30652 lego marvel doctor strange interdimensional portal polybag 3

Today we discover the official visuals of the LEGO Marvel polybag 30652 Doctor Strange's Interdimensional Portal, a bag of 44 pieces which allows you to obtain the minifigure available since 2022 in the sets 76205 Gargantos Showdown (29.99 €) and 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum (249.99 €) with its plastic cape and accompanied by a small handful of parts to assemble an interdimensional portal.

This new sachet is currently available for sale at JB Spielwaren for 3.39 €, so you have no reason to pay more or too much for it via the secondary market.

new lego 2023 polybags

Like every year, LEGO is watering many of its polybag resellers who, in principle, should help them promote the different ranges marketed and the new bags planned for 2023 are starting to be available everywhere. These polybags are generally sold for less than 4 or 5 €, it is not uncommon to see them offered on condition of purchase from one retailer or another.

If, like me, you hunt polybags from your favorite ranges, here is a list of those that are already known in the ranges concerned. In addition to the bags already known and/or already available, other references are planned for this year with availability announced for the months of February, March or June 2023. It should be noted that LEGO has clearly not yet intends to replace plastic bags with cardboard boxes for these small products sold or offered.

  • LEGO Friends 30633 Skate Ramp (46 pieces)
  • LEGO Friends 30634 Friendship Flowers (84 pieces)
  • LEGO Friends 30635??? (55 pieces)
  • Lego dots 30637 Animal Tray and Bag Tag (94 pieces)
  • LEGO CITY 30638 Police Bicycle Training (36 pieces)
  • LEGO CITY 30639 Dog Park and Scooter (24 pieces)
  • LEGO CITY 30640??? (44 pieces)
  • Lego creator 30642 Birthday Train (58 pieces)
  • LEGO Creator 30643 ??? (61 pieces)
  • Lego creator 30644 Vintage Car (59 pieces)
  • LEGO Creator 30645 ??? (78 pieces)
  • Lego disney 30646 Moana's Dolphin Cove (47 pieces)
  • Lego minecraft 30647 The Dripstone Cavern (45 pieces)
  • LEGO DUPLO 30648 Whale (9 pieces)
  • Lego ninjago 30649 Ice Dragon Creature (70 pieces)
  • LEGO Ninjago 30650??? (47 pieces)
  • LEGO Harry Potter 30651 Quidditch Practice (55 Pieces)
  • Lego marvel 30652 Doctor Strange Dimensional Portal (44 pieces)
  • LEGO Marvel 30653??? (40 pieces)
  • LEGO Star Wars 30654 X-wing Starfighter (87 pieces)
  • LEGO Technic 30655 Forklift with Pallet (78 pieces)
  • Lego monkie kid 30656 Monkey King Marketplace (66 pieces)
  • LEGO Speed ​​Champions 30657??? (95 pieces)

30654 lego starwars xwing starfighter


30641 lego polybag panda bear vip reward

Notice to all those who like to exchange their VIP points to obtain some promotional products: LEGO currently allows to exchange 500 points, or approximately 3.30 € in exchange value, to obtain a copy of the Polybag Creator 30641 Panda Bear.

To take advantage of the offer, you must therefore redeem the quantity of points requested, you then obtain a promotional code to be used during a future order and the bag of 83 pieces will then be added to your basket. The code obtained is valid for 60 days from the date of issue. Only one code for a physical promotional product usable per order.


lego–offers november 2022 5007622 40512

Forward for several new promotional offers available on the official online store with two products that are automatically added to the basket as soon as the minimum amount required is reached.

These two offers subject to purchase can be combined with each other, do not forget to identify yourself on your VIP account to take advantage of them:

Note that the LEGO polybag 40512 Fun & Funky VIP Add OnPack will be offered again from 29/11 to 31/12/2022 within the limits of available stocks and that the polybag 40514 Winter Wonderland VIP Add On Pack is currently available on the VIP rewards center in exchange for 1000 points (approximately €6.60 in exchange value).

If you have a LEGO Store near you, you can finally get a pack of LEGO coasters (ref. 5007623) from 65 € of purchase and until November 11th. This last offer also reserved for members of the VIP program is not available online.


lego 5007623 store offer november 2022

04/05/2022 - 00:07 Lego news New LEGO 2022 poly bags

new lego classic city creator polybags 2hy2022

There will also be polybags from June 1st with at least three new references that will join the LEGO Harry Potter bag 30435 Build Your Own Hogwarts Castle I was telling you about two days ago.

On the menu, a gardener with his vegetables, his rabbit and his scarecrow under the CITY banner (30590), a festive train in the Creator range (30584) and a pretty bag in the colors of the brand's 90th anniversary (30510) with four mini -vehicles which refer directly to sets marketed over the years and which remind me furiously of the Micro-Machines of my childhood...

30435 lego harry potter build your own hogwarts castle polybag 2022 2