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lego ideas first 2002 review results

LEGO just announced the result of the first LEGO Ideas evaluation phase of the year 2022, with a batch which brought together 39 more or less successful ideas but which had all been able to gather the 10.000 supports necessary for their passage to the review stage.

Four projects have been definitively validated:

lego ideas 2022 orient express train

If you have time to spare, you can always try to guess who will be the winner of the next review phase, the results of which will be revealed in early 2023.

51 projects are in the running, there are some more or less interesting ideas, but the vast majority of those who managed to qualify their project will undoubtedly have to settle for the "consolation" endowment consisting of LEGO products with a total value of $ 500 offered to everyone who reaches 10.000 supporters.

lego ideas second 2022 review early 2023

21337 lego ideas table football 1 1

Today we take a quick tour of the content of the LEGO Ideas set 21337 Soccer table, a box of 2339 pieces which will be available at the retail price of €249.99 from November 1, 2022. As you probably already know, this product is vaguely inspired by the winning creation of a competition organized in 2021 on the platform that is used to collect ideas from fans. From the initial idea, there is not much left besides the not really obvious desire to try to reproduce a table football.

Yet that was the concept: to offer fans a playable football table based on LEGO bricks. The manufacturer has had plenty of time to assess the possibility of getting something convincing since the announcement of the winner of this contest and there are sometimes ideas that are better to reject than to insist on finally proposing an official product that no longer has much to do with the reference concept. The creation in question was only a digital rendering which did not take into account the inevitable constraints linked to the construction of an object intended to be handled roughly by four players, its adaptation into a physical product in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements could therefore reserve a few surprises and complicate the work of the designers in charge of the file.

During the Fan Media Days which took place in Billund a few weeks ago, LEGO had presented us with some prototypes respectful of the scale of the original creation and had admitted to having found no satisfactory solution to obtain a sufficiently solid football table. Various and varied Technic beams, axes connected to each other to cross the game board, the designers tried many solutions which all proved to be disappointing and too fragile.

Clinging to the idea of ​​offering a football table without investing in the design of bars that are both long and sufficiently rigid, the manufacturer has therefore decided to reduce the format of the object at the risk of disappointing all those who expected to be able to enjoy a game experience similar to that offered by a classic table football.

21337 lego ideas table football 14 1

21337 lego ideas table football 8 1

The micro foosball table to be built here is designed to withstand the onslaught of two players who can compete against each other: it weighs almost two kilos and it is strong enough not to disintegrate each time the four bars are manipulated. You can see it in the photos that I propose to you, the internal structure of the construction is made up of large elements and it is reinforced by some beams and other Technic pins which make it possible to avoid any deformation or dislocation. The solution used to fix the players on their respective bars is also designed to avoid losing a figurine during the game. It's rough but strong enough not to have to pull out the instruction booklet at halftime.

Of the four rows of players per team usually present on a standard football table, there are only two left here and the goalkeeper finds himself surrounded by two defenders. It's not really in the spirit of the game we know anymore and even if this shortcut won't harm the pleasure of being able to play a few games on this toy, it's far from being like traditional foosball. . The game board having been reduced in length and width, the range of movement of the bars is also greatly limited and there will therefore remain only the vague impression of playing with a foosball table without being able to take advantage of all the subtleties. usual.

One might think that it is possible to count the points easily thanks to the two rulers placed on the goals, but you have to force frankly to move the balls on the Technic axis to which they are fixed. We therefore quickly come to the conclusion that these counters are more there to imitate those of a real table football than to allow a real follow-up of the score of the current meeting. There are no stickers in this box but the only pad-printed elements are anyway the four green plates which serve as the terrain as well as the board and the Tile  Friends"I Love Heartlake City"hidden in the bowels of table football.

Very quickly, the marketing speech that was served to us in Billund around the product had also slipped towards what this box has to offer on the sidelines of this micro foosball: a very large handful of minifigs divided into two teams of eleven players with endless customization possibilities to celebrate "living together", diversity, etc. Not all the players can take their place on the ramps of the table football and it was necessary to find something to display them next to the object, the manufacturer therefore adds a display unit which allows the figurines to be installed and stored in the base heads and other additional hair provided.

21337 lego ideas table football 9 1

21337 lego ideas table football 12 1

LEGO is trying to distract some attention and make up for the possible disappointment of anyone expecting otherwise by building a big layer of diversity and inclusivity into this box. We therefore obtain 22 minifigs in outfit, 44 heads and 43 hair with all skin tones, some handicaps or conditions represented and the promise that everyone must find their way around. Why not, the customization possibilities are there. It is theoretically possible to use any head on a torso, the neck of the character not being stamped in a precise shade, but the most demanding will still have to take into account the color of the hands to create coherent miniatures . Or not, it's as you wish, everyone is awesome even with hands of another color.

