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LEGO finally unveils the Modular 2023 which bears the reference LEGO ICONS Modular Buildings Collection 10312 Jazz Club and it is, as you have probably already discovered via the usual channels, a Jazz club next to which is installed a pizzeria.

The construction will probably not revolutionize the genre but it is in my opinion a good "elephants" filler that will complete the colorful street of those who line up these sets somewhere at home. For those who arrive late on the hobby, know that this type of set generally offers some original construction techniques, a more or less detailed interior but always cluttered and the possibility of then having a little fun with it (which no one does) by removing the different floors and the roof.

The piece of street of 2899 pieces which will be available at the public price of 229.99 € from January 4, 2023 measures 30 cm high by 26 cm wide and it allows to obtain 8 minifigs.


(The link to the shop redirects to the version of the official shop for your country of connection)

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10312 lego icons modular jazz club 8

As a bonus, LEGO provides some explanations concerning the extreme simplification of the cover of the instruction booklets of its products. This change is directly related to the switch to paper bags for parts: less ink on the booklet, less potential transfer of ink to the bags. There were probably other more pressing issues to deal with, notably concerning the finish of certain parts or the protection of other elements against scratches, but LEGO seems decidedly more concerned with form than substance:

As our fans have noticed, the covers of building instructions for many of our sets underwent a re-design this year with exception of our LEGO® sets for adults. Starting from 1HY 2023, building instructions for adult sets will also feature re-designed covers with lighter background prints. The redesign of building instruction covers is connected to our move to paper-based bags in our boxes. A lighter background print ensures that we maintain our very high quality standards. In this case, that the visual appearance of the paper-based bags is not impacted by potential ink marks caused by friction between building instructions and bags during transportation.

10312 lego icons modular jazz club instructions cover

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