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On the way to an interview that should interest all those who have recently discovered Briquefan video show presented by Antoine.

In a few videos, the Briquefan YouTube channel has become a must for fans of the LEGO Star Wars range, at least for those like me who never refuse a slice of "thematic fun".

It is original, very well done and promising. That's why I wanted to know a little more about the one who refreshes our memory with humor in his videos and you will find his answers to my questions below. Good reading.

The latest episode is at the end of the interview.

Hoth Bricks: Hello Antoine, can you introduce yourself, and tell us about your relationship with LEGOs? are you a collector, an MOCeur, or something else for that matter?

Antoine: Hello Will! So ... My name is Antoine ... I am 20 years old and I have lived in Limoges for quite a few years ... I am a student in audiovisual BTS Editing (last year) in Bordeaux where I spend 70% of my time.

LEGOs and I are a family affair, my brothers and sisters already had a bunch of them and I played with them when I was little. There were already a lot of Star Wars sets, my family being a fan of the saga, but my brother has some very nice pieces in medieval LEGO, space and Egypt ...

I'm more of a "collector", but I only choose the sets that I really like ... The trouble is that every year, I watch for new things and each time I tell myself "Mwaaaah! I want to buy everything!"and it is never possible ^^. I am not too MOCeur, I made some creations a few years ago but it does not come close to the works that we can find in our community .. . In addition, I have very bad aesthetic tastes ^^. I'm not a Brickfilmeur either, I do little animations from time to time for Briquefan, but again it's really low compared to what some people manage to do !

HB: How did the idea to launch the Briquefan channel come about? 

AT : Well, I have been making videos, small sketches, short films for a very long time ... I hope to one day be able to make films (A long road still awaits me). So I wanted to show my work to as many people as possible in order to get feedback and make myself known. At the same time, I discovered the videographers of the French web (the Frenchnerd clan, Joueur du Grenier, What the Cut ...) and I told myself that it was by this way that I could try something ... I thought then to some sort of podcast that I could present. I chose LEGO Star Wars because it is a subject that I know well ^^ and that I knew that there was a large LEGO community on the French net and that nothing of this type had been done. .. So I shot two or three episodes last summer and launched the channel in October! Here !


HB: What technical means are used to produce the episodes? How long, including editing, to produce an episode?

AT : I spread the production of the episodes over several weeks, but I think that condensing it all should take six good days: I usually write the text in an afternoon, I have to do some research to verify that I do not say no nonsense (which often happens). The installation of the board takes a little time (I put my bed upright, I move lots of furniture, I play Tetris with the LEGO boxes ...), then I turn all the parts on the table in one day. decor, I learn the text by heart paragraph by paragraph ...

I shoot with a canon 600D in 720p50, when I have the opportunity I record the sound with a Zoom H2n that is lent to me and I light the scenery using a mandarin projector. Then I have to film all the LEGO shots, the rotating minifigures, the stop-motion animations ... After that, all the sketches, which require having friends on hand to make the actors ... and finally , it's editing ... I edited the first episodes with Adobe Premiere and now I use MediaComposer ... We also have to do some small effects on AfterEffects, prepare the images in Photoshop, find the sound effects, the extracts ... And also allow some time for uploading to Youtube and Dailymotion and sharing on social networks ...

HB: Humor is omnipresent in the episodes, but it coats a significant amount of information about the products presented. How much time spent on research and documentation?

AT : It takes a little time, it's true! I was intensely documenting Star Wars even before doing Briquefan so I generally master the subject, apart from the Extended Universe where I have serious shortcomings ^^ I mostly spend time learning about LEGOs that I don't have not ... I sometimes consult online manuals to look for jokes to make on models that I have never had in my hands ... I also have the illustrated encyclopedia which casually seems to me is used a lot, especially with its timeline ... It sometimes happens that I find the information that I miss when I have finished shooting, for example Leia's eskimo of which I found the photo during the shooting of the episode ^^.


HB: Reviews of the episodes already produced are very positive and the number of subscribers to the YouTube channel is constantly increasing. What are your plans for this first French channel of programs entirely devoted to LEGO?

