10/04/2024 - 23:33 Lego news New LEGO 2024

75580 lego despicable me 4 minions banana car

We knew since the announcement by LEGO of two sets from the LEGO Despicable Me 4 range that the latter would accommodate two other boxes which will accompany the release of the animated film Despicable Me 4 and this is the LEGO Certified Store usual Australian who reveals to us today the reference 75580 Minions and Banana Car.

In this box of 136 pieces, enough to assemble a vaguely banana-shaped vehicle and four characters: Mel, Ron, Tim and Mega Minion Dave. Not enough to get up at night, but the youngest ones might find what they're looking for. Availability announced for May 2024 by the Australian Store.

new lego star wars sets may 2024

Today we are discovering three new products from the LEGO Star Wars range which will be available from May 1, 2024 with a pretty diorama which features the Boonta Eve race on Mos Espa with the Anakin and Sebulba modules, a rather convincing Droideka with a mini version of the thing and a presentation plate and a Cody figurine in BrickHeadz format. These three products are already listed in the catalog of a LEGO Certified Store Australian.

These three boxes are not yet listed on the official online store, they will be accessible directly via the links above as soon as this is the case.

75380 lego starwars mos espa podrace

10/04/2024 - 10:04 Lego news New LEGO 2024

lego 40684 fruit store gwp 2024 5

The collection of mini boutiques which recently took over from that of Maisons du Monde will very soon be expanded with a new reference, the promotional set 40684 Fruit Store which is now live on the official store.

This small box of 337 pieces which will allow you to assemble a fruit seller's shop will soon be offered subject to purchase, probably from €200 and without restriction of range as was the case for the set 40680 Flower Store last March.

Lovers of (almost) micro-Modulars to line up on a shelf will therefore have to go back to the checkout to be able to complete this new collection which will include four different models, LEGO reusing the recipe already proven with the series of constructions on the theme of homes from different countries.


Untitled 4

new lego dreamzzz may 2024

Today we are discovering the official visuals of three new products expected in the LEGO DREAMZzz range from May 1, 2024. It is a LEGO Certified Store based in Mexico who has posted the images of these three boxes online and while waiting to know at what price they will be sold here, we obtain good quality visuals, the titles as well as the number of pieces of each of these sets:

These three boxes are not yet listed on the official online store, they will be accessible directly via the links above as soon as this is the case.

71478 lego dreamzzz never witch midnight raven

09/04/2024 - 00:40 Lego news New LEGO 2024

60441 lego city space explorers pack 1

LEGO has put online a new addition to the CITY range which is none other than a pack bringing together three existing references: the set 60441 Space Explorers Pack which brings together in the same packaging three products from the range on the theme of space, all offered at the public price of €29.99:

There is therefore no significant saving on the purchase of this "super pack", the polybag 30663 Space Hoverbike being offered here under the condition of purchase but directly inserted in the packaging. LEGO already regularly offers this type of offer allowing you to obtain a bag of a few pieces free on its official online store, we could have hoped for a greater reduction applied on the cumulative public prices of the two boxes combined in this set. Availability planned for May 1, 2024.
60441 lego city space explorers pack 2