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lego masters casting season 2 2021

We learn today a little more on the second season of the French version of the LEGO Masters program which will be broadcast at the end of the year. The first season had been a real audience success for M6 and the host in office, Eric Antoine, as well as the two members of the jury, Georg Schmitt and Paulina Aubey, are therefore logically renewed for this second season.

Eight pairs will once again be in competition and, as for the previous season, the production has chosen to make the eight duos easily "identifiable" by assigning them a label which should stick to their skin and follow them throughout the season: Marine and Benjamin will be the "brick retro", Loïc and Sandor will be the"high school friends", Eric and Alexandre will be"Swiss metalheads", Laure and Hervé will form the"Ch'Team", Marin and Alexandre will be the"best friends", Étienne and Christine will embody"cool parents", Céline and Stéphane will be the inevitable"colleagues who are opposed"and the extraordinary and colorful pair who will be responsible for putting on the show at least until its elimination will be made up of Aurélien and Vincent. The competition should therefore remain a clever mix between competition and reality TV with its happenings and its clashes.

Note also the arrival of the Golden Brick, a joker already present in other international versions of the show but which had not had the honors of the first season of the French edition. To put it simply, it is an immunity collar that makes it possible to avoid elimination and the golden brick in question is put back into play after its use by the pair who considered themselves in danger.

The two women we are promised always more bricks, 3 million available to the candidates, serving 100% new events and presented as more demanding than those of the first season.

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