02/08/2011 - 23:35 Lego news
7879 store
This much-criticized set is finally available on the Lego shop lego for the modest sum of 99.90 €, which is probably 30 € too much. But as when we love we do not count, we buy it and we are offered in the process a Jetpack LEGO® Alien Conquest figurine added automatically to your basket for any order of a minimum amount of 25 €.

For barely less than 100 € you will be entitled, according to the official description of the set, to:
A tauntaun barn with lockable door, a tauntaun, two rotating radars, an ice trap, a working crane and a medical compartment with a bacta tank
8 minifigures: Han Solo, injured Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, 2-1B, protocol droid R-3PO, Chewbacca and 2 snowtroopers
Fire missiles from the turrets!
Defend the Rebel Alliance with repeating blasters and blaster guns!
Measures over 53cm wide by 12cm high
Imperial speeder bike is over 12 '' (XNUMXcm) long

In short, a set that will join my collection, because it is necessary, but the purchase price of which seems really excessive to me. And yet, I'm not the type to complain too often about the prices charged by LEGO ....

02/08/2011 - 23:21 Unclassified
Mirandir, a seemingly knowledgeable Eurobricks forumer, provides some clarification and summarizes the information he has about the LEGO Star Wars lineup in 2012 and the new turn the manufacturer intends to take to attract more fans:
LEGO will change the format of its Battle Packs which will now include two factions in order to guarantee immediate playability.
The first Battle Pack planned will be on the Endor theme with 2 Rebel Troopers, 1 Scout Trooper with a speeder, 1 Stormtrooper and a tree equipped with a missile launcher (LEGO loves to put missile launchers everywhere).
The planned seocnd Battle Pack will be on the Clone Wars theme with 2 Commandos Droids, 1 ARC Trooper and 1 ARF Trooper. A Republic cannon will also be included in this BP.
So there will be 11 sets planned for the first wave in 2012. 6 "System" sets, 2 "Special Edition" and 3 sets of the new concept I told you about in a previous article.
This new concept is a kind of collectible set which will consist of a minifigure, a support and parts to assemble. These different sets can be exhibited together and will form a whole (In what form?). The selling price will be $ 9.99 or € 9.99 per unit, and 3 sets of this type will be marketed each year.
Among the sets of the first wave of 2012, only one will be oriented OT (Original Trilogy) and two others will be based on Episode I. Mirandir says that LEGO still wants to globalize its sets in the Star Wars universe without necessarily basing them on one movie or another.
Finally, the set containing Queen Amidala will not be marketed during the first wave of 2012.
02/08/2011 - 22:46 Minifigure Series
mountain ride
It is once again pockyland.net which allows us to discover the new minifigs of the upcoming 6 series.
In addition to the recently discovered alien and the Statue of Liberty (See this article), we now discover eight new minifigs that should be part of this sixth collectible minifig series.
Note the presence of the usual bases provided with the minifigs that we know which tends to confirm that this series is not a fake. It is nevertheless advisable to remain cautious ...
In addition, take the time to visit the LEGO site dedicated to these minifigs where you will discover some fun games featuring the characters from series 1 to 5, detailed sheets, some wallpapers and some nice animations.
I let you discover the visuals below, click on the images for large format versions.
minifig series6 1
minifig series6 2
minifig series6 3
minifig series6 4
minifig series6 5
minifig series6 6
minifig series6 7
minifig series6 8
30/07/2011 - 22:07 LEGO Star Wars
lego box naboo royal starship
It is already time to start talking about the LEGO Star Wars range planned for 2012. There are many rumors circulating about it on various forums and the whole community is torn between skepticism and impatience.
Here is a summary of these current rumors, to be taken with a grain of salt and with hindsight so as not to be manipulated by some forumers who seek to make themselves interesting.
Mirandir, Eurobricks forumer, claims to have already seen preliminary pictures of the next two Battle Packs. According to him, these BP would be very different from what we have known so far in the Star Wars range: Exit the BP bringing together members of the same faction. The next PBs in 2012 will be made up of a mix of opposing factions.
The range which would be released in the first half of 2012 would consist of six classic "System" sets, two "Limited Edition" sets, but also three sets of a new series for collectors, either a total of 11 sets.
About these “collectable” novelties Mirandir specifies that they would not be products similar to what we know as the minifig series, but products specially packaged for display.
The rumor concerning the presence of a Naboo Royal Starship in the set 9499 which will contain the minifig of queen Amidala continues to make its way. Even if it must be admitted that this type of machine would have to be fully chromed to be credible, this dramatically impacting the final cost of production and therefore of sale of this product.
About this you can always go at this address to read the discussion around the MOC of the Naboo Royal Starship dating from 2005 of which I offer an image above. The Brickshelf gallery gathering pictures of this chrome machine by a fan is at this address.
Another Eurobricks forumer and employee at LEGO, Capt. Kirk, has launched a wave of speculation following comments at the very least mysterious in which he evokes the release in 2012 ofa set with exceptional content that AFOLs should not miss. These meager indications were enough to motivate all the most eccentric rants. The release of a set containing a unique minifig like a Rancor for example seems to hold the line in the opinion of AFOLs. We also hear about a chrome R2-D2 or a remake of the Cloud City.
In short, rumors are rife, like every year and everyone will take what they want while waiting to learn a little more ...
30/07/2011 - 21:26 MOCs
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The youngest among us will probably not have known the now cult 1966 TV series bringing together Adam West and Burd Ward.

The height of kitsch today with its old-fashioned costumes, its dialogue close to intellectual nothingness and its distressing special effects, this series, successful for the time, fascinated an entire generation of superhero fans. 

Orion Pax, A talented MOCeur makes us relive this era with two impressive MOCs: A batcave conforming to that of the series and a batmobile larger than life. Orion Pax's flickr gallery to admire these achievements from every angle.

I can not resist the pleasure of also offering you a video of the cult moments of this series.

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