18/12/2011 - 20:06 LEGO Ideas

Star Wars Bantha by BaronSat

If you do not know this MOC, this is a good opportunity to find out. If you already know it, go and support it on Cuusoo.

Indeed, BaronSat discovered that his MOC had been posted by someone other than himself as a Cuusoo project.

Suddenly, he decided to create a project himself for this sympathetic MOC, and which is one of the few reproducing this creature from Tatooine and ridden by the Between Raiders.

For the record, the creature used in the film is actually an elephant decked out in a costume ...

I said so, support the BaronSat project, he deserves it, even if objectively, and in view of the functioning of Cuusoo, this project will probably never see the light of day as a commercialized set.


07/12/2011 - 20:55 LEGO Ideas

Lego minecraft

It is done. The project Lego minecraft initiated by fans and supported by the game publisher MojangOn Cuusoo reached 10.000 supporters and therefore moved on to stage 2. By comparison, the first project to come out of the Cuusoo initiative, the Shinkai 6500, had barely reached 1000 supporters in Japan in 420 days.

What will happen now? The project therefore passes from the state of IDEA (idea) than Review. During this phase, a jury made up of designers, product managers and a few other decision-makers from the LEGO company will examine this project. Prototypes will be created to assess whether the concept meets LEGO safety and playability standards.

This phase of Review will last 1 to 2 weeks and at the end of this process, a decision in principle will be taken on whether or not to continue the project.

If the decision is positive, the project will then enter a third phase during which the products intended to be placed on the market will be designed, finalized and prepared for marketing. This phase will last several months.

But Paal Smith-Meyer, head of the LEGO New Business Group is already calming the ardor of Minecraft fans even if he readily recognizes the exceptional nature of the mobilization around this project: “It is still too early to say whether a Minecraft play set will become a LEGO product as it still needs to go through a review and approval process to ensure it meets our usual LEGO standards, but it is certainly a lot closer.”
In summary, he says it is still too early to determine if the LEGO Minecraft concept will go to the end.

So, LEGO Minecraft or not? I think the project will succeed. A tribute set for the game for sale exclusively at the LEGO Shop and the thing will be heard. There is something for everyone: LEGO will delight its new customers who are Minecraft fans, Mojang will do a good deed by donating the 1% of royalties to charities and Cuusoo will have shown that even on a global scale, every idea can potentially be successful. shape. 

The press release on LEGO Cuusoo: Minecraft project achieves 10,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO.


05/12/2011 - 20:35 LEGO Ideas

Lego minecraft

I was talking to you ten days ago of the evolution of the Minecraft project on Cuusoo which has since exceeded 5000 supporters.
LEGO intervened on the project sheet to inform supporters that contacts were in progress with Mojang the publisher of the game. 

But Mojang has just surprised his world by taking the initiative to create his own project on Cuusoo, a project which therefore becomes a space for communication between the publisher, LEGO and Minecraft fans.

Mojang therefore confirms its growing interest in this project and also undertakes to donate to a charity the 1% of royalties provided for by the Cuusoo concept in the event of the project's success.
The instigators of the first Minecraft project were invited by Mojang to take part in the development of this partnership. We find among others suparMacho and koalaexpert, two MOCeurs at the origin of many achievements on the Minecraft theme including the visual above.

What more can be said ? I understand the enthusiasm of a whole community around these virtual bricks which would become very real with the realization of this project. I'm less a fan of Minecraft as such. No doubt I did not understand the whole point of the game ...

 I still think that we should be entitled to one or two thematic sets, a sort of tribute to the success of Minecraft and reserved for the most hardcore fans.

The general public will probably not be sensitive to this plastic adaptation of this game which is currently fashionable but of which even the players, even the most assiduous, will end up getting bored in favor of another online game.

On the AFOL side, reactions are mixed: Some welcome this project and support it while others express their annoyance at what they consider to be a betrayal on the part of LEGO, which gives in to the sirens of marketing and considers an alliance , even temporary with a concept that takes up the object of all covetousness: The brick.

