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29/11/2023 - 14:10 Lego news New LEGO 2023 Shopping

40603 40604 lego seasonal winter christmas gwp

Forget Black Friday, it's already time to move on with the release by LEGO of two new thematic promotional products which will be offered in December.

These two small sets are obviously on the theme of Christmas and the end of year celebrations with on one side a small box of 153 pieces to assemble a carriage with its horse, its coachman and two passengers which will advantageously expand your settings. scenes based on stamped LEGO products Winter village and on the other a set of 182 pieces allowing you to build three decorative balls to decorate your tree.

The conditions for receiving these two small products as well as the dates of the operation have not yet been officially confirmed by LEGO, this will be the case quickly, these two products being in principle planned for the beginning of December:

40603 lego seasonal wintertime carriage ride 3

40604 lego seasonal christmas decor set 4

lego black friday extensions gwp

Small reminder for the attention of those who have not noticed: LEGO is currently continuing to close its stock of promotional products started since the Insiders weekend and then on the occasion of Black Friday even if the dates planned for the offers concerned are officially outdated.

However, the manufacturer no longer "officially" lists these offers on the dedicated page, with the risk of validating an order containing the promotional products concerned but seeing it expunged before shipment for a hypothetical out of stock after the unofficial extension.

As it stands, you can therefore still hope to be able to obtain and accumulate the following promotional products:

lego black friday cyber monday 2023

Do you want more ? After the weekend dedicated to members of the LEGO Insiders program and Black Friday, LEGO continues with a final day of cumulative promotional offers before the end-of-year holidays, Cyber ​​Monday. As expected, Majisto has bowed out and there remains the Creator set offered from €170 purchase and a set of two CITY and Friends polybags offered from €50 purchase (offer valid only online).

The small LEGO promotional set 5008076 Marvel Taxi is still free with the purchase of the LEGO Marvel set 76269 Avengers Tower, offer ends today.

  • LEGO Friends 30633 Skate Ramp free from 50 € of purchase
  • LEGO CITY 30638 Police Bicycle Training free from 50 € of purchase
  • Lego creator 40602 Winter Market Stall free from 170 € of purchase

If you haven't done so yet, remember to collect your Insiders coupons to benefit from a variable reduction on the public price of some boxes, to compare with the prices charged on these sets elsewhere than at LEGO, for example at Amazonon FNAC.comat Cdiscount or even at Auchan if they are not exclusive to the official online store:

Finally, some sets (full list accessible at this address) benefit from a reduction on their public price which temporarily places these boxes almost at the price usually charged elsewhere, including the set 10273 Haunted Houses who joins the offer with an immediate reduction of 30%, it is up to you to see if these prices seem reasonable to you and if the associated accumulation of Insiders points seems interesting to you. I have listed below the sets which remain in stock and which benefit from 30 and 40% reduction, the most interesting references available at the start of the weekend are sold out:


lego 40602 creator winter market stall gwp 2023 4 1

lego 40601 majisto magical workshop gwp 2023 4

Be careful, there are only a few hours left to get a copy of the LEGO set 40601 Majisto's Magical Workshop free from 250 € of purchase on the official online store.

Indeed, the offer ends today, no Cyber ​​Monday for Majisto while the set 40602 Winter Market Stall will for its part be free from 170 € of purchase until November 27 inclusive. We can welcome the fact that the offer is still valid a few hours before the scheduled end, this is already an achievement at LEGO when we know that the products offered under the condition of purchase are often sold out well before the announced deadline.

If you absolutely need a copy of the LEGO set 40601 Majisto's Magical Workshop, to add it to your collection or resell it on the secondary market to offset some of your weekend expenses, so now is the time to act.


black friday 2023 ksos brawl shitty LEGO

Forward to the traditional Black Friday in its 2023 version with, like every year, a few offers at LEGO but also at your usual resellers. As usual, don't expect to find LEGO at knockdown prices everywhere, even if there are probably some good deals to be had at certain merchants who will not have inflated the prices of their products just before and then display reduction percentages too attractive to be honest.

Like every year, do not hesitate to share your tips in the comments, even if it's local operations or limited availability. Fans in your area may be able to take advantage of discounts offered at the local supermarket or toy store.

Below, direct access to the LEGO offer offered online by the main brands likely to participate in the operation:

Sale at the official LEGO store The best prices for LEGO products at amazon LEGO sales on Lego sales at Cidscount Lego sales at Cultura
Lego sales at Carrefour Lego sales at Auchan Lego sales at Leclerc Lego sales at Rakuten Lego sales at Jouéclub
LEGO Sale at Smyths Lego sales at King Jouet Lego sales at La Grande Récré Lego sales at Avenue des Jeux LEGO sales at LIDL
  • E.Leclerc : 25% in E.Leclerc ticket on a selection of LEGO products
  • Auchan : 30% prize pool on a selection of LEGO products
  • La Grande Recre : 20% immediate reduction from €50 purchase on LEGO products
  • Ticketmaster : 2 LEGO products purchased, the 3rd free with the code LEGOBLACK5
  • King Toy : 50% immediate reduction on the 2nd LEGO product purchased
  • Toy club : 50% immediate reduction on the 2nd LEGO product purchased
  • SmythsToys : Up to 40% off selected LEGO sets