A: Well I don't really know where I will be next year or what I will do so the future is still a bit hazy. My priority is to find a way to make Brickfans on themes other than Star Wars that I often ask for ... on Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings, Marvel and DC ... And there what is blocking I miss the LEGOs ... Notice to those who live near me ^^

I would like to do a BriquefanTV column that would publish reports on LEGO or Star Wars conventions and events ... (Fanabriques, Japan Expo ...), small episodes on the new sets of each season, and also a program on older sets lying around in my cellar (old medieval LEGO, LEGO space ...). So the channel will develop this way when I have a lot of time and money to devote to it, which is not the case today ^^.

HB: On a more personal level, what is your opinion on the evolution of the LEGO Star Wars range, the many remakes of sets, the arrival in 2015 of Star Wars VII and its impact on the LEGO license?

I'm not going to play the ultra-nostalgic, I find that LEGO Star Wars has never stopped improving since its creation and that the sets are more and more worked and interesting. We have never had such classy and varied miniatures as today, more and more faithful sets and such successful ships! The criticisms that we can make them are their appearance a little too realistic, in particular on the miniatures ... we lose a little the naive aspect of LEGO ... and the playability which is sometimes reduced: Many sets have less hiding places, gadgets or accessories than old ships. And the prices of the boxes which are still exorbitant, even for quality products!

For the remakes, I find the principle correct because as the lifespan of a LEGO in the store is generally one or two years, some generations may never see a ship on sale. With the remakes, someone who misses the AT-AT of 2010 will find it in 2014 ... And in general, the remakes are always better than the old versions ... After it is true that there is some abuse: The swarm of Jedi hunters, the Snowspeeders who come back every year ... But in general, when it is legitimate, I appreciate a remake as much as a novelty (2014 will be almost exclusively made up of remakes and yet it will m 'interests greatly [and I have already fallen for some models ... the Cantinaaaa! ...])

And for Star Wars VII ... Well, it goes or it breaks ... I'm a little afraid to see a sequel that reopens a saga that ended a long time ago and when we see the blockbusters that are currently out we can expect the worst ... But secretly I tell myself that it is possible that it will work ... Disney has accustomed us to both the best and the worst ... Lucas will not be in charge but, after all, the best films of the saga like Return of the Jedi or Empire Strikes Back were not directed by him ... Either this film will be a masterpiece that will revive the American BlockBuster system, or it will be a vile massacre that will cause its collapse closer and closer ... In any case I would have preferred that they refrained from making this film ...

In any case for LEGO, no need to worry, our favorite toy seller is a potential opportunist who will be able to do well and the sets will be just as successful as the The Clone Wars sets. .. The only risk is to spoil the film with photos of future sets ^^.

19/06/2013 - 15:14 Interviews

Brick 66 Semper Judging

On to the second part of the interview with the members of Brick 66 Semper Jugant (The association's website). Still without tongue in cheek and with large pieces of good humor in it ...

Hoth Bricks: Does LEGO support you in your animation projects or your participation in various exhibitions?

GDPR : Absolutely not and that said, I do not particularly seek it either.
After that, if they have one or two containers of parts, I'm a taker anyway, eh? 😉
From the creation of the association, in April 2012 and always with a view to local dynamics, we contacted all the toy brands to present them our ideas for entertainment and we really took a big hit. Toys'r'us opened a store at the beginning of May in Perpignan and contacted us to offer us a partnership, we tried the animations there and the public followed.

6kyubi6 : As RODO says, we have no support from LEGO. Afterwards, should we ask them to do it? If we were among the bisounours, they would have probably already contacted us but in reality, I think LEGO doesn't give a damn about a small association like ours. Why ? Well, because they don't even know that we exist, that we are not the goose that lays the golden eggs and have no interest in supporting us.

Hoth Bricks: Do you plan to create other Brick 66 branches elsewhere in France? If so, why, if not why not?

GDPR : So that's a killer question !! I admit I never even thought about it… If other AFOLs set up an association, they can do it if they want, as long as they want to and have fun, that's the main thing. I'm not looking to develop a franchise or a Brick 66 brand. I don't even care.
Afterwards, I always enjoy working with other associations, from the moment the current passes.
I am more in a dynamic of frank camaraderie, fun, no fuss… Real hippies what (but I wash myself anyway) !!
Otherwise, I had rather thought of creating intergalactic antennas (and tac) ...

6kyubi6 : The conquest of territories is not our style.
I prefer to see AFOLS create associations like ours and have fun as we do rather than think of monopolizing or reigning on French territory.

Allyn : Travel around France and take part in exhibitions everywhere: yes. Conquer France, no ...

fujia : Why make antennas? What would that be for? What would it bring to the community? I may be naive but I do not understand the question.

