lego certified stores offers march 2023

If you have a LEGO Certified Store near you, know that these officially licensed LEGO stores managed by the Italian company Percassi are currently offering a series of sets grouped by theme at preferential prices until March 15th. The crossed out price displayed on the visual below corresponds to the cumulative public prices of the products concerned and the reduction is 20% to 25% depending on the packs. It's up to you to see if the discount offered compensates for the price of gas, tolls and parking.

For those wondering where the LEGO Certified Stores installed in France, you will find the complete list at this address. To put it simply, these are the shops in Cergy (95), Créteil (94), Dijon (21), Grenoble (38), Le Havre (76), Nantes (44), Rennes (35), Rosny (93 ), Strasbourg (67) and Toulouse (31).

(Thank you to everyone who relayed the info to me)

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40585 lego world of wonders 1

Today we quickly go around the contents of the LEGO set 40585 World of Wonders, a small box of 382 coins available only via the VIP rewards center where you have to redeem 2700 points, or about 18 € in counter value, to obtain the unique code which will allow you to add this promotional product to the basket during a future order.

On the program, four micro-things representing the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, the Parthenon and the Khazneh of Petra. Two of these monuments have already had an official set in the LEGO Architecture range via the references 21041 Great Wall of China (2018) et 21056 Taj Mahal (2021), the latter having also been the subject of two large boxes in the defunct Creator Expert range, the sets 10189 Taj Mahal (2008) et 10256 Taj Mahal  (2017). The Parthenon and the Khazneh have not yet had the honors of the LEGO Architecture range, those who like to see particular clues or signs everywhere will no doubt imagine that these two monuments will one day arrive in the catalog of the maker.

As you can imagine, the contents of this little box are very quickly assembled. This does not mean that the product is of little or no interest, I must admit that there is something very satisfying about building these mini-models without spending too much time on it and quickly spending time on it. to each other. The result is aesthetically very correct and offers a certain decorative potential. The four constructions being dissociated, it will also be possible to present on the corner of a desk or a shelf only some of them according to your travel memories.

40585 lego world of wonders 11

40585 lego world of wonders 12

Too bad for the Tiles black which bear the name of the monument concerned, they are not pad-printed as is usually the case for products in the LEGO Architecture range and here we have to be content with four stickers riddled with micro-printing defects which look a little task upon arrival. It should also be noted that at this scale, the injection points and the scratches on the parts are even more noticeable, it is up to everyone to find the best compromise to limit the effect by positioning the parts in one direction or another according to the possibilities. There is only one instruction booklet and the parts of the four models are grouped together in two sets of bags, so it is difficult to envisage an assembly with eight hands so that everyone builds one of the four mini-models.

In short, this promotional product seems to me despite everything rather successful, it would have in my opinion easily found its audience in the manufacturer's catalog for around twenty euros. Having to redeem points accumulated in previous purchases on the official online store and then place an order to use the code obtained is a bit of a double penalty, this product presented as a "limited edition" undoubtedly deserved more visibility in being simply offered under condition of purchase without having to go through the VIP rewards center.

Note: The product shown here, provided by LEGO, is as usual involved. Deadline fixed at March 14, 2023 next at 23:59 p.m. Just post a comment under the article to participate. Your participation is taken into account regardless of your opinion. 

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40583 lego houses of the world 1 gwp 2023 2

If you missed the first offer to get a copy of the LEGO set 40583 Houses of the World 1, here is a second chance: this promotional product is indeed offered again from 250 € of purchase without restriction of range on the official online store. The offer is for members of the VIP program and it is in principle valid until March 12, 2023.

Note that the title of the set 40583 Houses of the World 1 and the official description of the product confirm that this little box will one day be joined by others on the same theme bearing the references 40590, 40594 and 40599 respectively. These different dwellings can be combined together like a linear diorama with base of Modulars.

Otherwise, from €65 of purchase in products in the Friends, DOTS, Classic, Creator 3in1 and Disney Princess ranges, LEGO offers a notebook and some stickers bearing the reference 5007789 BFF Notebook. No pen or pencil. Offer also valid until March 12, 2023.

Finally, VIP points are doubled across the entire range Lego super mario until next March 12, to celebrate the traditional MAR10 Day which is coming.


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5007789 lego friends bff notebook gwp 2023

lego house limited edition 40504 minifigure tribute 3

Today we are quickly interested in the content of the LEGO set 40504 A Minifigure Tribute, a limited-edition 1041-piece box that is only available from the LEGO House Store in Billund. The goal is obviously not to taunt you by presenting you with a product that will be inaccessible to most fans, it is above all a question of quickly going around it and then offering it as usual to one of you.

