19/01/2023 - 13:57 Lego news New LEGO 2023 Shopping

lego 40581 bionicle tahu takua gwp 5

The LEGO promotional set 40581 BIONICLE Tahu and Takua is now online on the official store where this small box of 219 pieces is valued at 16.99 €. It will be offered from January 27 to February 9, 2023 from 100 € of purchase and since the posting of the first "reviews" of the product which praise the tribute offered to an emblematic range of the manufacturer's catalog, the opinions are to say the least very mixed. You will have to spend your money in the CITY, Monkie Kid, Ninjago, Friends, Classic, DOTS and Creator 3-in-1 universes to be able to take advantage of the offer.

LEGO undoubtedly estimates that the subject treated will be enough to motivate a nostalgic generation which in any case could not hope for better and will be satisfied with these two constructions which finally have BIONICLE only the name.

lego 40581 bionicle tahu takua gwp 3

17/01/2023 - 13:44 Lego news

lego dots finito

LEGO today announces the upcoming discontinuation of the LEGO DOTS range, launched in 2020, and the last wave of new products marketed under this label will be in March 2023. Existing products will remain available until the end of this year.

The ultra-competitive creative leisure market got the better of this range of products that are logically difficult to renew and reinvent over time. Even if the range disappears as such, LEGO does not refrain from reusing the concept within other ranges, it is already the case with products under Disney license and we know that three references under Harry Potter license are scheduled for this year.

After careful consideration, we have decided to exit the LEGO® DOTS theme and integrate tile-based play into other themes within our portfolio.

January and March launches of LEGO DOTS novelties will go ahead but also be our last on this theme, with all current items from 2022 remaining active in the product line up until the end of the year.

LEGO DOTS was launched in March 2020 with the ambition to connect with kids through their passion for arts & crafts – looking at encouraging self-expression and to attract new builders to the LEGO brand. It was a completely new style of building which used brightly colored tiles to ignite creativity with LEGO fans, in a fun and unique way.

Whilst seeing great appetite for this type of proposition and playing a key role in retaining kids in the LEGO brand, we also recognize the challenges of establishing LEGO DOTS as a long-term brand in the arts & crafts category.

We will refocus our attention on ensuring elements of tile-play live on across other areas of the business. We know there is still a huge appeal from the arts & craft community, and we want to ensure there are opportunities for kids who love the play proposition to still enjoy building in this way. We can also confirm this discontinuation will not affect our business direction on similar themes like LEGO Art and we look forward to more exciting launches in the future.

We want to thank all our LEGO DOTS fans who inspired us with their creativity!

16/01/2023 - 17:38 Lego news New LEGO 2023 Shopping

40581 lego bionicle tahu and .takua gwp 2023

Those who follow the usual channels have already seen the LEGO set 40581 BIONICLE Tahu and Takua, it will be offered on the official store from January 27 to February 9, 2023 from €100 of purchase. In the packaging, 219 pieces to assemble with classic bricks two reproductions of characters from the BIONICLE universe: Tahu and Takua.

I was not a fan of the range concerned, so this promotional product leaves me a little indifferent, but I still ask myself the following question: Why offer a tribute that does not use the parts, not even a mask, which precisely made the specificity of this universe? Many fans will probably be content with it, but I find the result a bit cheap for a tribute to an emblematic range.

(Visuals via bricknerd)

15/01/2023 - 00:11 Lego news New LEGO 2023 Shopping

40583 lego houses world promotional offer 2023 gwp

Forward for two new LEGO promotional offers subject to purchase with on one side a rabbit celebrating the sign of the Chinese zodiac for 2023 and on the other the launch of a new series of small thematic products highlighting different habitat types around the world:

These two new offers are indicated as valid until next January 25 or while stocks last and they can obviously be combined with each other as well as with the one that currently allows you to obtain a copy of the polybag. 40605 Lunar New Year Add-On VIP Pack.

Note that the title of the set 40583 Houses of the World 1 and the official description of the product confirm that this little box will be joined by others on the same theme bearing the references 40590, 40594 and 40599 respectively. These different dwellings can be combined together like a linear diorama based on Modulars.


(The link to the shop redirects to the version of the official shop for your country of connection)

40575 year rabbit lego promotional offer 2023 gwp

14/01/2023 - 15:33 Contest New LEGO 2022

40503 lego billund exclusive dagny holm master builder

We continue today with the putting into play of a copy of the set 40503 Dagny Holm - Master Builder, a box of 1608 pieces which is only available from the shelves of the shop located in the heart of the LEGO House in Billund. This product pays homage to the first "Master Builder", Dagny Holm. The one who was also the niece of the founder of the LEGO group, Ole Kirk Kristiansen, was responsible in her time for the design of all the models of the LEGOLAND park and the construction of 25 cm long by 19 cm wide and 14.5 cm high includes logically some of his most emblematic creations gathered on his desk

To validate your participation and try to add this limited edition set to your collection at a lower cost, simply identify yourself via the interface below and follow the instructions provided. As usual, it is a question of finding information on the official online store and then answering the question correctly. At the end of the participation phase, the winner will be chosen by lot from the correct answers. Participation is free and without obligation to purchase.

Your contact details (name / nickname, email address, IP) are only used within the framework of this competition and will not be kept beyond the drawing of lots which will designate the winner. As usual, this no-obligation competition is open to all residents of mainland France, DOM & TOM, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

The set is as usual generously provided by LEGO, it will be sent to the winner by me as soon as his contact details are confirmed by return email.

As always, I reserve the right to disqualify any participant who has attempted to defraud or hijack the entry system in order to increase their chances of winning. Hateful and bad losers to abstain, the others will have more chances to win.

Good luck to everyone !

No participation via comments, I leave the form open as long as the contestants who cannot read are not yet there. Then we close.

For information: the name / nickname of the winner is displayed in the participation interface once the draw has been made. I also notify the winners by email, but remember to check anyway.