18/03/2021 - 16:22 Lego news LEGO Star Wars Rumors

lego starwars 75309 republic gunship ucs 2021 teasing

Today we are quickly talking about the Republic Gunship expected in the LEGO Star Wars range this year following a video conference during which the designers agreed to deliver some more or less evasive answers to the questions put to them. The product was not presented to us, it was just a question at this stage of evoking the set by kicking in touch on most of the questions too specific.

We now know that the Republic Gunship winner of the vote organized last year on the Ideas platform will be well marketed this year, probably in the fall, and that it will be an imposing stamped model Ultimate Collector Series.

The double canopy, about fifteen centimeters long, pad-printed with red patterns, which will be used on this model was briefly presented during the conference, specifying that it logically defines the scale of the rest of the construction. It is composed of two copies of the 10x4x3 one which already equips many models including the 2012 UCS B-wing or the Anakin Jedi Interceptor. The designers also evoke the need for a coffee table to display this Republic Gunship which promises to be imposing, a simple shelf is probably not enough.

One should not expect to get a large handful of minifigs in this set, the designers confirming that the minifig (s) that usually accompany UCS products are there to add a decorative touch to the exhibition models concerned.

In the radius of the rumors which circulate elsewhere, we have a reference, it would be the set 75309, a theoretical public price which would be fixed at 349.99 € and a number of parts which is not confirmed for instant: 3292.

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