Brick 66 Semper Judging

Hoth Bricks: How do I become a member of Brick 66? Are there any special conditions to be met? Who to contact? How much does it cost ?

GDPR : Houla, I select our future members with a lot of rigor: you have to be able to type a 50-meter sprint, barefoot on a 2X2 brick carpet ...
More seriously, we welcome all AFOLs and KFOLs, MOCeurs, MODeurs, collectors, City, Star Wars, Technic, everything except Friends what… 😉 from the moment you want to, that we get along well , it works for us.
For the moment, we are mainly trying to develop a hard core of members (adults) on whom we can count to be present in events, exhibitions etc ...
You do not have to live in the department 66 (we have members in the 30 and 34) even if proximity is important to build relationships.
Otherwise, you must be at least 13 years old if the parents are not members of Brick 66.
The contribution is set at 5 euros per year (to reimburse us for the domain name for example).
For the contact, brick66 [@] orange.fr (RODO)

6kyubi6 : Especially avoid contacting me because I would be too the type to skip completely so it is better to contact RODO the boss 😉 And there is another important condition to be fulfilled: It is imperative to know my favorite beer and especially to have plenty of it at home! !! Nah as RODO says from the moment you are "chill out", there is no problem.

Hoth Bricks: What are your current projects? exhibitions, events planned soon?

GDPR : I would like to organize a nice fair regularly but not necessarily 100% LEGO. I really enjoyed participating in the Argeles sur Mer model making fair and the Amélie les Bains ASFA convention. So we tested the mix of LEGO, retrogaming, science fiction, steampunk, model making and we like it.
My personal trip: Make a Brick 66 salon in the south with all the Brickpirate friends.
The next official meetings planned:
Fanabriques 2013: Some as exhibitors, others as visitors.
August 2013: we are going to have a mega meeting around a barbecue to work on the 2014 schedule.
September 2013: we will celebrate the start of the school year at toys'r'us in Perpignan.
October 2013: an activity for the family day in Toulouges.
November 2013: The 5th model fair in Argeles sur mer.
December 2013: The Telethon in Banyuls.

And for the current projects, MOC level, there is, among others, a fun and collective project around the theme "MIAMI BEACH / SPRING BREAK" with Pascal aka Lacsap, our CITYDUDE.

Brick 66 Semper Judging

Hoth Bricks: You are both MOCeurs, very active forumers, presenters on the ground ... What limits do you set on your passion for LEGO?

GDPR : So me, I'm not a MOCeur (I'm too lazy to look for techniques), if I had to fit into a box, I would rather be a MODER. The only limit I see in this passion is not to get into too much trouble financially because it must be recognized that it is a hobby that is quite expensive (namedidiou, finally, I would be a little responsible and mature ???) and to take small breaks that allow you to do something else ... We see each other almost every weekend for a meal.

6kyubi6 : Me, I always want to keep free time to do other things, it's essential! LEGO already takes up a good deal of our time so I don't want to obsess over it either. Financially, it is true that I often let myself go (especially BL orders, and yes I am MOCeur; p) and I have fun.
On the other hand, to release phenomenal sums for a minifigure or a set, it is out of the question because certain prices charged are for me an absurdity without name.

Hoth Bricks: Any advice for someone who wants to start their LEGO Fan Association from scratch?

GDPR : If you feel the need, if you want to, do not hesitate.
That said, there are a minimum of rules to follow to create an association so everything is not just done.
A minimum of organization, have projects, do not hesitate to knock on different doors.
Internet allows you to find all the necessary information.
There are times when the simple status of association opens doors. A concrete example:
I had wanted to participate in the 2011 telethon in Banyuls sur mer, but only official structures were accepted.
We started the association and we were welcomed with open arms for a workshop for the 2012 telethon.

6kyubi6 : Choose carefully the people with whom you want to form this association and never forget that the LEGO is plastoc, nothing more, so encourage human interactions more than anything.

18/06/2013 - 14:49 Interviews

Brick 66 Semper Judging

We resume the cycle of interviews with LEGO fans grouped within the Brick 66 Semper Jugant association (See their website), anxious above all to share their passion in a good mood and conviviality.
I asked them a few questions, they answered in all honesty and I publish the result to you here without censorship or tongue in cheek. If you still hesitate to get involved in the associative field or to create your own association of LEGO fans, this should make you want to take the plunge ...

