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24/03/2011 - 15:37 Minifigure Series
Lego 8805 Minifigure Series 5 b2These two images have leaked around the web, these are the commercial visuals for the 5 series of collectible minifigures, due out in August.
Nothing new on these visuals, except that this series, like the previous ones, offers us ever more attractive characters, pushing to invest in these bags to complete a collection that is already very expensive ...
Personally, I bought the complete sets 1 & 2, and a box of the series 3 (to avoid spending hours trying to guess the contents of the sachets). I would probably continue to buy these minifigs, even if the enthusiasm wears off in the end.
If LEGO continues to release 2 series per year, with the distribution and speculation problems that we already know, buyers may quickly tire of chasing after an elf or a viking at a high price on Bricklink or eBay ... .
Lego 8805 Minifigure Series 5
23/03/2011 - 19:05 Lego news
GeekDad had the opportunity to visit the new space dedicated to the Star Wars universe at California LEGOLAND.
He brought back these excellent photos that allow us to get a closer look at the buildings and gear used for these high-end dioramas.

As a reminder, more than 2000 models will be on display, specially covered with a layer of UV protection, for a total of more than 1.5 million bricks divided into seven key scenes seen in the films and the animated series.

22/03/2011 - 23:23 MOCs
It was by pure chance, while following a discussion on Eurobricks, that I arrived on the BrickCommander site.

This talented MOCeur, now Digital Model Designer at LEGO, has set himself the mission of recreating some ships from the Star Wars universe, but with a very interesting particularity: They are all on the scale of the set 10030: UCS Imperial Star Destroyer.

The main interest of these scale versions is to be able to build a realistic diorama where each ship is represented faithfully to the Star Wars universe. The curious will discover machines unknown at LEGO for some, or existing but in different versions for others.
I have compiled for you in pdf format the instructions for 5 of these ships, made available by the creator of these MOCs on his BrickShelf gallery. You can download them by clicking on the image or on the relevant link.

- Pdf instructions Recusant-Class Light Destroyer, vessel used by General Grievous in the Battle of Coruscant.
republic cruiser

- Pdf instructions Republic cruiser, vessel used to transport diplomats, dignitaries or Jedi.
nebulon frigate

- Pdf instructions EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate, whose mission was to protect imperial convoys from rebel attacks.


- Pdf instructions C-9979 Landing Craft used by the Federation of Commerce during the invasion of Naboo, during the Battle of Courscant and then during the Battle of Kashyyyk.

strike cruiser- Pdf instructions Imperial Strike Cruiser, spaceship from video games from the Star Wars franchise.

21/03/2011 - 14:33 MOCs
marshal_banana just posted on his Eurobricks topic relating to the SandCrawler MOC a summary video of the work in progress for 4 months now.
We discover the 15 kg machine equipped with its two track systems in the test phase.
Note that this MOCeur began with parts from 3 copies of the set released in 2005:10144: Sandcrawler or nearly 4800 pieces in the colors suitable for this type of machine. Since marshal_banana has bought parts again and again on Bricklink to perfect his MOC .....

20/03/2011 - 14:00 MOCs
droid carrier mocLEGO has already tried to reproduce a Battle Droid Carrier or rather a Platoon Attack Craft (PAC), with the set 7126: Battle Droid Carrier released in 2001 and more recently with the set 7929: The Battle of Naboo.

In either case, you can't really say that LEGO has outdone itself.

These two sets are more of a pretext for getting half a dozen battle droids than for the realism and functionality of the transport vehicle itself.

A MOCeur ventured to build a more elaborate and above all articulated model using Technic parts of this vehicle.
The result is much closer to the vehicle seen in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace or in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, then in the animated series Clone Wars.
This Battle Droid Carrier can carry 32 battle droids which can be deployed thanks to a clever system that I let you discover below or on the flickr gallery of this MOCeur.

droid carrier moc2