76432 lego harry potter forbidden forest magical creatures 1

Today we quickly overview the contents of the LEGO Harry Potter set 76432 Forbidden Forest: Magical Creatures, a small box of 172 pieces available at the public price of €29.99. You read correctly, this box is sold for €30 despite its reduced inventory, being a fan of the Harry Potter universe in a LEGO way is very expensive.

As you can imagine, this small set is very quickly assembled, there is nothing here to satisfy your thirst for construction techniques or to relax for more than a few minutes. The forbidden forest is symbolic here and you have to make do with a few vaguely detailed modules which can be clipped together and rearranged as you wish.

We will salute the relative modularity of the product so as not to seem to systematically denigrate it too much. We will also note the presence of a few phosphorescent pieces which save the furniture a little within this forest which is not really one.

What remains on arrival are two minifigs, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, and three creatures if we don't count the phosphorescent spider or the bat: Buck the Hippogriff, a baby Thestral and a Cornish elf exclusive to this box . It's almost correct for a set of this size but the public price of the product remains in my opinion much too high despite the presence of these three creatures from the bestiary of the franchise.

76432 lego harry potter forbidden forest magical creatures 2

It will perhaps be possible to combine this somewhat bare forest edge with other future products on the same theme, the principle already being at work thanks to the polybag 30677 Draco in the Forbidden Forest which allows you to add an additional module to the diorama. It's then up to you to possibly expand on things by building a few trees.

There was undoubtedly room for improvement regarding the decor which serves to stage the two characters provided and the three associated creatures, as it stands, everything really remains too basic to offer any assembly experience and guarantee a satisfactory exposure potential.

This is minimum service at LEGO this time, we are in the spin of the Harry Potter license accompanied by an intensive recycling of existing elements more than in the desire to offer something really convincing.

There is therefore no reason to buy this box at full price, it is already available at Amazon for less than €24 which brings us closer to the acceptable price for an uninspired product located in the soft underbelly of the range :

Discount -20%
LEGO Harry Potter The Forbidden Forest: Magical Creatures, Fantasy Toy for Children, with Animals, Buck Figures and A Thestral, Gift Idea for Girls, Boys and Fans from 8 Years Old 76432

LEGO Harry Potter The Forbidden Forest: Magical Creatures, Fantasy Toy for Children, with Animals, Buck Figures and A Thestral, Gift Idea

29.99 23.99

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71046 lego space collectible minifigures series 26 preorder minifigure maddness

If you prefer to invest in complete boxes rather than in individual figurines, know that the Minifigure Maddness brand is offering a pre-order today on a set of two boxes of 36 sachets from the 26th series of collectible minifigs on the theme of Space (ref. 71046). Knowing that it is no longer possible to simply try to guess the contents of the new rigid cardboard packaging, this option can be interesting to limit breakage and share the contents of these boxes with your friends.

If you are wondering which 12 characters and their accessories are included in this 26th series (Ice Planet Redux with Space Penguin, Space Nurse with Pink Space Baby, Robot Human Suit for Tiny Aliens, Orion with translucent parts, Alien in UFO Costume, Classic Space Robot, Retro Spacewoman, Mutated Blacktron, Modern Astronaut, Gray Alien Tourist, Alien Insectoid and M-Tron Redux), you will find on the product sheet the visual of the leaflet delivered in each box which was recently leaked on social networks.

We do not yet know the exact distribution of these boxes which could in the best case contain 3 complete sets of 12 characters, but Minifigure Madness offers the set of two boxes (72 figurines in total) at 226.98 € including postage using the code HOTH212 or,  3.15 € the minifig delivered to your home by DHL Express.

If you are a little behind on your purchases of minifigs, know that the set of two boxes of 36 sachets from the 2nd series Marvel Studios (71039) is available at 217.98 € including postage with the code HOTH214 or,  €3.02 per minifig

Please note, this is a pre-order, shipping announced around May 14, 2024.

Bonus: If you spend at least €350 on the online store, you get a set of three exclusive minifigs at LEGO Stores offered via the code HOTH216. The different codes listed in this article can be combined with each other.


40704 lego ninjago micro ninjago docks gwp 2024 1

Lego set 40704 Micro NINJAGO Docks is now online on the official store and the sheet for this small box of 275 pieces valued by the manufacturer at €16.99 confirms that it will indeed be a new promotional product available soon in the form of an Insiders reward. The 10 cm high, 6 cm wide and 10 cm deep construction can, as planned, be connected to the three other models announced in this mini-collection of four references:

If you don't yet have your copy of the set 40703 Micro NINJAGO City, the first reference of this collection available for several weeks already, please note that this box is currently available on the Insiders rewards center in exchange for 2700 points or approximately €18 in counter-value and that a copy is up for grabs on our Instagram account along with other insider rewards offered by LEGO.

40704 lego ninjago micro ninjago docks gwp 2024 2

71046 lego minifigures collectible series space theme 1

Today we obtain the first official visuals of the 12 characters from the next series of collectible minifigs which will be available on the theme of Space.

This is the sign The Minifigure Store which has posted the first three visuals currently available and which announces that the 12 characters grouped under the LEGO reference 71046 Collectible Minifigures Space Series 26 will be available from May 1, 2024.

It's up to everyone to see if these 12 minifigs provide a convincing homage to certain historic ranges from the manufacturer with a nostalgia effect or if this series only takes advantage of a theme very popular with fans without blatantly innovating.

This new series is not currently listed on the official online store, so we will have to wait for at least one formal announcement to discover each of the 12 characters a little closer.

lego starwars 75378 BARC speeder escape

Update : The set is now online on the official LEGO store.

Today we get through Amazon a first official visual of the LEGO Star Wars set 75378 BARC Speeder Escape, a box of 221 pieces which will be available from May 1, 2024 at the public price of €29.99 on the official online store and in the LEGO Stores.

This new addition to the LEGO Star Wars range will allow you to obtain the figurines of Kelleran Beq, Grogu and two 501st Legion Clone Troopers. The most dedicated fans will therefore be able to replay the scene seen in the third season of the series The Mandalorian during which the rescue of Grogu takes place during the events linked to Order 66.


75378 lego starwars barc speeder escape