Hoth Bricks: Brick 66 Semper Judging, who is it, what is it, what does it mean? Who are these people ?

Brick 66 Semper Judging, it became a bunch of friends around the brick.
It's not just Kyubi66 the 4th best bag feeler in CMF or RODO, there's also Allyn the treasurer of an account that doesn't yet exist, Fujiia the magical hooded ninja, Candia the evil keeper, Pascal the cityguy crazy about modular custom, Laurent the technicboy called the garage sale sniffer, Etienne the baby technicboy, Minisnake the crazy collector, Capt'nSpaulding the retired but we hope to return, Landry the illiterate secretary and The Heir ...
The meaning of Brick 66 Semper Judging is very simple: Brick for the LEGO brick (who would have believed it) 66 for the department (what originality) Semper Judging is Catalan and means "always playing".
So we were looking for a name that would represent what we are: people playing LEGO in our beautiful south.
Brick66 is above all a pretext to get together, share and have a good time around the brick or not, for that matter. Otherwise it is an association where everyone has their place whether you are MOCeur, MODER, collector, fan of CITY, STAR WARS or TECHNIC.
At an exhibition, we like to offer all the facets of LEGO and that way, everyone finds their account.
When we see each other, we discuss the possibilities as an association, its evolution, partnerships, future projects but it is above all a good laugh, always and constantly, because we do not want to take ourselves too seriously. serious.
LEGOs are above all a hobby and must remain so.

GDPR : So me, it's RODO, 39 years old, almost all my teeth and I am the tyrannical president of Brick 66. Already as a kid, I wanted to be Napoleon but as I am neither Corsican, nor small and that it had already been actually, I preferred to do LEGO.

6kyubi6: Me it's kyubi, 33 years old, and yes as my nickname indicates in Japanese, I might have 9 tails, no, it's just an allusion to my favorite manga "Naruto". Active member, I am above all a MOCeur and I started LEGO barely a year and a half ago.

fujia : Laure, alias Fujiia, 31, wife of Kyubi, part-time AFOL and laughing stock of the group (with the Heir too!), Hence the ninja hood to hide me in times of dubious humor ...

Allyn : Allyn, 36 years old woman of RODO and mother of the Heir. The reason for my presence in the association? First of all to support my man and then the LEGO is like the mountain it wins you !!! (Uh, I'm going out) I'm rather a collector but my participation is essentially "useful" during events and shows ... I admit that I like this aspect a lot !!!

Brick 66 Semper Judging

Hoth Bricks: How do you come to create a LEGO fan association or become a member when you're a mature and responsible adult?

GDPR : mature and responsible adult ?? Ah, missed then… Mature surely by the canonical age of my arteries, for the rest, I hope to play LEGO as long as possible.
There is no incompatibility between playing LEGO and being an adult.
For my part, being a member of Brickpirate for some time, I wanted to go a little beyond these "virtual" relationships and wanted to move a little south on our hobby.
I started by testing the waters with restaurants to see if others also wanted to group around the LEGO.
I had looked at what was being done elsewhere but I did not necessarily recognize myself in the existing structures, neither in the spirit, nor in the apparent atmosphere.
And since we are never better served than by ourselves, it was on.

6kyubi6 : Mature maybe, responsible "I don't know!". Nah, but precisely, I think you have to be mature enough (and I'm not talking about age) to create any association whatsoever. I became a member immediately after the creation by RODO, we had discussed it and his approach immediately spoke to me, besides coming from a guy like him I knew that good humor would be omnipresent so I said yes without hesitation.
For me, being mature and responsible is not about going to work, paying the bills, thinking about a retirement that I will never have, giving up all kinds of hobbies because it's too expensive. , for lack of time or because I'm not old enough, basically, not to follow the masses blindly.
For me, it's more about enjoying every moment of life and doing what you want to do as much as possible.

fujia : Very good question. As for creating an association, I think you have to be crazy! To become a member, it may be the same. Personally, I have long resisted the call of brick. Seen from the outside, the AFOL community can be scary: between the jargon, the labels (collector, MOCeur, blogger ...) and the philosophico-existential discussions on the parent company, The LEGO Company, on what the Danish brick represents … But by dint of assembling sets with my companion Kyubi, advising him in his creations, helping him to dismantle both sets and MOCs, and put away the parts, the virus ended up taking hold. As I witnessed live and live the creation of Brick66 Semper Judging, it was an opportunity to accept and affirm that I had become a fan of LEGO.

