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71037 lego collectible minifigures series 24 2023

LEGO today unveils the 12 characters of the 24th series of minifigs to collect in bags which will be available from January 1, 2023 under the reference 71037 Collectible Minifigures Series 24. As often, the different characters and their respective accessories are rather original and successful, it remains to assess whether these figurines sold individually really deserve to spend 3.99 € on them.

The list of "official" titles of the 12 different characters:

  • T-Rex Fan Costume
  • Rococo Aristocrat
  • robot warrior
  • Potter
  • Newspaper Kid
  • Orc
  • Soccer Referee
  • falconer
  • conservationist
  • Carrot Mascot
  • Brown Astronaut and Spacebaby
  • Rockin' Horse Rider

Difficult to know at this stage if a box of 36 sachets will make it possible to obtain 3 complete series of 12 characters, just to limit the costs by paying this box a little less and to share the contents with two other collectors, but we will be quickly fixed.

No rigid cardboard packaging for this series, the transition to new packaging which will no longer allow the "feeling" of the bag before purchase is only planned for September 2023 at best.

71037 lego collectible minifigures series 24 2023 bag

71037 lego collectible minifigures series 24 2023 box

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