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lego annual 2023 book ice cream thief

If you collect minifigs in costume but don't want to bother with the bricks sold with them, know that the LEGO Official Annual 2023 published by Buster Books will make it possible from September 15 to obtain a copy of the thief disguised as ice cream which is already available in the LEGO CITY set 60314 Ice Cream Truck Police Chase (29.99 €) on sale since the beginning of the year.

It is obviously not a question of paying this 64-page book at a high price just to obtain this figurine which will be delivered without its crowbar but with an ice cream cone, it will therefore be advisable to wait wisely for the book to be available. like every year for a few euros to acquire this pretty character at a lower cost. Unless you like coloring and games for children.

LEGO® Official Annual 2023

LEGO® Official Annual 2023

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lego 60314 ice cream thief

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