Brick 66 Semper Judging

Hoth Bricks: Brick 66 is a young structure but clearly already very active. What is your secret to organizing all these events and providing so many activities?

GDPR : We have fun together, we are always laughing even when we are tired of having done 14 hours of LEGO during the day. Seeing the kids at our animations and the parents smiling while watching their offspring having fun, their eyes sparkling in front of the models on display, it's priceless (it has no price, Editor's note).
When you have a little kid, who has come to a trade show, who says to you: "I made 100 km to come and see you because I often look at your site and I wanted to see your LEGOs in real life", that motivates and encourages you to contiue.

6kyubi6 : RODO is absolutely right, the secret is that we get along very, very well.
We are on the same wavelength: “fun above all”; that's what makes us very active. Of course, there are also visitors, children, parents and even grandparents who give us compliments on our stand and there, it is heartwarming to see that our approach to LEGO is appreciated.

fujia : I believe that the association is lucky to have at its head a motivated person, who knows what he wants but who also knows how to listen to others. It is sometimes difficult to keep pace, but it is a pleasure to accompany and support all these ambitions as best we can. Each member has something to give to the association and has its specificities. As long as there is dialogue (and beer), there will be events and entertainment.

Allyn : The recipe from my point of view: A little goodwill, a hint of stubbornness, a pinch of resourcefulness and mix it all up with a LOT of good humor and humor and you get Brick 66. On occasion, it must love Lego: p

To be continued...

17/08/2012 - 20:41 Interviews

I have been talking to you about him for months (even years ...) and I regularly present his creations to you on this blog. Opinions are often very divided about its MOCs and I wantedOmar Ovalle can present himself and express in a few words his philosophy, his conception of the LEGO MOC.

He kindly agreed to take part in the interview game and you will find the answers to many questions below that will help you better understand his choices and directions in the LEGO field.

Bomb Squad Troopers - Omar Ovalle

Hoth Bricks:  Can you introduce yourself in a few words? How did you get into the world of LEGO?

Omar Ovalle: I am an AFOL (Adult Fan Of LEGO), and I have lived in New York since 1995. After a professional career as a designer / creative director spanning over twenty years, I decided to reinvent many sets from the LEGO Star Wars range with my own vision. this reinterpretation includes the design of the packaging of the set, which should be seen as an extension to present my MOCs in a realistic way, as if it were a LEGO product.

I caught the "Lego virus"(LEGO Bug in French), as my wife describes, in late 2010 and by accident: My wife had brought home some LEGOs for our son, and I took a closer look at those bricks.

My first experience with LEGOs was inconclusive. After a few weeks, I was literally annoyed by these little plastic parts. They were all over the house, and I remember the pain I felt when I stepped on some of them on my way to my bathroom in the middle of the night.

I had just discovered a new medium for artistic creation that was very different from those I had used until now, whether in traditional art (sculpture, illustrations, origami) or digital art (photography, 3D animation, works for various brands). I still have so much to learn on the LEGO planet, but the most difficult part is to manage to give visibility to my work to make it accessible to everyone.

Hoth Bricks: Your designs are unusual. Your MOCs in the form of alternate LEGO sets have caused a lot of reactions. In fact, your MOCs always generate a lot of discussion and I have the impression that a lot of people haven't necessarily understood the purpose of this series of MOCs. Can you tell us more about the philosophy behind your achievements?

Omar Ovalle: It's actually very simple: I can choose to stay within the strict limits of official products or on the contrary take more pleasure in expanding the LEGO Star Wars universe in a very personal way. For me, the second option is obviously more attractive, more fun, and the challenge is greater, with almost unlimited possibilities. I like to offer MOCs on subjects relating to the Star Wars universe which are not necessarily the best known (commercially speaking) or even non-existent to this day. I also appreciate reconsidering the existing sets by offering alternative versions.

As an artist, I obviously seek to constantly attract the attention of LEGO fans, and why not, the attention of the LEGO company which would allow me to be able to express my passion for the LEGO brick at an even level. superior.

Reek - Omar Ovalle

Hoth Bricks: What is your main source of inspiration, considering that your work is indeed inspired by existing illustrations or photos?

Omar Ovalle: My main inspiration comes from fans of LEGO and their work, but I also do a lot of research on the internet. A new MOC can be inspired by films (science fiction, anime / manga, animation), books, toys from the Star Wars universe or more simply by an everyday object.

