08/03/2011 - 23:28 Minifigure Series
LEGO 8804 Collectable Minifigures Series 4Some information about the availability in our regions of the series 4 of collectible minifigures (8804:
They have just appeared on eBay at a seller located in Hong Kong.
We can afford (Without the bag apparently):

- Pack of 4 minifigures including 1 x Kimono girl1 x soccer player1 x Werewolf and 1 x The Monster.

- Pack of 4 minifigures including 2 x Punk rocker and 2 x Musketeer.

For its part, Peek and Poke announced the availability of boxes of 60 minifigs for early April 2011 via the brand's forum. 
Various forums speak of a release scheduled for April 15, 2011. Unlike previous series, we will probably not see early availability, LEGO has undoubtedly learned the lesson of previous releases to say the least chaotic ....
The first review of the complete series is available at Eurobricks in a dedicated topic, it is offered by WhiteFang.
If you want to see the images directly without the comments, go to the flickr gallery from the same WhiteFang.
19/02/2011 - 19:52 Minifigure Series
Odaiba201102 05seen on Lego-kei, a site dedicated to small bricks in the land of the rising sun, a stand where you can configure your minifig yourself according to your tastes ....

Torsos, heads, legs, hairstyle, each element is offered in detail.

When will this kind of shop be in France? In fact, when will a LEGO store in France .....
In the same shop, there are textiles, dozens of mini sets, and many accessories for sale ...
The paradise of AFOL in short.
Odaiba201102 01
13/02/2011 - 22:56 Minifigure Series
series5 toyfairThe Complete Fifth Wave Collectible Minifigure Series was presented at Toy Fair 2011.
We can see the different characters and their accessories a little better.
Nothing to say, LEGO innovates and this 5th series is undoubtedly one of the best currently offered by the manufacturer.
 The bags will be blue, as indicated a few weeks ago.
The only question we can ask ourselves: Which minifig will be the subject of speculation in this series from the Bricklink and eBay dealers, as with the elf on the current 3 series ......

Click on the visual to view a large version.


11/02/2011 - 16:19 Minifigure Series
4series 2By dint of looking for information on the series 5, we would almost forget that the series 4 of collectable minifigures (Collectable Minifigures of their real name) must point the tip of his nose by the month of April.
The big unknown remains the identification system of the contents of the bag, the barcode having been abandoned since the series 2 in favor of small discreet marks on the series 3, which have since also been withdrawn.
There remains the possibility of guessing the contents by "feeling" the sachet, or of buying a complete box of 60 sachets, to be sure of having at least 2 complete series.

In short, we do not know much, and you can console yourself with these two visuals that appeared today in the dedicated topic on Eurobrick.

4 series
10/02/2011 - 23:13 Minifigure Series
lego appIt's not a revolution, but LEGO released one more iPhone app after the catastrophic Lego photo, and the sorry Lego creationary.
This time we are entitled to LEGO Minifigure Collector, an application for iPhone / iPod (too bad for iPad users who will have to zoom in to use this application ...) whose sole purpose is to complete its collection of series 2 and 3 minifigures via a jackpot-type machine.
You start the machine, and if you manage to come across three parts (Head, bust, legs) of the same minifigure, it is added to your collection. Boring and repetitive, without any interest, but free.
lego iphone