21257 lego minecraft legends devourer showdown

Alongside LEGO Minecraft sets 21252 The Armory (203 pieces - 19.99 €) and 21253 The Animal Sanctuary (206 pieces - €19.99) revealed by LEGO a few weeks ago, there will be at least five other boxes in the range from January 1, 2024 including a set based on the strategy and action video game minecraft legends.

As indicated when the first two boxes of this wave were announced, it will be possible to combine the set  21255 The Nether Portal Ambush with the reference  21252 The Armory and the set 21253 The Animal Sanctuary with the reference 21254 The Turtle Beach House to obtain slightly more consistent playsets.

These new products are now listed on the official LEGO online store (direct links above). All the new 2024 products in numerous ranges are also listed with their visuals and their public prices on Pricevortex.com.

new lego minecraft 21252 21253 2024

LEGO has put two of the four sets in the Minecraft range planned for early 2024 online on its official store and these are two small boxes with reduced inventory, both marketed at the public price of €19.99 and announced as available from January 1, 2024.

We know that five other sets are planned, including references 21254 The Turtle Beach House (26.99 €) and 21255 The Nether Portal Ambush (€37.99) and it will be possible to combine each of the two sets already online with one of the two other boxes which are not yet available on the Shop. The three other boxes planned: 21251 Steve's Desert Expedition (€ 9.99), 21256 The Frog House (54.99 €) and 21257 The Devourer Showdown (44.99 €).

The result obtained via the association of the products concerned allows in both cases to obtain a playset that is more consistent than the constructions taken individually, fans of this universe and this range well established in the LEGO catalog should find what they are looking for even if You will obviously have to go back to the checkout.

21252 lego minecraft armory 1

21253 lego minecraft animal sanctuary 1

lego minecraft 2024 lineup 1

lego new jurassic world sonic minecraft super mario 2024

It's in season, different brands are starting to list the new products planned for January 2024 and the German seller JB Spielwaren has put online a few sets in the Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Mario, Minecraft and Jurassic World ranges which are already up for pre-order at preferential prices.

We will especially remember the nice proposal of the set 76964 Dinosaur Fossils: T-rex Skull with its T-rex skull, its paw print and its small associated presentation plate. The title of the product gives hope for other sets of the same type, perhaps the start of a nice collection of fossils.

These products should be quickly listed on the official LEGO online store with high-resolution visuals.

76964 lego jurassic world dinosaur fossils trex skull

76964 lego jurassic world dinosaur fossils trex skull 2

new lego minecraft city friends sets 2023

Alongside the "big" new features unveiled, there will also be a few new boxes in the Minecraft, CITY and Friends ranges this summer. All these new references are already online on the official store, so you will have plenty of time to get a very precise idea of ​​their content before you decide to eventually add them to your collection:

60367 lego city passenger plane

41758 lego friends advent calendar 2023

lego official catalog 2023 japan harry potter captain america

The Japanese version of the official LEGO catalog for the second half of 2023 is available online at this address and it allows us to get some interesting visuals of new features planned for the second half of the year that still haven't been "officially" announced.

There will be something for everyone with new releases planned in the licensed LEGO ranges of Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, Sonic the Hedgehog and Minecraft.

  • Lego harry potter 76418 Advent Calendar 2023 (227 pieces - 37.99 €)
  • Lego harry potter 76419 Hogwarts Castle & Grounds (2660 pieces - 169.99 €)
  • Lego marvel 76262 Captain America's Shield (3128 pieces - 209.99 €)
  • Lego marvel 76267 Advent Calendar 2023 (243 pieces - 37.99 €)
  • LEGO Star Wars 75359 Ahsoka's 332 Company Clone Troopers Battle Pack (108 pieces - 20.99 €)
  • LEGO Star Wars 75360 Yoda's Jedi Starfighter (253 pieces - 34.99 €)
  • LEGO Star Wars 75365 Yavin IV Rebel Base (1067 pieces - 169.99 €)
  • LEGO Star Wars 75366 Advent Calendar 2023 (320 pieces - 37.99 €)
  • LEGO Sonic The Hedgehog 76993 Sonic vs. Dr. Eggman's Death Egg Robot (615 pieces - 64.99 €)
  • Lego minecraft 21247 The Axolotl House (242 pieces - 26.99 €)
  • Lego minecraft 21248 The Pumpkin Farm (257 pieces - 37.99 €)
  • Lego minecraft 21249 The Crafting Box 4.0 (605 pieces - 74.99 €)
  • Lego minecraft 21250 The Iron Golem Fortress (868 pieces - 104.99 €)

There will also be some new features in the Technic, CITY and Friends universes, not forgetting the traditional Advent calendars in the 2023 version.

  • LEGO Technic 42160 Audi RS Q e-tron (914 pieces - 169.99 €)
  • LEGO Technic 42161 Lamborghini Huracan (806 pieces - 52.99 €)
  • LEGO CITY 60367 Passenger Plane (913 pieces - 99.99 €)
  • LEGO CITY 60381 Advent Calendar 2023 (258 pieces - 26.99 €)
  • LEGO Friends 41756 Ski Slope and Cafe (980 pieces - 84.99 €)
  • LEGO Friends 41758 Advent Calendar 2023 (231 pieces - 26.99 €)
  • LEGO Friends 41760 Igloo Holiday (491 pieces - 49.99 €)

For those who are reluctant to download the entire catalog in PDF format, I have extracted for you the best pages of this catalog which gather all these novelties. The visuals offered are only illustrations that do not reveal the full content of these products, but they are sufficient to get a first idea of ​​the content of these boxes to come. The public prices indicated above are provided as an indication according to the rumors of the moment.

lego official catalog 2023 japan star wars