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new lego harry potter speed champions marvel sets march 2024

As expected, LEGO has listed on its official online store the new 2024 products in the Harry Potter, Speed ​​Champions and Marvel ranges unveiled last night, with the exception of the Marvel set 10792 Drill Spinner Vehicle, and we therefore obtain their respective public prices as well as confirmation of the marketing of these different products from March 1, 2024.

The increase in prices for products in the Speed ​​Champions range is therefore very effective, going from €24.99 to €26.99 for vehicles sold individually and from €44.99 to €49.99 for sets containing two vehicles.


lego marvel 76285 spider man mask 6

As one might assume, the LEGO Marvel set 76285 Spider-Man's Mask is now listed on the official online store and we obtain confirmation of the public price of this box of 487 pieces, which is set at €69.99.

The release of this product online by LEGO is also an opportunity to observe it from all angles thanks to the short 3D sequence below, just to check if the object is as successful as it looks on the most flattering visuals used by the manufacturer. As far as I am concerned, I am rather reassured, the overall shape of the 19 cm high construction seems very successful to me given the limited scale. I am less reassured by the pad-printed parts/stickers combination which risks giving us some slightly disappointing differences in color, to be checked.

This box is already up for pre-order on the Shop with delivery from January 1, 2024:


new lego marvel spidey amazing friends 2024

The German brand JB Spielwaren today unveils three new 2024 products brought together under the title LEGO Marvel Spidey and his Amazing Friends. These three sets are references with limited inventory and stamped 4+ which are therefore intended for a very (very) young audience. However, they will also allow you to obtain some new minifigs in the Marvel range.

For those who are wondering, these sets Spidey and his Amazing Friends are derivative products of the eponymous animated series launched in 2021 on the American channel Disney Junior.

Availability announced for March 1, 2024.

These three products are not yet visible on the official online store (direct links above), they should be there very quickly, LEGO having obviously authorized its resellers to communicate on these new 2024 products. These sets as well as others new products for 2024 are online on

10794 lego mqrvel spidey amazoing friends web spinner headquarters

lego marvel 76285 spider man mask 3

This is thanks to the release of the LEGO Marvel set online 76285 Spider-Man Mask by LEGO Certified Australian Store that today we discover the LEGO-style interpretation of the character with 487 pieces and availability planned for January 1, 2024.

As it stands and seen from the angle proposed by the manufacturer, the 19 cm high construction seems more or less successful to me but we will have to wait to be able to observe it from all angles to check whether this impression, in principle based on the most flattering view of the object is confirmed.

The set is not yet online on the official store, it should be there quickly and we will then have confirmation of its public price which should be €69.99.

lego marvel 76285 spider man mask 5

lego marvel 76269 5008076 launch offer lego insiders

As expected, the LEGO Marvel set 76269 Avengers Tower is now available at the public price of €499.99 on the official online store and the acquisition of this large box of 5201 pieces allows you until November 27, 2023 to obtain an extension of the diorama in the form of a small promotional set of 150 pieces bearing the reference 5008076 Marvel Taxi.

Almost everything has already been said about this big box and if you are still hesitant, you can read or reread my product review. Concerning the product offered for the purchase of this box, I presented it in detail a few days ago.

It is now up to you to decide whether this set of two sets is worth spending €500 on right away or whether it is better to wait for a later opportunity to pay a little less for this tower.

Please note, remember to identify yourself on your LEGO Insiders account before confirming your order, the promotional set is only offered to members of the program.


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