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LEGO has also put four boxes online which will be available from January 1, 2023 with something to fill out your plastic bouquets with a few daffodils, something to display a souvenir from Australia if you have been there one day, something decorate your front door for Valentine's Day and keep the kids busy with a mini piñata to demolish on the occasion of a birthday.

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lego icons 10307 eiffel tower available shop 2022

If the LEGO ICONS set 10307 Eiffel Tower is at the top of your shopping list since its announcement, it's time to crack and spend the 629.99 € requested by LEGO for this big box of 10.001 pieces.

The set is indeed now available for sale on the official online store and LEGO is offering a copy of the small promotional set for the occasion. 40579 Eiffel’s Apartment with his minifig of Gustave "Kenobi" Eiffel. This offer is only valid until November 28, 2022 and while stocks last.

It would be a shame to miss this opportunity to associate these two products on your shelves and to take advantage of the all promotional offers of the weekend. Two copies maximum, do not push.


lego icons 10307 eiffel tower meet designer

For those who are interested, know that you can meet the designer of the LEGO ICONS set 10307 Eiffel Tower (629.99 €) on the occasion of two events organized on November 25 and 26.

Rok Žgalin Kobe will indeed be present at the LEGO Store des Halles in Paris as well as at the Certified LEGO Store in Strasbourg on the dates and times indicated above to sign your copy and exchange a few words.

The product would undoubtedly have deserved better than a simple signing session in two of the brand's stores for its launch in France, I was expecting an event of a more significant scale for the occasion or at least a real tour of the shops for all regions to benefit. But it's still better than nothing if you like to meet those who imagine and design LEGO products.

Two copies of the product maximum per person, do not push there will be stock. Plan something to lug the big box to the parking lot afterwards, it's very heavy.

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Today we are quickly interested in the content of the LEGO ICONS set 10307 Eiffel Tower, a large box of 10.001 pieces which will be available at the retail price of €629.99 from November 25th. Everyone will have an opinion on this voluminous interpretation of the Parisian monument, and as usual I want above all to emphasize here a few points which seem important to me in order to help those who hesitate to make an informed decision.

Like many of you, I was first frankly impressed by the first visuals of this imposing model which we cannot a priori blame for much. At first sight, the object seems very faithful to the reference monument and the announced measurements have something to impress, this last point eclipsing almost all the rest of the marketing arguments in favor of the product. With a footprint of 57 x 57 cm and a height of 1 m, this Eiffel Tower is indeed an exceptional object which therefore promises to guarantee long hours of assembly and an attractive exhibition potential.

I was lucky enough to be able to assemble this big model and I had promised myself, as often, to take my time to discover and savor all the subtleties of the set. However, it seemed obvious to me from the start that the assembly was going to reserve some somewhat boring and repetitive sequences and I therefore took the precaution of dividing the "experience" into many sessions that were too short to begin to feel tired.

The product inventory may seem substantial with the presence announced on the packaging of 10.001 elements including the essential brick separator, but it is in fact made up of only 277 different parts including more than 400 flowers, 666 plates 1x6, 324 bars (1x3 / 1x4) or even 660 Bar 1L with Handle. Those who love road plates will be served with twenty copies which are installed under the tower.

The inventory is also inflated by the presence of many small items whose presence may at first glance seem superfluous. But the rigidity of the tower is ensured by the use of many short elements which could easily have been replaced by longer versions, but at the cost of a visible deflection of certain substructures. It's not me who says it, it's the designer of the set. No new parts in this box, just new colors for elements already present in the manufacturer's catalog.

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A logistical detail: The sachets are all unique, there are no two sachets bearing the same number in this box and this is good news for those who are not used to the presence of several sachets bearing the same number in open for a single assembly phase. There are 74 plastic bags distributed in the three cardboard sub-packages, not counting those that remain neutral and contain additional elements such as carousel rails, flexible rods or various and varied plates. The assembly process is therefore simplified by this more rational numbering, that's always taken.

On closer inspection, we quickly realize that this plastic Eiffel Tower is in fact an "idealized" version of the monument which would draw from different eras depending on the area concerned, eliminating certain details, adding others and forcing on arrival on the idea that the tower flanked by a large French flag at the top is in fact installed in the middle of an orchard filled with benches and Parisian lampposts.

We could conclude that we are therefore moving away from the pure exhibition model to get a little closer to the product for the distracted tourist who would like to bring back a nice souvenir of his Parisian holidays, forgetting in passing the current configuration of the place with its esplanade sadly tarred, its endless queues, its slightly anxiety-inducing security system and its very insistent street vendors. Why not, the LEGO version is after all only a free interpretation of reality.

You will also have noticed that the Eiffel Tower is simply not the right color here. It has never been gray over the years, it has only come in different shades of brown. The designer admits that there have been many discussions about this internally and justifies the colorway Dark Bluish Gray used by invoking in bulk the chromatic relationship between this box and the one marketed in 2007 (10181 Eiffel Tower), the impossibility of producing the entire inventory in a new, more suitable color without penalizing other sets due to internal limitations at LEGO on this specific point, or even some vague aesthetic considerations which, in my opinion, are more like a posteriori justification than anything else.

Many will try to convince themselves and you by the way that the chosen color was the most suitable, but that does not change the fact that it is simply not the right color. The dark gray used here nevertheless allows, according to the designer, to take advantage of a welcome contrast between the object and its possible exhibition context, but I am still unsatisfied on this point. The big French flag planted at the top of the tower has as usual nothing to do there, we are no longer in 1944 when French firefighters bravely hoisted a flag at the top under German fire, but it can be removed s it bothers you.

