26/07/2011 - 07:48 Lego news
superheroes hint
Looking in detail competition rules organized by LEGO on the occasion of the official announcement of the range Super Heroes for 2012, we are discovering some interesting clues about the extent of this range that will be offered to us.

Indeed, the regulations detail the list of prizes which will be awarded to the winners of this competition and an estimated value of the prizes is indicated for each rank.

Grand Prize winner will receive $ 4000 in freebies including travel for 4 to Warner Bros Studios, admission to LEGOLAND Park in California and the full lineup LEGO Super Heroes: DC Universe Collection scheduled for 2012.

Where we learn a little more is by consulting the details of the prizes offered to the winners of the monthly editions of this competition: The first will be offered the full range LEGO Super Heroes: DC Universe Collection 2012 as well as an exclusive limited edition model for a total value of $ 400.

The second will also be offered the full range LEGO Super Heroes: DC Universe Collection 2012 for a total value of $ 250.

The third will be offered the set  LEGO Super Heroes: DC Universe Batcave, a LEGO Batman video game (arguably a new version based on the Nolan / Bale trilogy) and a T-shirt for an overall value of $ 50.

We therefore deduce that the set  DC Universe Batcave should have a commercial value of around $ 30 (Or € 30 with us by applying the "LEGO" exchange rate): It will therefore undoubtedly be a medium-sized set, and we can legitimately worry about its content and the interpretation that will be made of Batman's lair ....

Moreover, if the full range DC Universe is estimated at $ 250 (i.e. € 250 with us still applying the "LEGO" exchange rate), and that it should contain sets, but also goodies such as magnets, key rings and other gadgets, not expect more than half a dozen mid-size sets in 2012.

superheroes hint2
25/07/2011 - 09:47 Lego news
e73f lego star wars zipbin closedAFOLs finally have their accessories of "FashionVictims"with these LEGO Star Wars themed carrier bags.

Three officially licensed LEGO and Lucasfilm models are available for sale at prices ranging from $ 11.99 to $ 19.99 depending on the model chosen.

Made of solid and washable materials, these bags have the particularity of transforming in the blink of an eye into makeshift playsets with the choice of a "Battle Bridge", a "Tie Fighter Playset" or even a "Toy Box Playset".
In short, even if it is not necessarily the ideal means of transport for your MOCs, these three bags will make nice gifts to offer.

These three bags are available on ThinkGeek at this address.

25/07/2011 - 09:22 Lego news
7962 review fbtb
With each release of new products in the Star Wars range, the various sites devoted to this theme are swarming with more or less detailed reviews.

It is often difficult to get an objective idea due to a sometimes far too complacent bias towards the LEGO company and its production.

FBTB offers an original review of the set 7962 Anakin's and Sebulba's Podracers. Original because it allows you to compare in detail this new set, one of the best of this wave of June 2011 with the set 7171 Mos Espa Podrace released in 1999 and which has finally aged well even if the minifigs of the time are noticeably less detailed than those of the set 7962.

12 years later, LEGO revisits this set, removing the Gasgano podracer in the process, and offers a significant evolution of these podracers, using new parts and improving the design of the machines.

It is therefore urgent to go to this page: Review 7962 Anakin's and Sebulba's Podracers and enjoy this nice review (In English) embellished with many pictures of the two sets.

23/07/2011 - 21:26 Lego news
If we accept the idea that LEGO could use the vehicles and characters present in the special episode in future sets The Padawan Threat which has just been broadcast on Cartoon Network, it becomes urgent to look in detail at what this short film offers us, full of humor and interesting scenes.

So I have put below some interesting captures and I let you discover the new Jabba, the new Rancor, some spacecraft, and the new Georges Lucas ...

It can be noted that in the past, LEGO has hardly used the models designed by TT Games for the range of video games. However, the new Jabba or the new Rancor seem to prefigure a set whose rumor continues to swell: Jabba's Palace .....

23/07/2011 - 20:29 Lego news
Walmart in the US is already offering pre-order for $ 13 the Blu-ray and DVD edition of the special episode aired this July 22 on Cartoon Network.

I have not yet found this Blu-ray at Amazon, but I think it will be listed there soon for pre-order as well.
Walmart announces a September 16, 2011 shipping date.

As the packaging confirms, the supplied minifig will indeed be young Han Solo (Young Han Solo).

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