lego new sets february 2024

Onwards to the effective availability of some new LEGO products on the official online store with several boxes which should easily find the public and some licensed BrickHeadz figurines which could possibly be used to complete an order.

There are some nice things in this little wave of new releases, but the majority of these boxes will be available quickly for much less expensive elsewhere. As usual, it's up to you to decide whether you should go for it without delay and pay full price for these boxes or whether you should show a little patience and wait for the inevitable reductions that will be offered in the weeks and months to come at Amazonon FNAC.comat Cdiscountat Auchan as well as some other retailers.


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new lego brickheadz 2024

LEGO is today unveiling four new boxes which will expand the already very substantial collection of LEGO figurines in BrickHeadz format from February 1, 2024 with two Marvel-licensed references, a Sonic the Hedgehog pack bringing together Knuckles and Shadow and a variation of Stitch in version cubic.

As usual, it will be up to everyone to judge whether the different adaptations are worthy of interest given the constraints of the imposed format, everyone has their own tastes.

These four boxes are online on the official store (direct links above) as are the three Disney references expected next March, unveiled by a German brand on January 1 (direct links below):

76996 lego sonic hedgehog knuckles guardian mech 9

The LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog set 76996 Knuckles' Guardian Mech now online on the official LEGO online store and we therefore discover the contents of this box of 276 pieces which will be available from January 1, 2024 at the public price of €34.99. Two minifigs will be delivered in this box: Rouge the Bat, and Knuckles.

76996 lego sonic hedgehog knuckles guardian mech 7

76996 lego sonic hedgehog knuckles guardian mech 8

30676 lego sonic the hedgehog kiki coconut attack 3

Notice to all those who strive to collect all of the officially licensed LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog products, there will be at least one polybag alongside the classic sets and that is the German brand JB Spielwaren which offers this new bag of 42 pieces for pre-order at the price of €3.39 with availability announced for January 1, 2024.

In this bag, no minifig but a slightly failed Kiki to build using the inventory provided, the Badnik being accompanied for the occasion by Flicky. Not enough to get up at night, but the most complete collectors will probably not want to miss this product.

lego sonic hedgehog 76995 shadow escape 2

Today we take a very quick look at the contents of the LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog set. 76995 Shadow's Escape, a small box of 196 pieces which will be available from January 1, 2024 at the public price of €20.99.

And the guided tour will indeed be very quick as this little box is almost content to be a simple extension of the more global concept developed in the already very extensive Sonic the Hedgehog range : there is in fact not much to build and only one minifigure is provided.

We will note in passing that the inventory of this box is delivered in two “paper” bags, LEGO having recently recalled that the shift announced for a long time will eventually materialize in 2024 in Europe. I mention the word paper in quotation marks, the material being abundantly coated with plastic inside to prevent the pieces from tearing the packaging and we still find in these bags the usual small plastic packaging containing the smallest elements of the inventory.

LEGO promises an “infinity of stories” to invent with the contents of this product, however you will need to have a little imagination to get something out of it. Shadow can be imprisoned in the "cryogenic tank", he can escape, he can confront the Badnik Rhinobot in passing and then escape on his motorcycle. Why not, do it once before posting the thing in a corner to amortize the investment.

The motorcycle is very decent considering its limited inventory, Shadow can be installed in a seated position on the seat, this is not always the case with LEGO motorcycles, and can even really take hold of the roller-based handlebars paint. The machine is not unworthy, it is neat knowing that there are no stickers in this box and that the motorcycle therefore benefits from pad-printed elements.

The other construction of the set brings some functionality to the product with the possibility of ejecting the glass from the tank by pressing on the two-tone edge of the base so that Shadow sets sail. The barrier placed behind the tank is synchronized with the ejection mechanism of the canopy, Shadow can then smash it with his motorcycle. the bottom of the tank is furnished with a very successful pad-printed piece (see photo below).

The Rhinobot is correct even if it struggles a little to embody the creature with its shell and its central wheel seen on the screen in video games where the villain makes an appearance, it is missing at least one yellow band which crosses the shell of the evil robot. the Clucky provided is symbolic, the idea is there and the little figurine will do the trick even if the hen's crest would in my opinion have deserved a plastic excrescence instead of being satisfied with a simple printed pattern.

lego sonic hedgehog 76995 shadow escape 4

We cannot therefore say that the product is crazy playable and exceptionally creative and for €21 LEGO is clearly content with the bare minimum to encourage us to buy the new Shadow figurine delivered in this box.

The latter is rather well executed even if the white pad-printed area on the black background of the torso is too dull compared to the more "intense" white of the legs, which is a shame. The legs and arms benefit from particular care and these nicely pad-printed elements are successful.

For the head of the figurine, some will perhaps only see an interpretation that strays too far from the initial concept of the LEGO minifig, others will find that the mold is frankly successful, everyone has their own appreciation of the liberties taken by LEGO in this range to offer credible characters resembling their digital alter egos.

In short, this little additional pack which could possibly flesh out a diorama made up of a few boxes from the Sonic the Hedgehog range doesn't have much to offer but it only costs €21 and we all know here that the motivation will come from the presence of a new figurine that many fans of this universe were waiting for in a LEGO version.

That's already good, we learn not to be too demanding over time and to be satisfied with what we are offered if the price seems acceptable to us. In my opinion, this is the case here, the motorcycle saving the furniture in the process concerning the constructions provided.

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