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This is good news for all those like me who sometimes clicked a little too quickly: the distinction between using the code obtained, after an exchange of VIP points, via the official online store or in the LEGO Store and by telephone disappears definitively. . From now on, you can generate a unique code that can be used online, in Store or by phone.

This welcome change to the process for exchanging and using VIP points comes after the implementation a few months ago of an intermediate step which tried to guide us so as not to make any more mistakes. This was obviously not clear enough for many users of the program and LEGO finally decides to no longer limit the use of points to a single sales channel.

Note that if you have generated one or more unused codes, the VIP points will be credited back to your account and you will have to redeem them again using the new interface.

This change only affects "official" LEGO Stores, with LEGO Certified Stores still not accepting discount codes obtained through the redemption of VIP Points. Only the LEGO Certified Store in Créteil currently offers the possibility of accumulating points and using them at the checkout, but you must come with your VIP card, physical or dematerialized, in both cases.

We still don't know if all the LEGO Certified Stores located in France will one day join the VIP program and eventually allow the use of discount codes generated online. For the moment, this is not the case and the promises regularly made to customers by certain "knowledgeable" employees of these franchise stores are still not kept.

Below, the old system and the new interface now accessible in the VIP rewards center :

vip program old system points rewards

lego vip points redeem new interface

40574 lego brand store 10

Today we quickly go around the contents of the set 40574 LEGO Brand Store, a small box of 541 pieces which will be available at the retail price of €36.99 from August 1, 2022. You read correctly, this is not a promotional product offered subject to purchase or on the occasion of the inauguration of an official brand store, this set is a simple product from the LEGO catalog. This box will also take over from another set on the same theme, the reference 40305 Microscale LEGO Brand Store (362 pieces - €24.99) marketed in 2018.

LEGO therefore offers us to "relive happy visits to a LEGO® Store"with a shop here represented as a"store of the future"and which should allow us to"play shopping"thanks to the two minifigs provided. I'm not making this up, it's in the official product description.

The official LEGO store of the future is therefore a modular open space without roof or stairs, you take a ladder to go upstairs and there is still no employee to serve customers. It was already the case in the set 40305 Microscale LEGO Brand Store who also contented himself with providing us with two clients.

This product of self-promotion, or self-congratulation, highlights the other know-how of the brand on the sidelines of the manufacture of plastic parts: the industrial production of stickers. There are 40 in this box with enough to fill the shelves with sets bearing the image of the different "house" ranges and dress the exterior walls of the store. LEGO makes no effort, the sign on the front is also a sticker. It was probably a bit too much to ask to get a pretty Tile pad printed.

40574 lego brand store 5

40574 lego brand store 6

It will therefore be necessary to go to a LEGO Store or on the Online Shop to buy a LEGO Store which will then serve as product placement in a child's room to remind him that he must go to a LEGO Store to buy other LEGO products. . It's high-flying marketing knowing that you have to pay for this box, it's not a promotional product.

On the form, there are some interesting constructions in this box with a rather successful micro-locomotive and a Disney micro-castle. We also find all the usual spaces of the official stores with a Pick A Brick wall, the Minifigure Factory available in some shops and a fun corner with animal bodies behind which customers can take pictures of themselves. The LEGO Store is also a place where we have fun, it has to be known.

The two minifigs provided are not exclusive, the girl's torso is also delivered in the set 10303 Loop Coaster, the coral colored legs are in the CITY set 60337 Express Passenger, the boy's torso has been in half a dozen boxes since 2020.

In short, I'm a little skeptical about this product sold for €37, which is ultimately just a somewhat elaborate promotional item. If it was offered on condition of purchase, even for a high minimum amount, I could have understood the process, but as it stands I can't see myself spending €37 for it. It's up to you.

Note: The set presented here, provided by LEGO, is as usual involved. Deadline fixed at July 27, 2022 next at 23:59 p.m. Just post a comment under the article to participate.

Update : The winner was drawn and notified by email, his nickname is indicated below.

DaMOCles - Comment posted the 27/07/2022 at 10:47

lego red brick build event store july 2022

If you have a LEGO Store nearby, be aware that you can get the construction above offered during an animation that will allow you to assemble and keep the red brick.

To enjoy this animation without obligation to purchase, you will have to go to a participating LEGO Store on the dates and times indicated below:

  • Le July 16, 2022 from 11AM to 00PM
  • Le July 23, 2022 from 11AM to 00PM
  • Le July 30, 2022 from 11AM to 00PM
  • Le August 10, 2022 from 15AM to 00PM

Remember to check that your favorite LEGO Store or Certified Store take part in the operation.

Only one red brick per person, the quantity of bricks available each day will be limited, first come, first served. Sleep in front of the LEGO Store the night before if you want, but don't push and avoid stepping on children.

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lego stores easter egg hunt

If you like being offered stuff, know that LEGO is organizing an Easter egg hunt in its official stores (the real ones, not the Certified Stores) from April 2 to 16, 2022. We do not yet know how it will be possible to participate in this activity which should undoubtedly allow you to leave with polybags, but it will certainly be a question of locating some pictograms hidden in the shop in order to be able to claim a gift.

As it's free and probably without obligation to purchase, it is better to inquire in advance in your favorite LEGO Store to find out how to participate in this animation which could be reserved for the youngest. Don't push, there will be something for everyone.

If you have any information on this operation because you work in a LEGO Store or know someone who knows someone who knows what it is about, do not hesitate to tell us more in the comments, even from anonymous way.

lego ideas 21332 the globe signing event guillaume roussel

Notice to all those who want to meet the fan designer of the LEGO Ideas set 21332 The Globe (199.99 €) and leave with a signed box: Guillaume Roussel aka Disneybrick55 will be present at the LEGO Store in the Forum des Halles (Paris) on Saturday February 5, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 00 p.m.

Two copies maximum per person, LEGO specifies that Guillaume Roussel will only sign this box and not the rest of the products on sale in the store. We do not yet know if other signing sessions are planned elsewhere in France.

Note that the set will be available on the official online store in LEGO Stores from February 1st.