So goes digital life ....


28/11/2011 - 17:35 LEGO Ideas

LEGO Cuusoo - Reissued stickers for Star Wars UCS sets project

Si Lego cuusoo could be used for only one initiative, it would be this: A smart guy named sandro created a project which seems really interesting to me if not realistic, to obtain the re-edition by LEGO of the sheets of stickers from the UCS sets.

Not only do these stickers once applied have an unfortunate tendency to age very badly, but it should also be noted that very often a sticker is applied to two parts at the same time, thus preventing the disassembly of the set without forcing the destruction of said sticker.

You just have to take a look at Bricklink to see that the stickers from the UCS Star Wars sets are selling for a high price, my wallet still remembers:

The sticker sheet (10019stk01) for the 10019 LEGO Star Wars UCS Rebel Blockade Runner set retails between € 79 and € 138 ...
The identification sticker (10179stk01) for the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon 10179 set sells for between € 52 and € 93 ...
The sticker sheet (10129stk01) for the 10129 LEGO Star Wars UCS rebel SnowSpeeder set sells for over € 100 ...
The sticker sheet (7191stk01) for the 7191 LEGO Star Wars UCS X-Wing set retails between 175 and 250 € ...

These prices are clearly abusive, and are dissuasive even for the most collectors. hardcore of us. Here and there, a few initiatives aiming to offer high resolution scans of the rarest stickers have emerged. But these projects are often abandoned for lack of goodwill AFOLs ready to devote a few hours to them.

There remains the solution to have the necessary stickers printed via a photo development site or to print the necessary stickers on self-adhesive paper. But then they have to be cut out cleanly, which is not easy on some stickers like the circular ones from set 10019.
So, for my part, I support this project, which obviously has little chance of success. But this will be my way of protesting the Bricklink speculators.

25/11/2011 - 09:57 LEGO Ideas

Lego minecraft

The mobilization of a slew of Minecraft fans will have done the job: Cuusoo is assailed by supporters of the minecraft project, so much so that TLC had to strengthen its network of servers to better support the load generated by the invasion of a horde of players who would like to see materialize Minecraft made of LEGO bricks .....

To be clear, I don't like Minecraft. This game inspires me nothing. But the community is immense, as is often the case with online games which benefit from the fashion effect and from a passing craze that is certainly temporary but remains massive. The forums on the subject are countless and millions of people, often very young, who spend their time in this fun and graphically a little collection. 

But it must be recognized that the minecraft project on Cuusoo is the only one to really take off by dint of spam and harassment on the forums for every player to vote. There are currently more than 4700 supporters of the project. And what is even more surprising, LEGO intervened to give some information on the follow-up to this project obviously very supported by a whole community.

From November 14, 2011, LEGO intervened officially on the project and announced work on its feasibility and on a possible commercial strategy around Minecraft. LEGO designers are in charge of creating some prototypes in order to assess the opportunity to launch licensed products. Because it is indeed a license, and LEGO is in advanced contact with Mojang, an independent publisher based in Stockholm, Sweden, to negotiate a possible trade agreement. This small team of 9 people will probably have no objection to a lucrative business partnership with LEGO. Mojang understands that the fashion effect must be exploited as quickly as possible via an avalanche of derivative products and you can already acquire t-shirts, caps and other goodies bearing the image of the concept on the dedicated shop.

I think LEGO is taking this project very seriously, not because of the core interests of Minecraft, but mostly for the huge community that the game brings together. All these players are as many potential customers for LEGO which will quickly find affinities with the concept developed by Minecraft: Collective play, use of bricks, creativity, etc ....

But could LEGO go even further and acquire Minecraft? I think so. After the LEGO Universe fiasco, TLC has announced that it still wants to continue developing projects in the field of video games through partnerships similar to those concluded with TT Games and Warner Bros. By absorbing Mojang, LEGO would obtain a large community to satisfy in derivative products and above all prevent other competing manufacturers from getting involved ...