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More news from Comic Con with these photos of the novelties of the LEGO Hero Action Figures range, which are not necessarily in the best taste.

I'm not already a fan of this range which no longer has much of LEGO, but here we are hitting rock bottom ...

Still, my son loves Hero Factory, and the gameplay is maximum with this type of articulate character.

None of these four super heroes really look like the original character and the reinterpretation is really hit and miss.

Special mention for Hulk who is just ridiculous.

Note that this is probably again preliminary version.
I'll let you make up your own mind with the visual below.

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21/07/2011 - 01:29 Lego news

More and more of you visit me every day on Hoth Bricks and I thank you.

Today's various announcements about the 2012 release of the LEGO Super Heroes line have been surprising and faster than expected and I have to admit that I'm already a fan of these minifigs featuring our favorite heroes.

An avid reader of comics like Strange and Spidey in my younger years, I had to react to these announcements of partnership between LEGO, Warner Bros and Disney for the DC Universe and Marvel licenses.

So today I launched a second blog dedicated to this new range, Brick Heroes that you can find at this address, or follow on the dedicated Facebook page which is at this address.

I hope as many of you will follow me as you are on Hoth Bricks.

21/07/2011 - 00:54 Lego news
Here is the first teaser for the LEGO Super Heroes range.

We find Batman in a scene full of humor and we can discover in close-up the details of the minifigure to come.

LEGO has definitely put the package for this fanfare launch of this range which seems to be unanimous on the forums.

It remains to be seen whether the sets on offer will be at a fair price and with attractive content for fans. Enough to forget the semi-failure of the Batman range of 14 sets released between 2006 and 2008, and whose prices are skyrocketing despite everything on Bricklink or eBay.

21/07/2011 - 00:21 Lego news

It is meat1980, member of Eurobricks who first unsheathed his camera to offer us these pictures of the prototypes of the minifigs to come in the Super Heroes range.

The minifigs DC Universe are quite successful. Batman is a barely revised version of the minifigure released in 2006 and Catwoman is also a refreshed version of the minifigure released in 2006, Poison Ivy is nicely restyled and corrects the shot of the passable minifigure of 2006, the Joker is okay and has had a complete makeover from the 2006 minifigure and Superman and Wonder Woman are very successful, the colors being respected and the costumes well reproduced. 

Click on the image below to view a larger version.

dc minifigs

On the side of minifigs Marvel, the good surprise is Captain America.
The minifigure looks excellent in every way.
Thor is likable, Iron Man is arguably a prototype due to the disproportions between the helmet and the rest of the body, Hulk is also an unscreened prototype and Wolverine already looks very worked.

Click on the image below to view a larger version.

marvel minifigs
20/07/2011 - 23:50 Lego news
websiteIt took only a few hours for LEGO to upload content to the address https://www.legosuperheroes.com.

On the program, detailed information on the announced competition which offers you to make a stop-motion video, a photo or even a drawing representing a character from the DC Universe license.

Each participant can use LEGO Super Heroes minifigs (Who has any so far?) Or any other minifig representing a super hero (implying a custom minifig).

Contest entries will be judged on their originality and creativity each month until December 2011.
Trips to Warner Bros Studios and LEGOLAND Park in California as well as full line packs 2012 LEGO Super Heroes: DC Universe collection are up for grabs.

In December 2011, a "Great"prize will also be awarded.

The winners (2 each month) will be offered a limited edition hand-painted porcelain model as well as the full range pack 2012 LEGO Super Heroes: DC Universe collection.

The second (2 each month) will be offered the complete pack mentioned above.

The third (3 each month) will receive the DC Universe Batcave set, the LEGO Batman game on the platform of their choice and a Batman t-shirt.
The launch of the site also gives us the opportunity to discover in detail the minifigs already announced: Batman, Superman and Green Lantern.