The Blu-ray / DVD pack with Bain et Bard will be available at Carrefour

17/04/2015 - 15:27 LEGO LOTR & The Hobbit Lego news

the hobbit bluray bath crossroads

Here's good news for all fans of the LEGO The Hobbit lineup who were desperate to get the exclusive Bain minifig at a reasonable price.

This minifig delivered in the Blu-ray / DVD box set of the third opus of the saga with Bard The Bowman (This second minifigure is not exclusive: This is the version distributed during San Diego Comic Con 2014 and presents in the set 79017 The Battle of Five Armies) was until now only available in the USA (Exclusive to the Target brand) and the United Kingdom (Exclusive to the Sainsbury's brand).

This box will be available in France from next Wednesday April 22 at a price of 25 € and this is the brand Carrefour which will have the exclusivity.

On your marks...

(Thanks to BatBrick115 for the info)


Briquefan 13: All about the battle for Helm's Deep ...

22/03/2015 - 00:26 LEGO LOTR & The Hobbit Lego news

brickfan 13

Do you still doubt that LEGO has lazily botched a range with enormous potential? Watch the 13th episode of the Briquefan show and you will finally be convinced ...

All kidding aside, Antoine has (finally) uploaded a new episode of LEGO fans' favorite YouTube show. And if we obviously quickly go around what LEGO has deigned to offer us around the second part of the trilogy Lord of the Rings, the comparison between the events and locations of the film and their ABS plastic equivalents is worth its weight in peanuts ...