new lego monkie kid sets 2023

The new additions to the LEGO Monkie Kid range scheduled for January 1, 2023 are now live on the official store. It's generally convincing, too bad that the animated series which serves both to create a bit of context for the various derivative products and marketing support for these boxes is not broadcast with us, so that the youngest know what they are with. have fun. I remind you for all intents and purposes that this range of products is only distributed outside of Asia because LEGO has undertaken to no longer geographically limit the distribution of its "general public" products.

I will settle for the big mech, it deserves my full attention knowing that it is more successful than the Hulkbuster at 549.99 €.

Note: all the other new features for January 2023 are online at Pricevortex.

80044 lego monkie kid team hideout

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