lego avatr sets coming 2022 confirmed

It is during an interview concerning the products derived from the Avatar franchise that we finally obtain confirmation of information that has been feeding the usual channels for several months already: there will indeed be a range of LEGO derivative products based on the first two films of the Avatar franchise in 2022 .

Difficult to know more at this stage, the interview lists all the partnerships planned around the second part of the saga and, concerning LEGO, it is necessary to be satisfied with the declaration below which announces a series of sets based on the first film released in theaters in 2009 and on the new opus expected for December 14, 2022:

...The LEGO Group will also have a full suite of building sets to recreate and display major movie moments across both the first "Avatar" film and "Avatar 2." ...

From the side rumors currently circulating, we obtain four references with number of pieces and public prices, without having the assurance that these boxes which would be planned for the month of October 2022 are indeed the derivative products of the franchise announced in this interview.

  • LEGO 75571 (560 pieces - Retail price: €39.99)
  • LEGO 75572 (572 pieces - Retail price: €54.99)
  • LEGO 75573 (887 pieces - Retail price: €89.99)
  • LEGO 75574 (1212 pieces - Retail price: €139.99)
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