75345 lego starwars 501st clone troopers battle pack false advertising

LEGO reacts today officially to the small aesthetic approximation present on the official visuals of the LEGO Star Wars set 75345 501st Clone Troopers Battle Pack : We see there, still to this day, the range finder of the 501st Officer fixed in a hole which does not exist in reality on the helmet of the figure. The position presented on the official visuals is the correct one, on the "real" minifig, the accessory is placed too high on the new helmet with holes.

At LEGO, we are content to justify this error by invoking the fact that many people are involved in the development of a set and that the error is therefore human, the manufacturer no longer even bothering to apologize or promise a correction of visuals still online on the official store.

We will note in passing the significant difference between the pad printing of the official visuals of the helmet and that of the real product.

Admitted fault is half forgiven, but for the other half, it will be necessary to wait until LEGO modifies the product sheet to present a product in conformity with that delivered in this box of 119 pieces sold 19.99 €.

Creating new sets involves a number of different teams working together in parallel, and unfortunately in this case the printed box art for 75345 features a computer render of a Phase 2 Clone Trooper helmet that doesn't reflect the final finished physical element and positioning of the range finder on the figure.

In the final design of the physical helmet element, the visor dictates where holes for extra attachments need to be placed for them to sit. This is slightly higher than the position where the range finder is on the render found on the 75345 box.

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