Brickfilm: Looser of the Rings

23/10/2014 - 12:04 LEGO LOTR & The Hobbit Lego news

Brickfilm: Looser of the Rings

A small brickfilm of good quality to start the day well (I know it's already noon ...) with this "Looser of the Rings"directed and directed by Sébastien alias Sax who posts his works on his Youtube channel Gaudriole Production.

It's clean, the animation is fluid, the sound effects are well chosen and there is a dose of humor essential for this brickfilm to deserve that you devote three minutes of your (precious) time to it.

Special mention for the vocals that are hilarious.


LEGO Ideas: Minas Tirith is in the spotlight ...

23/10/2014 - 11:47 LEGO LOTR & The Hobbit Lego news

Lord of the Rings Set: Minas Tirith

It's no longer a secret, it smells of fir for the LEGO Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit range. With the theatrical release in the next few weeks of the last installment of The Hobbit trilogy, LEGO will probably put an end to the derivative product lines based on Tolkien's universe, barring any last-minute surprises.

Without this temporary highlighting implying serious consequences except perhaps a boost in the number of supporters of the project, we can all the same note that the team in charge of the LEGO Ideas concept is currently integrating in its selection displayed in homepage a MOC well known to all fans of the LOTR / The Hobbit ranges: The excellent version System de Minas Tirith proposed by Nuju Metru about which we had already spoken two years ago on the blog.

This project, realistic and achievable unlike many other creations posted on LEGO Ideas, is struggling to reach the 10.000 supporters necessary for its passage to the next phase of the LEGO Ideas concept. At the same time, many fans are already regretting the discontinuation by LEGO of a range whose sales volumes are sometimes assumed to be not exceptional but which has found its audience among adult fans of Tolkien's universe.

Fans of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit ranges, if you want to send a message to LEGO, supporting this project is undoubtedly the best way to come forward and possibly be heard ...


Briquefan 12: The results of the competition

22/10/2014 - 17:41 LEGO LOTR & The Hobbit Lego news

brickfan12 results

You can stop counting, the suspense is over: The results of the competition organized on the occasion of episode 12 of the Briquefan show are available in the video below.

If the first 9 questions were easy to say the least, although I was surprised to find that some of you (17 participants to be exact) have trouble with the syntax of the name of the actor who embodies Saruman (Christopher Lee and not Kris Toferli), the 10th question obviously gave you a hard time (only 89 correct answers) or quite simply discouraged (only 437 participants) ...

In short, let's see the bright side, those who found the right answer had a better chance of winning.

Speaking of winners, below are the three lucky ones who win a The Hobbit set. 79016 Attack on lake-town :

  • Ponto (BE)
  • Thomas Salvin (FR)
  • Antoine Saillot (FR)

Each winner will be contacted by email.

Stick around, a new contest will take place on the occasion of the release of the next episode.


Workshops: Print your poster like a large ...

16/10/2014 - 09:44 LEGO LOTR & The Hobbit Lego news

5003573 LEGO The Hobbit posterThe customers of the American LEGO Shop are currently entitled to a small additional gift when ordering products from the The Hobbit range: This beautiful poster which is unfortunately not available on the French LEGO Shop.

If you still want to treat yourself, you can download this poster in very high resolution (4000x3000) and have it printed by one of the many specialized websites offering this type of service.

The file is available at this address (13 MB).

Below is another poster uploaded by LEGO which seems to be a bit dated ... (see title at top left) to download in correct resolution at my flickr gallery.

lego the hobbit post there back again