On newsstands: The September 2022 issue of the Official LEGO Marvel Avengers Magazine

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lego marvel avengers magazine september 2022 thanos minifigure

The September 2022 issue of the Official LEGO Marvel Avengers Magazine sold for €6.50 is currently available on newsstands and if you manage to find a copy somewhere, it allows you as expected to obtain a minifig of Thanos in a version with his neutral legs and his helmet delivered identically in the set 76170 Iron Man vs. Thanos, but also composed of elements available in other boxes of the Marvel range.

We will especially remember that the minifig supplied with this magazine is now delivered in a paper bag which now replaces the usual shiny plastic version. It's immediately a little less sexy, but it seems that it's better for the planet.

The minifigure that will ship with the next issue of LEGO Marvel Spider-Man Magazine due out October 17, 2022 is revealed on the inside pages of the magazine, it's Carnage. The minifig in question is not new, it was delivered identically in 2021 in the set 76173 Spider-Man and Ghost Rider vs. Carnage (19.99 €).

lego marvel avengers september 2022 thanos

lego marvel spider man magazine october 2022 carnage


Review: LEGO Marvel 76226 Spider-Man Figure

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Today we quickly go around one of the three Action Figures of the LEGO Marvel range marketed since September 1, that of the set 76226 Spider-Man Figure with its 258 pieces and its public price set at 29.99 €.

I won't repeat the whole couplet for you on the very approximate aesthetics of the thing, we already talked about it on the occasion of the Review devoted to reference 76225 Mile Morales Figure. One could also imagine that these two figurines to be built are perfectly identical, they deal after all more or less with the same subject, but this one offers some variations in the assembly which will avoid a certain weariness to those who will offer themselves the all the sets offered for sale. However, LEGO retains the same joints here and, by extension, the same limitations in terms of character mobility.

It should also be noted that this version of Spider-Man incorporates three additional pad-printed parts at the level of the pelvis and the legs and it is perfectly executed: black ink (dark) and placed on a red background (lighter) and it works. The ball joints and other gray notched joints are logically more present on this red and blue figurine than on that of Miles Morales with his black suit. I also note that Spider-man's thighs and calves seem visually oversized compared to the rest of the figurine even if the feet, here in a single color, are on the other hand almost a little more discreet than with Miles Morales then that they are identical for the two constructions.

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76226 lego marvel spider-man figure 6

For the rest, the back of Spider-Man's head is just as bad as with Miles Morales, the back of the character is also sketchy, it is possible to have a little fun imagining original poses which will only be limited the arrival in abutment of certain textural elements at the level of the arms or the legs and LEGO delivers a handful of white fabrics to be clipped in the hollow of the hands.

In short, the set does not really take human form and we have the impression of dealing with robots or at least with humans in armor and these figurines do not revolutionize an exercise that must be recognized as difficult . Some rounded parts try to soften the shapes in places but the figurine remains a little too coarse to deserve to finish its career as a model placed on a shelf.

The youngest will be satisfied with it, the object is solid and easy to handle and there is enough to have a little fun. Regarding the assembly process, LEGO indicates that these products are intended for children aged 8 and over, but those less experienced will probably need a little help to assemble the ball joints shoulders and ankles that are a bit difficult to build.

So there is something here to please a few children, provided they wait for these figurines to end up at a bargain price at a few overstocked retailers. Which will inevitably happen eventually.

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