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new lego minecraft brickheadz 2023

Three new references from the LEGO Minecraft universe are expected in the BrickHeadz range and it's in the set 40625 Call that comes the honor of being the 200th figurine of this range launched in 2016 with a packaging stamped with a special numbering.

For once, the imposed format seems to me here really suited to the interpretation of the three characters from the Minecraft universe with figurines that fit perfectly with their digital alter-egos. These three new figurines are not yet referenced on the French version of the Shop but their availability is in principle scheduled for April 2023.

  • LEGO Minecraft BrickHeadz 40624 Alex (86 pieces - 9.99 €)
  • LEGO Minecraft BrickHeadz 40625 Call (100 pieces - 9.99 €)
  • LEGO Minecraft BrickHeadz Xnumx zombie (81 pieces - 9.99 €)

(Seen on the South African version from the official online store)

40625 lego minecraft brickheadz llama 2

new lego bricklink designer program 3 round boxes products

The instructions for the five products resulting from the third wave of crowdfunding of the Bricklink Designer Program are now available for download in PDF format. If it is the assembly of these different creations that interests you more than the fact of owning the products in your collection, you can now retrieve the files that will allow you to build these five proposals. Note that there are no ""official" paper versions of these instructions, even those who have purchased these different sets must go through the download or be satisfied with the digital version integrated into the official application.

Even if you don't plan to get started right away, feel free to download and store the affected files, it's unclear how long Bricklink expects to keep them available and they're not live. on the service which usually allows you to recover the instructions for the official sets.

Instructions are available digitally in the official LEGO app. The most courageous will perhaps try to have these files printed by an online service, several brands offer this type of service, even individually, with a nice paperback booklet on arrival.

You can click directly on the links below to retrieve the PDF files concerned:

10316 lego lord of the rings offer march 2023 40630

It's time for the VIP preview on the official online store, which allows you to buy a copy of the very successful LEGO ICONS set today 10316 The Lord of the Rings: Rivendell sold at the public price of 499.99 € by being offered a copy of the LEGO BrickHeadz The Lord of the Rings set 40630 Frodo & Gollum (184 pieces) worth €14.99.

The offer is valid until March 7, 2023, it allows the most impatient among us, including myself, to take the pill off the price charged on this pretty big box of 6167 pieces with around fifteen minifigs including I spoke to you recently on the occasion of a quickly tested.

As a bonus, you also get a copy of the LEGO set 40583 Houses of the World 1 currently offered from 250 € of purchase without restriction of range.


(The link to the shop redirects to the version of the official shop for your country of connection)

lego icons 10316 lord rings rivendell 1

04/03/2023 - 18:55 Lego news

corner lego lyon airport lagardere 2023 2

I told you about it last December, a LEGO store was to open its doors in the aisles of terminal 1 at Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport. It is now done and it is therefore more of a corner with a limited offer for travelers wishing to bring back a LEGO product during a plane trip than a real LEGO Store with an exhaustive inventory. .

There is still at least one promotional offer in progress with the polybag 30582 Birthday Bear offered under condition of purchase. I remind you for all intents and purposes that this LEGO corner is not managed directly by the brand, it is a shop operated by the company Lagardère Travel Retail as part of its portfolio of points of sale. Duty Free & Retail.

(Thanks to Nicolas for the photos)

corner lego lyon lagardere airport 2023

lego certified stores offers march 2023

If you have a LEGO Certified Store near you, know that these officially licensed LEGO stores managed by the Italian company Percassi are currently offering a series of sets grouped by theme at preferential prices until March 15th. The crossed out price displayed on the visual below corresponds to the cumulative public prices of the products concerned and the reduction is 20% to 25% depending on the packs. It's up to you to see if the discount offered compensates for the price of gas, tolls and parking.

For those wondering where the LEGO Certified Stores installed in France, you will find the complete list at this address. To put it simply, these are the shops in Cergy (95), Créteil (94), Dijon (21), Grenoble (38), Le Havre (76), Nantes (44), Rennes (35), Rosny (93 ), Strasbourg (67) and Toulouse (31).

(Thank you to everyone who relayed the info to me)

lego certified stores offers march 2023 2