10307 lego icons eiffel tower 20 1

The set also explores the limits of readability when it comes to the assembly instructions divided into three booklets, certain angles are difficult to decipher and it will be necessary to remain vigilant despite the inevitable many frankly repetitive sequences imposed by the subject treated. Those who have taken the time to zoom in on the official visuals will have understood that some sections are a little fragile with braces that only hold on a single fixing point and which tend to move easily during handling. Some will therefore undoubtedly have the impression that the sub-assemblies connected on one side of the structure and which end in the void on the other spoil the overall rendering a little, especially when this tower is observed closely.

The set actually gives the illusion of a certain distance and it will be necessary to take the time to position all these braces very precisely correctly so that the effect persists closer. The regular dusting of the model with a brush must also be carried out without insisting too much, at the risk of moving some of these many crosses. You know this if you have watched the product presentation on Youtube, the four arches based on carousel rails are purely decorative, they do not support the upper structure of the tower, as on the real one.

I can't give a damn about the use of 32 sausages which are therefore now available in a previously unseen color, their presence does not seem to me to be likely to visually disturb the final result and it is always less serious than barrels that would be used to symbolize something other than their primary function. The argument of "it's too big but there are gray sausages" will allow you to create a diversion during your evenings with friends when they are looking for a place to sit in your cluttered living room.

More seriously, I still salute the work of the team in charge of designing this Eiffel Tower at LEGO, we are a long way from the basic stacking set 10181 marketed in 2007 and this new product involves many elements and techniques that make it a beautiful showcase of the manufacturer's current know-how.

I leave to all those who will make the effort to invest 630 € in this product the pleasure of discovering the different techniques used to preserve the essential mobility of the feet which allows them to be adjusted, the design of the different intermediate platforms and the connection points between the different sections, there is in my opinion enough to conclude that the designer has tried to do his best so that the fans find their account in spite of the few questionable choices of which I speak above and the lack of homogeneity of the curvature of the monument beyond the second floor. As luxurious as it is, this product remains a modest plastic model that cannot overcome certain constraints. On arrival, the model is stable, it does not wobble and the weight of the entire structure is well distributed over the four legs, as on the real one.

10307 lego icons eiffel tower 21 1

As for the assembly experience, it can't be called frankly entertaining, unless you like (very) repetitive sequences. There remains the pleasure of connecting the four legs together by orienting them so that they meet above the center of the base, of discovering from a certain distance the visual effect produced by the dozens of braces installed or the satisfaction to stack the four sections to obtain the final product but it will be difficult to escape a certain weariness which will precede the other problem posed by this product: where to put it once completely assembled? Let us be clear, there is no question of complaining about having the possibility of affording a large model which provides long hours of assembly, but it will then be necessary to find the ideal location to exhibit this enormous model which don't do it discreetly.

Those who have a room dedicated to their favorite hobby will quickly find a corner to display this Eiffel Tower, the others will have to learn to live with this luxury coat rack stuck somewhere in their living room. The good news is that the assembly can be moved or stored quite easily thanks to the cutting of the model into four independent sections which are simply fitted together. The base plate is also provided with four side notches which allow it to be grasped without breaking everything, it is well seen.

I won't be one of those who will buy this box, because I don't need a 1m50 high Eiffel Tower in my house, just as I can easily do without a wallpaper with the Empire State Building or large letters format the word kitchen on the wall of my kitchen, and that I wouldn't find a place for it that could really show it off anyway. On the other hand, I would have settled for a less ambitious but more compact model to obtain a more acceptable compromise between finish and size. To be totally honest, however, I do not regret having been able to have this imposing construction in my hands, the assembly of which, lasting around twenty hours, deserves to be shared with several people so that everyone can taste the different techniques offered.

LEGO once again wanted to impress its world with the "highest official product"Never marketed by the brand and the objective has probably been achieved in terms of marketing. It remains to be seen whether this announcement effect is transformed into sales volume thereafter, but even if this Eiffel Tower does not become a commercial success , it will have achieved its primary objective: to get people talking about the brand at a time of year when toy manufacturers are vying for the favors of consumers.

Now it's up to you whether this big adult fan toy that's also a very impressive but also very idealized rendition of the Eiffel Tower is worth moving the living room sofa to make room for it. If you intend to treat yourself to this product, don't spoil yourself too much about what makes it interesting: the different solutions used to arrive at the final result. This will be the only real reward you will get besides being able to display this great Eiffel Tower in your home.

Note: The set presented here, provided by LEGO, is as usual involved. Deadline fixed at November 28, 2022 next at 23:59 p.m. Just post a comment under the article to participate. Your participation is taken into account regardless of your opinion.

Update : The winner was drawn and notified by email, his nickname is indicated below.

Yanek - Comment posted the 24/11/2022 at 9:45
15/11/2022 - 12:00 LEGO ICONS Lego news New LEGO 2022

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LEGO officially unveils the set today 10307 Eiffel Tower which, as its name suggests, will allow you to assemble an interpretation of the Eiffel Tower. In the box, 10.001 pieces to build this 149 cm high model placed on a 57 x 57 cm base.

The construction is divided into four modules which makes it easier to store and move without breaking everything, we see that LEGO has not made any special efforts to stick as close as possible to the real color of the Parisian structure and the manufacturer goes there once again with a big flag that has no place there at the top of the tower. LEGO also offers a somewhat idealized version of the construction, the esplanade here being filled with trees and lampposts, a far cry from the current state of the place.

For the rest, you suspect that the assembly experience is mainly assembly line work, we will talk about it very quickly on the occasion of a "Review ".

You will have to pay the modest sum of €629.99 to afford this cumbersome model which will be available from November 25, 2022.


(The link to the shop redirects to the version of the official shop for your country of connection)

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