lego dreamzzz new franchise 2023

You always have to strike while the iron is hot and LEGO intends to capitalize on the launch of the LEGO DREAMZzz animated series to garner pre-orders on the many derivative products whose effective availability is not expected until August 1st.

The first 10 episodes of the series are available on Youtube, Netflix et Prime Video and 10 of the 11 planned sets are now available for pre-order on the official online store:

The 11th derivative product, the set 40657 Dream Village (434 pieces - 29.99 €) is also referenced with an availability announced for August 1, 2023 but it is not possible to pre-order it for the moment.

Please note that the 10 sets listed above are also available pre-order at Amazon.


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40657 lego dreamzzz dream village

lego dreamzzz new franchise 2023

Forward for the announcement of a brand new "in-house" LEGO range with the presentation of the DREAMZzz universe. This range will be based on an animated series whose first episodes will be broadcast on May 15, 2023 and whose pitch is childishly simple: Izzie, Mateo, Cooper, Logan and Zoey, join a secret agency that teaches them how to use their imagination to travel through the world of dreams and face the super villain of the story, the Nightmare King or King of Nightmares. Convenient for developing a varied range of derivative products that can afford to gleanfully dip into many successful universes at LEGO.

As LEGO only sells high-end toys of exceptional educational and cultural interest, the manufacturer specifies that this range is the result of a study of 23000 children around the world which concludes that 69% of them are affected. by stress or loneliness and that 68% of them say that dreams are important and allow them to be more creative. Experts confirm in passing that dreams can play a key role on the emotional level and develop the imagination of the youngest. We are therefore close to the therapeutic range.

The first 10 episodes of the series will be available on Youtube from May 15, the derivative products will arrive on the shelves in August 2023. In the meantime, LEGO will have deployed an entire communication campaign including a 4D attraction in the LEGOLAND parks, a dedicated comic which will be featured in the pages of LEGO Life magazine as well as numerous online activities.

The first batch of sets which will be available from this summer is made up of around ten boxes whose public prices cover all the price brackets. New parts, new minifigs available in classic version or in "dream traveler" version, more or less subtle references to existing or retired LEGO universes, everything is there. These sets are referenced on the official online store (links below):

Note: all the other news for June 2023 are online at Pricevortex, some of them are already referenced by Amazon.

71469 lego dreamzzz nightmare shark ship

lego dreamzzz character wall art

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