Hoth Bricks: How do you go about your MOCs? Do you go through a phase of sketching or digital creation before returning to plastic bricks?

Omar Ovalle: I haven't sketched for a long time (after doing it for many years) and I don't use LDD (Lego digital designer) or other software. When an idea arises, I write it down. I then look for images or photos that can serve as a reference. I have learned not to waste hours around an MOC which gives me particular problems (which happens most of the time). Often, I work on several MOCs at the same time, with many pause phases. I put the MOC which poses a problem to me in parenthesis while I find answers, solutions, or in some cases, the bricks I lack to complete it.

Hoth Bricks: Are you a big fan of Star Wars, which would explain the choice of this universe for your creations?

Omar Ovalle: I am indeed a fan of Star Wars, but curiously only since the end of 2010 when I started to produce my MOCs on this theme. Before that, I didn't really pay attention to the original saga, The Clone Wars animated series or video games like I do today. I explored other themes and other styles like the Steampunk universe, or the field of motor vehicles with cars, planes and motorcycles. Even so, the Star Wars theme remains my favorite to this day.

Aurra Sing Speeder Bike - Omar Ovalle

Hoth Bricks: You have proposed many creations on the so-called "System" scale as well as many speeders for "Action figures". Do you plan to offer something bigger or bigger (or smaller ...) in the future?

Omar Ovalle: I am thinking of turning to the "micro" scale, which allows us to offer the best of Star Wars with the minimum of bricks. I could also turn to sculptures, which I would really like, but for now I'm going to focus on the "System" scale for the sets I offer (Star Wars Custom LEGO Set 1, 2 September, 3 September), on my series on Droids (Star Wars Droids), my other series on creatures from the Star Wars universe (Star Wars LEGO Creatures) and on the very renegade Speeders series (Star Wars Speeders Bikes) featuring Action Figures (Which I also take great pleasure in developing).

Hoth Bricks: You submitted some of your MOCs to Cuusoo before removing them permanently after a few weeks. Can you explain why? And more generally, what is your opinion on the Cuusoo project?

Omar Ovalle: I have written several times to the team in charge of LEGO Cuusoo to ask them why nothing was done to ensure a certain level of quality regarding the submissions made on the site. After some time, the frustration helping, I left this project as did other MOCeurs, because of the large number of poor quality submissions.

Recently, LEGO Cuusoo removed my last MOC citing rules that prohibit the use of the LEGO logo in submissions. I decided to let it go and my MOC Darth Maul Speeder Bike was retired. I lost all interest in this project. I think the original idea is interesting, but I only follow it from a long way off now and it seems to me that order has returned a priori and that the chaos that I experienced when the project was launched does not reign. more.

Hoth Bricks: What are your plans for the future? What can we expect from you?

Omar Ovalle: The LEGO universe is constantly changing. My intention is simply to continue to create and transform in order to inspire others and show them that life is a source of endless possibilities.
Have fun !

01/05/2012 - 08:45 Interviews

LEGO Star Wars Customs Minifigs by Brickplace

You who follow this blog, you know that custom minifigs interest me. Unfortunately, I don't really have the patience or the technical knowledge to produce them myself, so I often turn to real artists capable of delivering these unseen minifigs. Because they are artists, and Benjamin alias brickplace is one of those magicians who create many characters from the Star Wars universe ... Do not hesitate to visit his flickr gallery. You will also find his creations on his eBay store.

If the topic interests you, here are some answers to questions I absolutely wanted to ask him:

Hoth Bricks: You are unanimously recognized by the community for the quality of your customs. When did you want to create your own custom minifigs and what was your motivation?

Brickplace: My first customs creations go back about 4 - 5 years. Back then, like many Lego Star Wars enthusiasts, I became addicted to the LEGO minifig - I missed them all, even the ones that didn't exist.
It was therefore for me the beginning of a long epic, because making a good quality custom figurine, which finds its place in my collection, took me a few years of practice, research and tests of all kinds. Also, the problem (which isn't really one) is that the Star Wars Universe is very large, not to mention the Extended Universes - an astronomical number of characters compose it.

LEGO Star Wars Customs Minifigs by Brickplace

HB: The subject of customs divides the community: Some consider these creations as blasphemy while others appreciate seeing certain characters finally created or revisited in minifig version. So, original creation or betrayal of the LEGO concept?

