lego starwars magazine may 2023 obi wan kenobi minifigure

The May 2023 issue of the Official LEGO Star Wars Magazine is now available on newsstands for €6.99 and it allows us as expected to get an Obi-Wan Kenobi minifig. This figurine is neither new nor exclusive, it is delivered identically with its two faces, its hood and its additional hair in the LEGO Star Wars set 75333 Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter (282 pieces - 34.99 €) marketed since last year.

In the pages of this magazine, we discover the construction that will accompany the next publication announced for June 7, 2023: it is a Y-wing of 61 pieces different from the one already supplied with the same magazine in December 2017.

For those who are interested, I remind you that the instructions of the different mini-models delivered with this magazine are available in PDF format on the publisher's website. All you have to do is enter the code on the back of the bag to obtain the file.

Finally, be aware that it is always possible to subscribe for a period of six months or a year to the official LEGO Star Wars magazine via the platform. The 12-month subscription (13 issues) costs € 76.50.

lego starwars magazine june 2023 ywing

76252 lego dc batman shadow box 6

LEGO unveils the DC set today 76252 Batcave Shadow Box, a box of 3981 pieces freely inspired by the film Batman Returns (1992) and which will be available in VIP preview from June 5, 2023 before global availability announced for June 8. Public price of this derivative product: €399.99.

It should be noted that this exhibition Batcave with its interior visible through the logo cut into its front face measures 51 cm long by 29 cm high and 15 cm deep, that it allows you to obtain the minifigs of Batman, Bruce Wayne, Catwoman, Alfred Pennyworth, The Penguin and Max Shreck, that it provides a "classic" Batman outfit with its fabric cape and that it integrates a Batmobile as well as several light bricks and other dials to take advantage of the integrated functions.


76252 lego dc batman shadow box 1

76252 lego dc batman shadow box 7

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new lego harry potter sets 2023

LEGO has finally updated its official online store by adding the five new references expected from June 1st within the LEGO Harry Potter range. Almost everything has already been said about these different derivative products since their first appearances in the catalog of different brands, you now have to determine whether they must imperatively join your collection from June 1st or whether you should wait until Amazon offers them at more attractive prices.


76423 lego hogwarts express hogsmeade station 6 1

lego cooler bag vip reward 2023

LEGO has more ideas: after the reversible bob at €19 (2850 points) and the Frisbee at €13 (2000 points), the manufacturer is now completing the panoply of the fan on vacation with a soft cooler to take everywhere . Attention, the object appears larger on the visual than it really is, it measures 25 cm long by 17 cm wide and 17 cm high. It's more of a soft lunch box actually.

It will cost you 3500 points or approximately €23 in counter value to obtain the unique promotional code to be used on a future order. A case. The code obtained is valid for 60 days from the date of issue. Only one code for a physical promotional product usable per order. Don't push, we tell you.


12/05/2023 - 15:39 Lego news Lego books New LEGO 2023

lego fantastic tales of dragons book 2023

It is definitely the year of the dragon at LEGO with a book to be published, entitled LEGO Fantastic Tales of Dragons, which will allow you to discover the story of some mythical dragons over the course of 96 pages next November:

Discover legendary dragon tales from around the world and build your own LEGO® dragon!

When a curious young dragon questions his confidence, he is taken on a journey of discovery to learn all about his dragon ancestors who changed the world.

Use the included LEGO bricks to build your very own dragon, before reading the tales of Yinglong from China, the Wawel Dragon from Poland, Quetzalcoatl from Central America and Aido-Hwedo from West Africa.

Do not be influenced by the cover above: a bag of 85 pieces will be supplied with this book published by Buster Books but it will allow you to assemble only the colored mini-dragon visible at the very top of the visual and not the four others dragons presented below.

Pre-orders are open at Amazon:

LEGO® Fantastic Tales of Dragons (with over 80 LEGO bricks)

LEGO® Fantastic Tales of Dragons (with over 80 LEGO bricks)

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