Knowing that there are only five players per team on the board, I would have preferred LEGO to rely on actual teams per five-player batch to add some spice to the experience. After all, LEGO has already worked with Real Madrid, FC Barcelona or Manchester United and getting some nice official outfits would have been a plus. I indeed find the generic outfits provided here a little disappointing, even a fictitious sponsor on the chest would have been welcome in my opinion. Regulars of game rooms will object that the players are just as neutral on a real table football, but we are in any case already very far from a credible representation of the thing and an aesthetic digression more or less changed much more.

In short, this product, which is too expensive for what it has to offer, will undoubtedly be quickly forgotten, especially during a period during which LEGO is asking us each month with much more attractive sets, always bigger and always more expensive. It's not a playable, friendly and fun table football like many of us knew in our youth, and Thierry Henry and Marcus Rashford, called in to help promote the product in exchange a big check, pretending to have fun in the advertisements for this box, there is in my opinion nothing to marvel at this big package of minifigs at 250 € accompanied by a few parts. Next.

Note: The set presented here, provided by LEGO, is as usual involved. Deadline fixed at 28th October next at 23:59 p.m. Just post a comment under the article to participate. Your participation is taken into account regardless of your opinion.

Update : The winner was drawn and notified by email, his nickname is indicated below.

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06/10/2022 - 15:00 LEGO Ideas Lego news New LEGO 2022

21337 lego ideas table football 2LEGO today unveils the set 21337 Soccer table, a new benchmark in the LEGO Ideas range loosely based on the winning creation of a competition organized in 2021 on the platform that is used to collect ideas from fans.

In the box of 2339 pieces, there is not much left of the reference creation, submitted by Donát Fehérvári and which promised us a real playable football table 55 cm long by 30 cm wide with 11 players on each side distributed on the bars (see photo below), apart from the general idea. There may be disappointment...

lego ideas table football reference project

LEGO still includes 22 minifigs divided into two teams of 11 players with their respective outfits and a slew of faces (44) and hair (43) for everyone to find their account. There is even a character equipped with a hearing aid and another affected by vitiligo. The micro football table measures 41 cm long by 29 cm wide and 15 cm high.

LEGO tells us in passing that Thierry Henry and Marcus Rashford are on hand to promote the product with a thick layer of "football brings people together, just like this club".

You will have to pay €249.99 from November 1, 2022 to buy a copy of this box via the official online store and in LEGO Stores.

We will talk about this box in more detail in a few days on the occasion of a Review .


21337 lego ideas table football 3

21337 lego ideas table football 6

lego ideas dungeons and dragons license 1

You dreamed it, they did it: LEGO and W join forces on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the license Dungeons & Dragons and this collaboration will result in an official product from the LEGO Ideas range released next year or the year after.

However, there is a specificity to this collaboration: it is the fans who will submit their ideas for sets through a competition organized on the LEGO Ideas platform and a jury made up of members of the LEGO Ideas team and representatives of the company. Wizards of the Coast will select a series of designs which will then be put to public vote between November 28 and December 12, 2022.

Attention, it is not the creation that receives the most votes that will automatically win, the jury reserves the right to select another of the creations that will have participated in this voting phase.

The winning creation will become an official product which will be responsible for celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Dungeons & Dragons license and the creator will receive royalties up to 1% of the amount of sales of the set. The winner will be announced on December 19, 2022.

If this announcement does not excite you, it is because you are probably too young to have spent hours around a table inventing stories of warriors and monsters under the direction of a game master who is often a little vicious. Otherwise, it's probably good news for all those who knew this universe and who practiced wargaming in their youth. You have until November 14 to submit your creation to this address.

lego new sets october 2022

It is October 1, 2022 and LEGO is marketing a handful of new sets from today on its official online store with an assortment that covers several in-house or licensed ranges and offers some promotional offers in passing.

As usual, it's up to you to see whether to crack without waiting by paying the full price for these boxes or whether to show a little patience and wait for the inevitable reductions that will be offered in the boxes. weeks and months to come at Amazonon FNAC.com and at a few other retailers. We also know that an operation to double VIP points is planned very soon on the official online store and in LEGO Stores, it's up to you.


(All links to the shop redirect to the version of the official shop for your country of connection)

The promotional offer of the moment: the LEGO set 40566 Ray The Castaway which I told you about yesterday is free from 120 € of purchase without restriction of range. This very successful little promotional product is automatically added to the basket as soon as the minimum amount required is reached:

40566 lego ideas ray the castaway 3

If you are a member of the VIP program and don't forget to identify yourself before confirming your order, you can also get a copy of the polybag 40513 Spooky VIP Add-on Pack (119 pieces) from 50 € of purchase without restriction of range. The offer is valid until October 31:

40513 lego vip halloween addon pack

Finally, know that if you buy products from the LEGO Ninjago range for at least €40, the manufacturer is offering you a copy of the very friendly polybag until October 15. 30593 Lloyd Suit Mech (59 pieces):

30593 lego ninjago lloyd suit mech