Brickplace: Anything popular and targeting a large number of enthusiasts and collectors will always have detractors for this type of subject and fortunately.
I don't think I will “betray” the LEGO concept, in my opinion the custom minifigs have the interest of filling and adding to a collection. In addition, my creations are made with 100% LEGO parts and that for half of my customs. The other half of them are 90% made with LEGO parts, only helmets do not come from LEGO sets.
I believe that I remain faithful to the very concept of the LEGO minifigure. However, I wouldn't go so far as to say that these are original creations, as my designs take inspiration from existing characters in the world of Star Wars and translate them into custom minifigs.

HB: The Clone Wars has brought a significant amount of new characters into the Star Wars universe. LEGO will obviously not produce all of them. Do customs play an important role in filling this gap with fans?

Brickplace: This is the very essence of my motivation! Create my figs, fill my collection; moreover, the community of fans on the internet that I discovered and that I continue to discover has been a great source of inspiration.
After sharing photos of some of my creations, many enthusiasts asked me questions, asked if I was planning to make this or that figurine and sent links with photos of characters that would be nice to reproduce.
It motivates all the more when the fans congratulate you on your creations, to the point of wondering if it's possible to make them one - that's exactly what made me want to create one for them. other.

LEGO Star Wars Customs Minifigs by Brickplace

HB: Do you use the decal technique for your customs, some advice to give to all those who would like to try this demanding and sometimes complicated technique to implement for their minifigs? Many people wonder which medium to use for decals: What type of paper, what printing technique, etc. In your experience, what is the best technical compromise?

Brickplace: Let's take things in order, creating a custom involves several important steps:

- First of all, you need a quality design and I insist on this point. Perfect mastery of the decal application is one thing, however the quality of a custom minifigure is a package - a very high definition design is essential.

I do all my designs in Photoshop, difficult to give advice on this point. If you're starting from scratch like I did, you have to spend many hours making and redoing Photoshop tutorials in order to get a design worthy of the name.

No Paint or you will have a pixelated design and few technical tools to do what you want! No screenshot either, because there is no high definition design image on the net, so the result would be poor.
Honestly, it took me almost 2 years to get a real quality result - my first designs had a pitiful design.

My advice if you don't want to spend endless nights doing a multiplier gradient on a layer that looks good with the color you want… Yes Photoshop language! Shop for quality designs, printed directly on decal paper.

- For those who would like to realize their design, the decal paper is another important point. There are different weights of decal paper: The lighter it is, the more the result will give the effect of printing on part and not of a decal. This is what I liked about the decal method, when it is of high quality, the result obtained gives the effect of a printed piece, although placed by hand. But be careful, take ordinary decal paper to start, because the thinner it is, the more easily it is destroyed during installation and this can quickly "drive you crazy"!

LEGO Star Wars Customs Minifigs by Brickplace

In addition, there is paper for laser printer and inkjet, I strongly advise against inkjet printing, question of quality. Besides, do not print at home if you do not have a printer that provides excellent definition - go to a printer, the difference in quality will be obvious.

Finally and this is an important point, there are also several types of paper concerning the humidification time: the film of the decal can be removed between 5 seconds and 1 minute, depending on the papers. The fastest will always be of better quality but will always be much more difficult to install. I no longer count the decals that I destroyed… by the thousands! Use transparent decal paper for light pieces and white paper for dark pieces.

- For the installation of the decal, patience and thoroughness must be your two main qualities, I insist!
You have to try and try again, there is no point in pressing too much because you will automatically destroy your decal; always pass lightly on the angles using a fine brush, with semi-rigid bristles, to make the film adhere. Never leave any air bubbles or creases, hideous result guaranteed.

The most difficult thing is to put a tiny decal on a rounded part: the film of the decal is flexible, which is both a problem and an advantage; because the impression can very quickly glaze on a rounded, however its flexibility allows it to marry all the forms.

Hope this will help Hoth Bricks readers with their creations.

HB: What are your next projects? Any info for Hoth Bricks readers?

Brickplace: I have a lot of projects in progress for custom figurines: Old Republic, Gree episode 3, Jango etc ... Then others which are already finished, which I will present in the days to come: 5 Commandos, Wolff ep3, Fil ... I also do a lot of MOCs, I am in finishing one that I will soon present - a Giant Chess Star Wars on Hoth, the first in a long series! (smile)