one, the LEGO-style interpretation of the accessory worn by this second character was eagerly awaited by fans of the animated series The Clone Wars. Cody, or CC-224, is a much-loved Clone Officer, so his arrival on the shelves of those who have grown or aged with the show's seven seasons is welcome news.

As with Rex's helmet, fans will immediately recognize the owner of this helmet where others may see it as just another Clone Trooper. The small pad-printed presentation plate may therefore seem superfluous to some, but it will be useful to others. I haven't changed my mind on this specific point since the launch of this range of derivative products in 2020: I think that the huge logo of the LEGO Star Wars range present on these plates is a bit superfluous or at least too prominent.

The aesthetic approximations are once again numerous and even if the general look of the product leaves no doubt on the subject treated, it will be necessary to accommodate these adjustments imposed by the format of this range of derived products.

It is also especially at the level of the lower edge of the helmet that things get a little tricky with stacks of parts that struggle to embody the curves and angles of the object. The top of the product is more faithful even if we find the inevitable dome based on stairs and visible tenons that we can choose to consider as the signature of this range or as an aesthetic shortcut that lacks finish.

The assembly process offers some interesting techniques that allow to obtain the final result and we do not get bored except perhaps for the first few steps which give the impression of building the heart of a large figure in Brickheadz format .

We even take a little pleasure in then building sub-assemblies which seem completely irrelevant at the time and which then find their place on the construction, there is something very satisfying in seeing the black zone being gradually framed by the structure of the helmet over the pages.

75350 lego starwars clone commander cody helmet 7

75350 lego starwars clone commander cody helmet 11

The only moving part of the product is the side antenna attached to a Ball joint, pity that this area remains gray. We can also wonder if it would not have been wise to fill the hollow of the cheeks with darker pieces to reinforce the relief effect on these areas as is the case at the back of the helmet, it will be it may be possible to obtain an acceptable result by adjusting the lighting of the exhibition site.

Once again, this derivative product is not a top-of-the-range model which would be intended to allow a perfect replica of the helmet to be displayed, it is just a very stylized interpretation which tries to remain in the format imposed by the exercise while remaining easily identifiable. The goal is therefore achieved, Cody finally has the tribute he deserves in a range of exhibition products undoubtedly considered by LEGO as "accessible" and "affordable".

There are only 9 decals on this model, 8 less than Rex's helmet, and these decals blend in a bit better with the landscape than the ones used on the reproduction of the other Clone Officer's helmet. The background of these stickers does not match the color of the parts on which they are placed, but the surfaces here are less exposed and more reduced and we quickly forget this defect.

The two helmets exhibited together form a nice combination of derivative products which should satisfy fans, but the bill will still be steep: you will have to pay 70 € per helmet, this is the new price set by LEGO for these models of a twenty centimeters high which offer only a very short assembly experience and which are only intended to end their career on a shelf. With a little patience, it will obviously be possible to get them for much less from the usual retailers, so it's up to everyone to see if the desire takes over the potential savings.

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