As seen on LEGO Ideas: Battle of Osgiliath by Disco86

13/11/2014 - 12:01 LEGO LOTR & The Hobbit Lego news

Battle of Osgiliath by Disco86

While things are starting to smell very, very strongly for the LEGO Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit ranges, we fortunately still have a few LEGO Ideas projects to comfort us by naively hoping that LEGO finally decides to extend these ranges by a few boxes at the end. of life.

After the magnificent dale town, here is a radically different project.

This set "Battle of Osgiliath" offered by Disco86 includes all "codes"used by LEGO in the LOTR and The Hobbit ranges. The design of the Osgiliath ruins is 100% in the spirit of the official sets released so far: Neither too much nor too little. We suggest the thing intelligently without too much put, with columns, pillars and other stairs. On the minifig side, Disco86's proposal is ambitious, but let's be crazy, we have nothing to lose. A few soldiers from Gondor would obviously be welcome in our collections, just like Faramir, the great forgotten of the LEGO Lord of the Rings range, all sprinkled with a few accessories that will contribute to the playability.

Let's not dream, there is little chance that LEGO will ever release this set, but support this project will let the manufacturer know that the epic LEGO Lord of the Rings has a taste of unfinished ...


As seen on LEGO Ideas: Dale by Anduin1710

10/11/2014 - 14:57 LEGO LOTR & The Hobbit Lego news

The Hobbit: Dale - LEGO Ideas

Little nod to a lego ideas project that catches the eye with this version of Dale, the city of Northern men destroyed by Smaug and rebuilt by Bard.

I really like this creation which brings a little "density" and consistency to a world where LEGO has often been content with pieces of wall or isolated pillars to symbolize a construction.

with 1340 pieces and 6 minifigs, you get something relatively realistic and marketable at a reasonable price. But I think everyone has understood that LEGO wants the products in the LEGO Ideas range to remain in a price bracket well below the potential retail price of a project like this.

Even though we all know here that there is almost no chance that this project will ever be commercialized, it still deserves to collect its quota of supporters because it defends the idea that The Hobbit is also a matter of walls, towers, bridges and massive constructions ... An aspect often overlooked by LEGO on this range.

(Thank you to everyone who reported this project to me)

The Hobbit: Dale - LEGO Ideas