This set sold at the public price of 599 DKK, or approximately 81 €, is the fourth element of what can now be called the "LEGO House Collection" which already included the references 40501 The Wooden Duck (2020) 40502 The Brick Molding Machine (2021) et 40503 Dagny Holm - Master Builder 

Those who have had the LEGO Harry Potter set in their hands 76393 Harry Potter & Hermione Granger will inevitably have an impression of deja vu here when discovering this big minifig about thirty centimeters high made of bricks: the process of assembling this pirate is indeed identical to that of the two Hogwarts students and the difference will only be on accessories or aesthetic variations such as the wooden leg, the hook of the left arm, the shoulder pads and the bicorne hat.

lego house limited edition 40504 minifigure tribute 2

lego house limited edition 40504 minifigure tribute 4

The face seems to me a little too narrow compared to the rest of the character's body and its various accessories, it will have to be done with it. For those wondering, the buttons on the character's jacket are only fixed on a single tenon and it is therefore possible to position them correctly to obtain perfect alignment and avoid the vertical offset visible on the official visuals. With the format of these maxi figures now firmly established, I expect we'll see many more figures at this scale in the years to come.

Do not expect to make this pirate take the most improbable poses, the round base at the foot of the wooden leg does not really ensure perfect stability of the whole in the event that one of the two legs is facing forwards or backwards. The hefty weight of the entire upper body doesn't help either, and the legs aren't weighted. The figurine is stable when standing upright on both legs, whether placed on its base or displayed on its own.

As for Harry or Hermione, I find that the lower part of the character's face is missed, even if the inverted chin effect here is somewhat reduced by the pad printing of the beard. Many black parts are as often a little marked, scratched or damaged, it's a shame for a pure exhibition product to the glory of the brand's know-how.

A nice wink from the designer: the inside of the head houses a micro-island with its palm tree. It is no longer visible afterwards but it is a fun detail that will spice up the construction process a bit.

lego house limited edition 40504 minifigure tribute 8

lego house limited edition 40504 minifigure tribute

I scanned you the sheet of stickers delivered in this box, it contains the treasure map as well as the symbol that adorns the front face of Redbeard's headgear, everything else is stamped. It is regrettable that a limited edition product is flanked by two stickers instead of benefiting from pad printing, that of the hat will inevitably end up peeling off one day under the effect of light and heat.

The map of Denmark contains some amusing references such as the marking of the location of Billund with a red cross, the presence of the Black Seas Barracuda at the top left or the use of a head of skeleton in the middle of the compass.

In short, I'm not sure that this model, as attractive as it is because of the subject matter and your level of nostalgia, deserves the trip to Billund. By combining the budget needed to get there and all the ancillary costs, it will probably be wiser to turn to the secondary market if this big figurine must absolutely end up on your shelves one day.

Many Danish resellers are already in line with a price that currently runs around 200 € on Bricklink and elsewhere, but the price should quickly drop with the inevitable increase in supply. Some copies signed by the designers are also offered for sale, we know that they regularly go to the LEGO House Store to sign a handful of the products on the shelves.

Note: The product shown here, provided by LEGO, is as usual involved. Deadline fixed at March 12, 2023 next at 23:59 p.m. Just post a comment under the article to participate. Your participation is taken into account regardless of your opinion. 

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71038 preorder minifigure maddness

If you prefer to invest in complete boxes rather than in individual figurines, know that the Minifigure Maddness brand is offering a pre-order today on a set of two boxes of 36 sachets from the anniversary series of 18 collectible Disney minifigs (ref. 71038).

We do not yet know the exact distribution of these boxes which could in the best case contain 2 complete sets of 18 characters, but Minifigure Madness offers the set of two boxes (72 figurines in total) at 238.98 € including postage using the code HOTH182 or,  3.31 € the minifig delivered to your home by DHL Express.

Please note, this is a pre-order, shipping announced around May 12, 2023 and the price displayed above will only be maintained during the month of March before an increase scheduled for next April.

Other promotional offers are currently offered by the brand:

The set of two boxes of 36 sachets from the series The Muppets (71033) at 238.99 € postage included with the code HOTH184 or,  3.31 € the minifig delivered to your home by DHL Express.

Polybags 30652 Doctor Strange's Interdimensional Portal & 30435 Build Your Own Hogwarts are free from 320 € of purchase using the code HOTH186. Both sachets must be added to basket before entering the code to take advantage of the offer.

Bonus for those who have a facebook account: if you place a pre-order and then go to the brand's facebook page, you can try to win a prize including the promotional sets 40563 Tribute to LEGO House and 40565 Santa's Workshop put into play for the occasion by performing the actions requested. Draw and announcement of the winner on May 1st.