lego minecraft skin character vote lego con 2021

Those who have followed the entire LEGO CON 2021 "convention" will certainly remember that during one of the sequences, LEGO proposed to vote for one of the three proposed Minecraft skins in order to determine which one would pass to posterity by becoming an official minifig of the LEGO Minecraft range in 2022.

It was then a question of choosing between the Ninja, the Warrior and the Ranger and unsurprisingly, it is the Ninja who wins with 56.4% of the votes.

Too bad for those who had voted for one of the other two skins, knowing that it will not be the first ninja to have the honors of the range: Kai is delivered since 2020 in the set 21160 The Illager Raid (74.99 €). It now remains to be seen how LEGO intends to integrate this new character into the set in question.

That's it that's all.