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LEGO Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure

The LEGO phenomenon is currently abundantly exploited by many publishers who flood the shelves with more or less successful books and I must admit that I am becoming more and more selective about my purchases of LEGO books: I often think twice before spend several tens of euros in books that eat into my budget devoted to bricks and are too often simple compilations of content already available on the internet.

The latest to join my library of LEGO books, proposed by the very prolific publisher Dorling Kindersley (DK for close friends), has a few arguments to make: LEGO Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure is a book accompanied by 73 parts which allow to assemble a very successful Microfighter. We take advantage of 80 pages of good ideas with the common thread of the adventures of Zin Evalon, the young rebel pilot provided, at the controls of his Y-Wing microphone.

LEGO Star Wars Build Your Own Adventure

The box has been well thought out: The pieces are delivered in a classic LEGO bag (Reference 11912) itself stored in a cardboard insert, one side of which details the content and the back of which is a landing strip for the Y -Wing included. Assembly instructions for the included new Microfighter are provided on the first pages of the book.

It's plush, the book is fun to leaf through, the mini-models presented are very successful and can for the most part be reproduced without difficulty thanks to the exploded views. Each model has been validated by LEGO so that the techniques used and the level of difficulty are adapted to the young audience targeted by the book. Everything deserves in my opinion that we spend the 24 € requested for the English version.

The outer box, very thick and which brings together the book and the cardboard insert, may at first glance seem a little too ambitious for what it contains, but it will certainly help to enhance the whole when it comes to making a gift.

If you intend to offer this box to a young fan not necessarily English speaking, know that the publisher Huginn et Munnin offers the French version of this box pre-order at a price of 26.95 € with availability announced for October 14th.


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